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Chapter 271: Training Rewards

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If this were to happen in the past, Lin Huang would not know who Yi Donglai was. However, knowing that the Demon Slayer Legion would be leading the training, he had done his research on the three elite divisions and got to know about Yi Donglai. The Demon Slayer Legion was the first elite division that was founded in Division7 by Yi Donglai himself. Although the other divisions, the Dragon Slayer Legion and Immortal Legion were not founded all by him, he was still one of the co-founders.

He was considered a legend and was now the leader of Division7’s army. Once Lin Huang did his research on Yi Donglai, he found out who Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu really were. He finally understood how Yi Yeyu appeared in the Demon Slayer Legion’s ranks. Looking at their family’s ranks, Yi Donglai was Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu’s great grandfather.

“That means Yi Yeyu is a Gold Hunter and is also a member of the Union Government’s Demon Slayer Legion…” Lin Huang finally knew about Yi Yeyu’s double ident.i.ties.

Many members of the Union Government, Adventurer Organization and other organizations who had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Hunter a.s.sociation would have hunter licenses from the a.s.sociation. They would basically receive the license once they pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment. Aside from being strict to their core members, the Hunter a.s.sociation did not prohibit other organizations from obtaining their hunter license from them. However, the most they could get would be a Gold Hunter license as any license authorization beyond that would not be available to the public.

While Lin Huang was deep in thought, Yi Donglai had finished his introduction and got down to business.

“This training is similar to what we in the Demon Slayer Legion endure yearly. The only difference this training has with the one a few years back is that this time, it’ll be an open training with other young members from organizations invited. I hope everyone can encourage each other and fight together in a fair manner to progress further as one unit…”

“The a.s.sessment will take 30 days. I won’t be revealing the content of a.s.sessment now but the location it’ll be held at will be at a grade-2 dimensional ruin, the Volcanic h.e.l.l.” Yi Donglai stopped speaking and looked at the people who were present. Many of the leaders were stunned.

“My dear apprentices, it seems like this is a hard one.” Mr. Fu said to Lin Huang after hearing the name of the dimensional ruin chosen.

Before Lin Huang could ask Mr. Fu why he said that, Yi Donglai began speaking again.

“I hope everyone understands what a grade-2 dimensional ruin would entail. The dimensional ruin will be infested with holy fire-level monsters. Perhaps not many people know about this Volcanic h.e.l.l.”

“The Volcanic h.e.l.l is a dimensional ruin with many volcanoes. The environment is harsh, barren and has no resources what-so-ever. The temperature of this particular dimensional ruin goes above 60 degree Celsius all year long. At times, it’ll go above 80 degree Celsius at its peak and ordinary people won’t be able to survive there. Moreover, the volcanoes around the ruins would go off at any moment. Your feet will be on volcanic rocks that contain molten lava beneath. If you happen to step on soft ground, you may just fall into the lava.”

“Fire monsters aside, there are many undead and spirit type monsters. They’ve adapted to these environments much better than we humans have. Once there’s a conflict, they’ll have the geological advantage…”

As Lin Huang listened to Yi Donglai speak, he began researching on the Volcanic h.e.l.l dimensional ruin on the Hunter Info Network. Soon, he found the map, the monster distribution graphs and doc.u.ments containing the types of monster. He downloaded all of them as the Emperor’s Heart Ring and Heart Network could not be used once he entered the dimensional ruin.

He did not seem to be the only one as many started researching on the Volcanic h.e.l.l as well.

“This training will be using the point acc.u.mulation system. I won’t be revealing how the system works but those who are ranked in the top 10 from whatever organization would receive a reward. Those ranked from No.4 to No.10 will receive a Life Power compression elixir. Those who are ranked No.2 and No.3 will receive a grade-3 defensive or weapon relic. For the top-ranked partic.i.p.ant, he or she would receive a pet monster egg that contains a phoenix-type monster…”

Their eyes lit up when they heard the rewards for the top 10 partic.i.p.ants. The Life Power compression elixir was a unique elixir that could help compress Life Power in order to accelerate the speed of getting from gold-level rank-3 to complete gold-level. One bottle of elixir could shave off the compression time taken by one month. Such an elixir would cost over 1,000 Life Crystals and n.o.body would usually spend this kind of money just to compress their Life Power as most would rather spend their time instead.

Meanwhile, a grade-3 relic would cost at least 4,000 Life Crystals and it could be activated after one became transcendent. It was a very practical reward. The phoenix-type pet monster egg was the reward every partic.i.p.ant was eyeing. The pet monster egg alone was something rare, let alone one that contained a pheonix-type monster. Not many monsters laid eggs at the moment of death. There were at least 200,000 different monsters in the monster encyclopedia but only around 100 of them could lay eggs. That was less than 0.1% as the probability was extremely low.

Aside from Imperial Censors, most people would have to use monster taming tokens if they wanted to control their summoning monster. Not many people owned a pet monster. Compared to monsters that require a monster taming token, a pet monster was similar to an Imperial Censor’s monster. They could come to terms with humans and stay in the human world for longer periods of time. Meanwhile, summoning monsters that require monster summoning tokens are restricted by time and distance. If the monster exceeds the summoning time and distance limit, the monster must be recalled immediately or it would break free from the token’s control.

Of course, there are disadvantages to owning a pet monster as well. Compared to an Imperial Censor’s summoning monster, every pet monster will be born as a larva when they emerge from the pet monster egg. They required a significant amount of time to reach adulthood and if they were left to grow on their own, they would need anywhere from a couple of years to even hundreds of years to reach adulthood. One way to accelerate their growth was by using ma.s.sive amounts of resources. However, the thousands of partic.i.p.ants here came from rich family and have great abilities. Growing a pet monster larva would not be a problem to them at all. That was the reason why many people were eyeing the pet monster egg.

Lin Huang was not interested in regular pet monster eggs. However, the one that contained a phoenix-type monster was a whole different story.

“Xiao Hei, if I was to come to terms with the pet monster larva, could I turn it into a Monster Card?”

“As long as you have an agreement with it. It can be turned into a Monster Card.”

“That means if I do manage to obtain this phoenix-type pet monster, I’d be able to use Advance Cards on it.” After clearing his doubts, Lin Huang was determined to get to No.1.

“I’ve said everything I need to say. There’ll be someone to explain the exact rules of the training when you arrive at the dimensional ruins. I’ll open the entrance now, please enter in order…”

Yi Donghai took out a palm-sized ruin key and inserted Life Power into it. Soon, the ruin key shot out and transformed itself into a dimensional portal that looked like a black whirlpool.

“Mr. Fu, since you’re the most senior one here, your apprentice will go first.” Yi Donglai looked at Mr. Fu and Lin Huang.

“Me?” Lin Huang was shocked.

“Go on then.” Mr. Fu patted Lin Huang’s shoulder and nodded.

Under the gaze of thousands of people, Lin Huang walked fast into the black whirlpool…

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