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Chapter 265: Killing The Supreme Overlord

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Before fighting the Supreme Overlord, Lin Huang had confirmed with Xiao Hei that he could use any methods to kill. As long as he managed to kill, the mission would be considered to be accomplished and he would receive a complete Supreme Overlord card. Lin Huang had a couple of cards that would be able to kill the monster. He had one Small Destruction Card, Provisional Summoning Card and three One-Time Skill Cards.

Once the Small Destruction Card was activated, all monsters that were below transcendent would be killed. Although the Supreme Overlord was an ultimate mutated monster, it was even more powerful than some transcendent monsters. However, using the Small Destruction Card, there was no way that it could not be killed.

Meanwhile, the Provisional Summoning Card could summon a monster that was one level higher than the strongest summoning monster that he owned. All of his Monster Cards are now complete gold-level monsters which meant that he could summon monsters that were at most on the highest holy fire-level – the golden flame-level which was the same level Zhu Nian was at when Lin Huang met him last year. Once a monster of that level was summoned, the Supreme Overlord that was not even holy fire-level would definitely be killed. The last card would be One-Time Skill Card which allowed Lin Huang to copy any combat skill he witnessed. However, with his restricted authority, he could at most only copy skills that were holy fire-level.

The golden card that Lin Huang was holding as a One-Time Skill Card. The skill that he copied was the 3,000 Strands of Worry skill that he got from the time when Zhu Nian was fighting the Ghastly Clown. Just when Lin Huang was ready to activate the card, the Supreme Overlord grinned as a palm-sized doll appeared in his hand. The doll’s face and clothes looked exactly like Lin Huang and he realized that he could not move anymore.

The Supreme Overlord held up the doll in his hand and showed Lin Huang.

“This skill is Puppet – Control , this is not a new skill but a skill that evolved from Mask – Control . I can control nine dolls at the same time as long as the combat strength of the person isn’t more than one level beyond mine. It’s much more useful than Mask – Control .”

“Moreover, Puppet – Control doesn’t only take over the body of the person, it can also wipe away one’s memory. Unlike the old interrogation skill, this can remove the memory of the person and place it anywhere I desire, including my brain…”

“I’m sorry, my ex-master. I wanted to let you go, but since I’ve seen your dragonkin monster and many other double mutated pets, I’m curious about your secrets. The relic that you used to seal me seems to be much more powerful than I expected. Let us find out more about you…”

Suddenly, a golden light came out of nowhere and pierced through the Supreme Overlord’s chest. It was followed by second, third and fourth… Countless strands of golden light pierced the Supreme Overlord’s body. He tried very hard to avoid the attack but it was no use. The golden strands of light were like maggots that attacked him, so fast he could not escape.

After 10 attacks, his body began to collapse. Just as he was losing his consciousness, he finally saw the source of the golden light. It was a semitransparent shadow of a middle-aged man.

“Zhu Nian?!”

The Supreme Overlord remembered the name clearly as he fought with the man in Daxi City when he was still the Ghastly Clown. However, the man was defeated by him in one hit. Lin Huang regained his freedom as the doll in his hand disappeared.

“You have made a huge mistake. You’ve only taken control of my body but not my consciousness. I only need my consciousness to communicate with Xiao Hei.” Lin Huang’s body was controlled by the Supreme Overlord earlier so he could not activate the card in his hand. However, he contacted Xiao Hei immediately and got it to activate the card while releasing the 3,000 Strands of Worry skill.

The Supreme Overlord’s consciousness completely collapsed after Lin Huang spoke. The attack did not stop after he died, golden strands continued to penetrate his body. After his body disappeared, the attack finally ended.

“Congratulations! You’ve completed your mission and obtained a Legendary Monster Card – Supreme Overlord x1”

“As your authority is currently restricted, the card is sealed temporarily and can’t be used. It’ll be unsealed when you’ve sufficient authority to use it.”

“Sigh, my first purple card just became grey” Looking at the purple card turning into a grey, stone-like color, Lin Huang could not even bother to look at the description of the card at the back. He then put away the card.

However, he thought of something else.

“Does that mean I don’t have the monster skill Mask – Control anymore? Or is it now Puppet – Control?”

“When the Supreme Overlord broke away from your control, all the monster skills related to it had disappeared. To retrieve the skills, you’d have to unseal the card.”

Listening to Xiao Hei’s explanation, Lin Huang looked at his card immediately.

