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Chapter 266: The Divine Rock

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just when Lin Huang was ready to make a move, he got a notification from Xiao Hei.

“A Monster Card evolution that is related to a Life Seed has been detected, would you link to link the Life Seed Card to the related Monster Card?”

“What’s the benefit of linking?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“After the linking is done, if rarity of the Monster Card is upgraded, the rarity of the related Life Seed would be upgraded automatically as well.”

Lin Huang thought about it. Within the four Life Seeds that he owned, only Sensing Circle was related to the One-Eyed Sword Demon as well as Seraphic Speed which he just obtained that was linked to the Nephilic Judge. The card evolution that Xiao Hei detected must be the Ruthless Sword Master that was evolved from One-eyed Sword Demon.

“Are there any side-effects from linking?” Lin Huang asked as he was afraid that Xiao Hei would pull a prank on him. He was extremely careful when it comes to new functions.

“There aren’t any side-effects. After the linking is done, the rarity of the Monster Card and Life Seed Card would remain the same and will be unaffected. If you want to, you can remove the link anytime.”

“Alright, link the Ruthless Sword Master and Nephilic Judge then.” Lin Huang was relieved.

“Linking of Monster Card – Nephilic Judge and Life Seed Card – Seraphic Seed complete!”

“Linking of Monster Card – Ruthless Sword Master and Life Seed Card – Sensing Circle complete!”

“Rarity of Life Seed Card – Sensing Circle and Monster Card – Ruthless Sword Master doesn’t match, upgrading Life Seed Card – Sensing Circle…”

“Congratulations, your Life Seed – Sensing Circle (Rare) is now Micro Territory (Epic) ”

” Micro Territory (Epic) : Turns an area with a hundred meter radius into one’s exclusive territory. The user does not have to move to attack a specific location.

Lin Huang was overjoyed when he saw the Life Seed talent that was evolved from Sensing Circle.

“A territorial talent?!”

Even to a transcendent, a territorial secret skill was extremely rare. It was a definitely something to celebrate when one obtained a territorial talent before arriving at transcendent. Lin Huang took out the blue Life Seed card and put it away after he took a thorough look. Meanwhile, the Nephilic Judge stood by his side waiting patiently. Although she was Lin Huang’s summoning monster, she could not see the card that Lin Huang was holding. Seeing that Lin Huang was standing there, she waited patiently where she stood. Once Lin Huang snapped out of his thoughts, he nodded to the Nephilic Judge who was standing next to him.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Huang had only looked around the isolated area at the bottom of the lake with b.l.o.o.d.y earlier. With the Nephilic Judge, Lin Huang was not worried that his search of the Starlight Beast would be interrupted. He could finally explore the area. The first thing the Nephilic Judge did was to bring Lin Huang to the location where the giant black rock was. As the Starlight Beasts noticed Lin Huang, they prepared themselves to fight him but with just one instruction from the Nephilic Judge, all the Starlight Beasts backed off.

Lin Huang began to observe the giant black rock closely. The giant black rock was more than 10 meters long the part that was visible above ground was more than 10 meters high. The bottom of the rock was buried deep in the ground and n.o.body knew how deep it was. Lin Huang wanted to take this rock away with him for research but he failed to put it away into his storage s.p.a.ce. He attempted to lift it but it did not even budge. The rock felt odd to the touch, not feeling how a rock usually felt like. Instead, it felt like metal.

After a couple of failed attempts, Lin Huang summoned his strongest monster Tyrant for help. Tyrant’s injured arm from his earlier battle was now completely healed.

“Tyrant! See if you can get this rock out!” Lin Huang instructed Tyrant while pointing at the giant black rock.

Tyrant wrapped both its arms around the rock and began to attempt to lift it. It used all the muscles that it had as veins bulged on its neck and forehead but the rock barely budged.

Watching that, Lin Huang knew something was off about this rock. After recalling Tyrant, Lin Huang asked the Nephilic Judge.

“Did you use this rock to complete your second mutation?”

The Nephilic Judge nodded.

“Does this rock only benefit the Starlight Beasts only or does it have the same effect on other monsters as well?” Lin Huang asked again.

The Nephilic Judge shook her head.

“Do you mean there’s no effect or you don’t know?” Lin Huang did not understand what she meant so he summoned b.l.o.o.d.y to interpret.

After communicating for a short while, b.l.o.o.d.y began writing on the board.

“This rock is the Divine Rock for spirit type monsters. The radiation is the source of energy that allows them to evolve. However, the evolution process is extremely slow as she took more than 100 years to complete her second mutation.”

“That’s really slow.” Lin Huang frowned as he listened but soon, he thought of another question.

“If she stays longer, would she manage to complete her third mutation?”

b.l.o.o.d.y communicated with the Nephilic Judge once more before writing on the board.

“Yes she could but it’ll take more than 200 years. Only one Starlight Beast has managed to complete its third mutation decades ago and left, it had been staying in this s.p.a.ce for more than 360 years.

“If that’s true, this rock is kind of useless… It only works on spirit type monsters and it’ll take more than 300 years to cultivate a triple mutated monster…”

300 years was not too long for spirit type monsters to evolve. However, for an Imperial Censor like Lin Huang, it was too long.

“Xiao Hei, what do you think of this rock?” Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei after some thought.

“This rock contains an unknown psychic energy force. I’m restricted by your authority level right now so there’s nothing I can do about the rock at the moment.”

“I can’t bring this rock away with me for research and now even Xiao Hei can’t do anything about it…” Hearing what Xiao Hei said, Lin Huang could only leave the rock where it was at the moment.

“Show me some other place then.”

As he instructed the Nephilic Judge, b.l.o.o.d.y began to communicate with her and before long, it started writing on the board again.

“This area is extremely vast. She’s been living here for hundreds of years and explored the entire area many times. Plants aside, there isn’t anything special about this place.”

“If that’s the case, never mind.” Lin Huang did not doubt what the Nephilic Judge said at all.

“I shall use this place as a location for my card upgrades temporarily then. If there are cards that need to go through a second mutation, I’ll come here. As for this rock, I’ll get Xiao Hei to help me as soon as my authority level is upgraded in the future. Since this area hasn’t been discovered by anyone for hundreds of years, n.o.body will probably find out about this place within the foreseeable future…” Lin Huang thought to himself.

He thought of what to do with the isolated area and the Divine Rock but since the entrance of the s.p.a.ce was not restricted and there was no way to move the Divine Rock, he had to put his thoughts aside.

“Let’s go then.” After recalling b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and followed closely behind the Nephilic Judge.

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