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Chapter 267: The Three Elite Divisions

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After a series of ups and downs, Lin Huang had finally achieved his goal of his trip to Meteorite Desert. Not only he was leveled-up to gold-level, he had also obtained the Epic Monster Cards Nephilic Judge and Ruthless Sword Master as well as a sealed Legendary Monster Card – Supreme Overlord. Besides, he had also gotten the ruin key from the Saint members.

He did not do anything with the key yet as once it was activated, he would be sent to the dimensional ruins directly. Be it the level of monsters in the ruins, the type of monsters or the location, all these information were unavailable to him. If he was sent to one that was filled with transcendent monsters or one that was outside Division7, he would be in great trouble. He planned to take some time to do his research and be well prepared before going for it.

He gave up on the thought of leveling-up straight to gold-level rank-3 as he recalled Mr. Fu asking him to contact him as soon as he was done with his level-up so that he could arrange a training session for him. It had been less than 20 days since he arrived in Luoxi City. Although he had the excuse of having a unique physique that allowed him to train Army Attack Tactics to level-8, it was still unbelievable that he leveled up within 20 days. Moreover, Mr. Fu did not know that Lin Huang stayed in Luoxi City for a short while he had limited time to train his Life Skills.

Lin Huang last registered with the Hunter a.s.sociation six months ago. He had managed to level-up from someone who was not even iron-level to someone who was silver-level rank-1 which was a leap that spanned seven ranks. On average, he managed to level-up one rank every month. It was a terrifying speed. To regular people, the higher they went up in rank, the slower Life Power would fill up as the quality of Life Power would change every time one leveled-up as Life Power became denser. Filling up the columns would take more Life Crystals and subsequently more time would be taken as well.

After some thoughts, Lin Huang decided not to increase his combat strength for now. He called Mr. Fu after removing his disguise. On the second ring, Mr. Fu picked up the call. It was noon and Mr. Fu was lying on a deck chair waving at Lin Huang.

“My dear apprentice, have you leveled-up to gold-level?”

“I’ve already leveled-up for a few days now but I’ve been settling some other things during these days.” Lin Huang pushed forward the day he leveled-up on purpose so that he had a reasonable excuse for leveling to gold-level rank-2.

“Was it successful?” Mr. Fu sat up and smiled.

“You could call it successful I guess. There were some b.u.mps on the way but I managed to solve them.” Lin Huang nodded.

“That’s great!” Sitting on the deck chair, Mr. Fu smiled as he looked at Lin Huang.

“Are you calling me to ask about the training?”

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded.

“What kind of training have you prepared for me?” Lin Huang was curious.

“Have you heard of the ruins?” Mr. Fu asked.

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard the question. He had just received a ruin key and now Mr. Fu was asking him about the ruins. Soon, he snapped out of this thought and nodded.

“Yes I’ve heard of it, the dimensional ruin is an isolated dimension created when a virtual eye is opened but is not completely closed by humans or possibly some other reasons. There are monsters and materials in the dimension and many major organizations use this place to train their members. Are you sending me to the dimensional ruins?”

“About 10 days later, the Demon Slayer Legion of the Union Government military department would carry out a training for their reserve members. The location Division7 is going to is set in a grade-2 dimensional that had been discovered before. I’m thinking of enrolling you in the training!” Mr. Fu proceeded to tell Lin Huang more about the training.

“One of the elite divisions of the Union Government, the Demon Slayer Legion?!” Lin Huang had heard of the division before. Demon Slayers, Dragon Slayers, and Immortals were the three elite divisions of the Union Government. In the troops, the combat strength of the reserve members was at least gold-level rank-3 and there were many complete gold-level members as well. To be a regular member, one had to be at least holy fire-level.

The three elite divisions were also the main guardians of the human safety zones. Throughout the hundreds of years they had existed, many had complained that the Union Government was not doing anything and all they did was to invest in the Hunter a.s.sociation and Adventurer Paradise. However, many did not know that the Union Government spent most of their effort on keeping the place safe. The three elite divisions and other divisions of the army spent most of their days fighting monsters that attempt to invade humankind almost every day.

Meanwhile, the management of the safety zones was handled by the Hunter a.s.sociation, Adventurer Paradise and other organizations that fall under the Union Government. Not many people know that the Union Government carried major responsibilities in the safety zones. Lin Huang respected the three elite troops. Without them, the safety zones would not be able to be built one after the other and the human footholds we know of would not be as prosperous as they were today.

“Isn’t it weird if I just enroll like that?” Lin Huang was eager to join the training but he did not like the way that he was getting enrolled.

“Don’t worry about it, not only you are joining the training alone, many elite members of other organizations would be joining as well. This training is one of the ways members of different organizations get to know each other. Many of them wanted to show off the newbies that they have taken under their wing and trained…” Mr. Fu smiled and explained.

“If that’s the case, the organizations that took part in the training would not be the only ones meeting the newbies but others, including underworld organizations as well?” Lin Huang asked in concern.

“That is right. Back in the day, if some of the partic.i.p.ants were too outstanding, they might get by the underworld organizations. However, it hardly happen anymore as Division7 has been developing at an amazing speed, they won’t even have the time to concern themselves with such matters.” Mr. Fu thought Lin Huang ‘s concern was unnecessary.

Lin Huang frowned as he listened, he was hesitating if he should tell Mr. Fu about the Purple Crow. Mr. Fu soon noticed Lin Huang’s hesitation.

“You can tell me if there’s anything that you want to say. Don’t bother holding back. It’s alright with me if you don’t want to go.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to go. It’s that if I do, I might be marked for death by the Purple Crow…” Lin Huang then told Mr. Fu the story between him and the Purple Crow.

Mr. Fu felt like the story was an unbelievable one.

“You really are something, how did you manage to escape the Purple Crow training camp!”

“Although I have wiped away all trails leading to my ident.i.ty, if the Purple Crow sees my face, it’s quite likely that they would recognize me. By then, the Purple Crow would think of me as a deserter and it might affect my family as well.” Lin Huang knew about the rules of the Purple Crows.

“Don’t worry about it, just join the training. I’ll handle the Purple Crow and make sure they don’t look for you anymore.” Mr. Fu chuckled at Lin Huang’s concern.

“Really?!” Lin Huang did not expect Mr. Fu to make such a promise.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my word once I give it to you.” Mr. Fu nodded and smiled.

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