“Host: Lin Huang”

“Gender: Male”

“Age: 16”

“Combat strength: Gold-Level Rank-1”

Talent: Superhuman Strength”

“Life Seed 1: Sly Hands (Rare)”

“Life Seed 2: Subst.i.tute (Epic)”

“Life Seed 3: Sensing Circle (Rare)”

“Life Seed 4: Seraphic Speed (Epic)”

“Combat Skill 1: Great Sword Scripture (Sword Skill)”

“Combat Skill 2: Wildfire Sword (Sword Skill)”

“Combat Skill 3: Thunder Sting (Sword Skill)”

“Combat Skill 4: Hundred Flowing Blades (Sword Skill)”

“Combat Skill 5: Mountain Blade (Heavy Weapon Skill)”

“Combat Skill 6: Fatal Tactics (Close Combat Skill)”

“Combat Skill 7: Spectral Snowsteps (Body Movement)”

“Combat Skill 8: Cloud Steps (Body Movement)”

“Combat Skill 9: Thunder Steps (Body Movement)”

“Monster Skill 1: Blood Spirit”

“Monster Skill 2: Super Robust (Intermediate)”

“Monster Skill 3: Kaleidoscope”

“Monster Skill 4: Advanced Disguise”

“Monster Skill 5: Immense Strength”

“Monster Skill 6: Leech Pod”

“Monster Skill 7: Absolute Defence (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 8: Blood Hunt (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 9: Thunder Control (Advance)”

“Summon Authority: Activated”

“Available Number of summons: 5”

“Remark: Pa.s.sable”

” Mask – Control is really gone now…” Lin Huang frowned after looking at his card.

“I don’t really need Blood Hunt and Super Robust anymore, I’ll either delete them when I have the time or to combine them with other skills. I even have one vacant spot for monster skill now…”

“Ghastly Clown’s ultimate mutation’s aura did not leak out at all from this isolated area, this is the perfect place for the One-Eyed Sword Demon to carry out its second mutation. After the mutation is done, I’ll extract a monster skill.”

Lin Huang took out the One-Eyed Sword Demon Monster Card and two Advance Cards immediately.

“Xiao Hei, upgrade the One-Eyed Sword Demon with Advance Cards!”

“The One-Eyed Sword Demon is a Rare Monster Card. A double upgrade to an epic card would require two Advance Cards. Are you sure you’d like to complete the upgrade using two Advance Cards?”


“Consuming Advance Cards x2, upgrading rare-level Monster Card One-Eyed Sword Demon… Upgrade complete.”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained an Epic Monster Card – Ruthless Sword Master”

Lin Huang looked at the new epic-level Monster Card that he had just obtained. There was a monster in black armor on the card holding a black sword with black mist surrounding it. It looked like a human covered in metal armor, its only was like a red laser.

“Monster Card”

“Rarity: Epic”

“Monster Name: Ruthless Sword Master”

“Combat Level: Gold-Level Rank-3 (Complete)”

“Skill 1: Absolute Life”

“Skill 2: Sword Steps”

“Skill 3: Ruthless Sword”

“Skill 4: Dark Sword Spirit”

“Skill 5: Dark s.h.i.+eld”

“Skill 6: Death Zone (Beginner)”

“Summon Authority: Activated”

“Card Remarks: Trainable”

“Absolute Life: Powerful one-hit combat skill, exhaust all Life Power for one fatal hit. Monster will return to its card form after using this and won’t be available for summoning within the following 24 hours.”

“Sword Steps: An exclusive sword movement skill.”

“Ruthless Sword: Evolved from Killer Sword once it reached its maximum capabilities. Has high attack power.”

“Dark Sword Spirit: The contaminated sword spirit will regain its original ability and speed up all learning of sword skills and techniques extracted from all the killing and bloodshed.”

“Dark s.h.i.+eld: A defensive skill allowing the user to turn the area around its body into a dark protective zone, isolating attacks from the outside. As long as the attack strength of opponent is not more than 10 times of the user’s, the defensive layer would not break.”

“Death Zone (Beginner): Evolved from Sensing Circle, turning an area with a hundred meter radius into one’s exclusive territory. The user does not have to move to attack a specific location. “

“Extract skill.” Lin Huang read and realized that most of the skills of this monster were sword skills. He was thinking if he would continue to train with his swords in the future if he was to obtain a sword skill.

“Skill extraction activated… Randomly choosing a skill… Random selection completed… Congratulations! You’ve received the Dark s.h.i.+eld skill.”

“A defensive ability? Although the one I wanted the most was Absolute Life , I’m not lacking any attack skills. I guess it’s good that I now have a powerful defensive skill.” Lin Huang was satisfied with Dark s.h.i.+eld and was relieved that he did not get the sword skill. Since he had yet to master all the gunfighting techniques, he did not have the time to train his sword skills yet.

After upgrading the Ruthless Sword Master, Lin Huang was left with three Advance Cards but he did not plan to upgrade any other of his monsters. Now he was only left with the Alexandrian Eagle that was still rare-level. If he upgraded the Alexandrian Eagle as well, it would attract too much attention when he summoned it for transportation in the future. As for his other normal cards, they were not worth training so Lin Huang decided to put the Advance Cards aside.

After putting away the Ruthless Sword Master card, Lin Huang summoned the Nephilic Judge again. She stood quietly in front of Lin Huang while waiting for his instructions.

“You are more familiar with this area, bring me around…” Lin Huang instructed.

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