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Chapter 269: Lin Xuan Running Away From Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since Lin Huang came home, he spent most of his time training his gunfighting techniques. However, he figured that since he would be joining the training soon, he would skip the intermediate techniques and get Lin Xuan to teach him the advanced techniques. One of them was Thunderstorm, a skill that was on the same level as other epic combat skills, requiring 3,000 skill card pieces. Lin Huang only managed to acc.u.mulate the complete set of card pieces after training for eight days.

Aside from training his gunfighting techniques, Lin Huang also logged onto Hunter Arena and battled Lin Xuan twice in a private training ground which did not require a pa.s.sword. His sudden log-in after a long hiatus created much discussion. Although he did not enter the ring for a battle, it still became the most discussed news on the Hunter Arena. However, he had been so busy he did not even have the time to concern himself with all these things. Lin Xuan had improved leaps and bounds in the training ring. That being said, he had only mastered the basics of battle but had yet to learn the intricacies of actual combat. He was killed by Lin Huang in a single hit in the beginning but after two or three battles, it had become more difficult to kill him in the arena.

The first training lasted less than two hours and he managed to stay alive in the ring with Lin Huang. Although he was still clumsy at times, he did not perform too bad for a rookie. The second training similarly lasted less than two hours and he managed to end the battle in a tie. Lin Xuan was only silver-level rank-3 while Lin Huang was gold-level rank-2. With Lin Huang’s current ability, he could take on people who were below transcendent but Lin Xuan managed to end the battle in a tie against him. Lin Huang had only one comment on Lin Xuan’s performance – He fights like a monster that has went through the ultimate mutation.

Apart from battling Lin Xuan in the arena, Lin Huang had been gathering more information about dracaena and the spiritual underground lava on the Heart Network and Hunter Info Network in preparation of upgrading Charcoal, Tyrant and the rest of his summoning monsters to the transcendent level. Comparing with the rest, the unsealing conditions terms of Bai and the Nephilic Judge were much easier because double mutated dark type transcendent monsters were not that hard to come across. The hardest unsealing condition would be the one for the Ruthless Sword Master as he would have to kill nine different sword-type transcendent monsters to be able to unseal the card. Most of the sword-type transcendent monsters had a high human-like intelligence coupled with powerful attacks. Even human transcendents would generally avoid conflict with such monsters.

Lin Huang spent the past eight days productively. At 7 a.m. on the ninth day, his doorbell rang as he was making breakfast. Lin Huang opened the door and it was Mr. Fu. He looked at Lin Huang, stunned.

“I must say… The speed you level-up at is terrifying.” Mr. Fu said to Lin Huang in shock.

“Not really, I took almost a month to level-up to gold-level.” Lin Huang smiled as he explained.

Mr. Fu raised an eyebrow without saying anything and walked into the house.

“Where are the kids? I bought them presents.” Mr. Fu said while bringing out the presents one by one.

“They’re upstairs, they’ll be here in a while. Please take a seat, breakfast will be ready soon.” Lin Huang got Mr. Fu a gla.s.s of juice and returned to the kitchen.

Soon, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan came downstairs. They were overjoyed when they saw Mr. Fu as they remembered this old man that had brought them many gifts the last time he visited.

Their eyes lit up when they saw the presents on the floor.

“Brother, we have a guest.” Lin Xin shouted.

“I know, please entertain him for me, I’ll be done soon.” Lin Huang replied.

“I’ve bought these presents for you guys, take whatever you like.” Mr. Fu chuckled and said to the both of them.

Knowing that Mr. Fu was Lin Huang’s master and that they had previously accepted presents from him before, they went into a frenzy and began picking out presents they liked.

As they were picking out their presents, Mr. Fu kept his eyes on Lin Xuan. He squinted as he watched Lin Xuan pick out a black metal box from the pile of presents…

“Breakfast is ready. Come get some!” Lin Huang shouted from the kitchen.

The both of them stopped picking out presents and washed their hands in the kitchen to get ready for breakfast. Meanwhile, Mr. Fu walked slowly to join them for breakfast.

It was a simple breakfast with wholemeal bread, a turkey ham, two fried eggs, a gla.s.s of milk and some fruits. Lin Huang got the wholemeal bread from the same bakery in Luoxi City where he got the frozen cake. It was the second-best seller at the bakery, the texture and the taste were amazing. However, Lin Xuan did not eat the ham. Instead, he had a huge piece of grilled meat on his plate.

After breakfast, Mr. Fu said to the both of them.

“Grandpa is bringing your brother out for some time.”

The both of them nodded. Although they were unhappy that Lin Huang had to leave, they knew it was necessary for Lin Huang to finish his task.

“Take good care of yourselves, please contact me on the Emperor’s Heart Ring if there’s anything urgent. Don’t panic if you can’t reach me as I might be at a place without signal. You can always drop me a message and I’ll call you guys when I see the message.” Lin Huang patted both of their shoulders and briefed them.

Mr. Fu took out a golden dimensional relic in the living room. Lin Huang followed closely behind him and stepped through the relic before waving goodbye at the both of them. Soon, the door closed and turned into a golden dust before fading away. Seeing Lin Huang leave, Lin Xin went to school unhappily. Meanwhile, Lin Xuan took out the palm-sized black box from his storage s.p.a.ce after confirming that Lin Xin had left. It was the black metal box that Mr. Fu brought over. He did not know what it was but he could feel that there was something inside that attracted him. That was why he picked that box as his present.

As he opened the box, there was a gold bead in it. It was the size of an adult thumb, With curiosity, Lin Xuan touched it with his hand. As his finger touched the bead, it started to melt into a ball of golden liquid. It looked like something dead had been resurrected. The golden liquid left the black box slowly and floated before Lin Xuan. After surrounding him in lightning speed, it entered his forehead at the speed of light.

Lin Xuan stood where he was. Eventually, his eyes turned completely gold, covering even his iris. A golden glow shot out of his eyes like the sun as his feet left the ground slowly and floated in the air. He seemed to have surpa.s.sed the limits of gravity as he floated in the middle of the living room with his arms and legs stretched out. He seemed to fall into a trance. If not for his eyes that were shooting out golden beams of light, he would look like he had fallen asleep.

The strange occurrence lasted for a couple of hours. It was only at around 12 noon that the golden glow faded after his body landed on the ground.

“What happened to my body…” Lin Xuan stood where he was and surprised as he looked at his hands. He ran to the mirror in the bathroom immediately. He was confused as he stared at the face of a child in the mirror. After observing for a moment, suddenly he thought of something.

“Serial number 327… Lin Xuan… Lin Huang… Lin Xin…”

While scratching his head, Lin Xuan sat down on the couch in the living room. After being in silence for a while, he took out the writing board from his storage s.p.a.ce and started writing. He placed the writing board on the coffee table, took off his Emperor’s Heart Ring and placed it next to the writing board. He then went to his wardrobe on the second floor and changed into a loose, gray robe. He walked downstairs slowly.

As he arrived at the entrance, he turned around to look at the living room and dining hall. He smiled as he looked.

“Lin Huang, Lin Xin, thank you for taking care of me. Unfortunately, I don’t belong here…”

As he spoke, Lin Xuan left the house and flew into the sky like a bird. He disappeared into the sky in an instant…

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