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Chapter 275: The High Heel Incident

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang activated Boundless Vision and soon, he discovered the reason that caused the ground to collapse. The surface of the flatland was thinner than the ground that they walked on during the day, it was way thinner.

Because of that, some of them who were heavier would easily cause the ground to collapse as they walked on it. The reason why Yi Yeyu had crushed the ground earlier was because she was wearing a pair of high heeled lady army boots, causing the force exerted on the ground by her heels to be stronger than people who were wearing ordinary footwear.

After seeing Yi Yeyu crushed the ground for twice, Lin Huang then suggested, “I think it’ll be better for you to change to another pair of shoes. The heels of your shoes could even kill a person. It’s not strange at all that you could crush the ground.”

Yi Yeyu then stared at Lin Huang as she felt that Lin Huang had gloated over it.

“The squinty-eyed guy did this on purpose. Bringing us to this place at night where the ground is thinner than where we were walking at earlier. We can’t see clearly at night and we’ll be easily tricked. Fortunately, the lava underneath the ground does not contain any spiritual power and we’re all wearing protective armor. We’ll only get burnt if we fall into the pool of lava for extended periods of time. It’ll not threaten our lives. Perhaps it’ll only consume a small portion of our Life Power…” Lin Huang said as he ignored Yi Yeyu who was staring at him.

“So you’re trying to say that he intends to deplete our Life Power?” As Yi Yeyu heard the last sentence, she immediately understood what Lin Huang was trying to say.

“Yes, of course. Their Life Power will be used up if they are tricked several times. Since the Life Power consumption for movement skills is relatively low, if he didn’t have any other ways to deplete our Life Power, do you think that any of us will be eliminated just from running the duration of three days and two nights?” Lin Huang looked like he had expected this to happen. “Get changed into another pair of shoes. I’ll wait for you and we’ll catch up with them later.”

After remaining silent for a moment, although Yi Yeyu did not want to agree with Lin Huang, she had chosen to compromise. She stopped walking and took out a pair of running shoes from the storage s.p.a.ce before she threw the pair of military boots away.

Lin Huang stopped as well and waited for her to get her shoes changed.

“Who asked you to wait for me? Can’t I catch up with you later?” Yi Yeyu scoffed.

Lin Huang shrugged his shoulder and kept quiet.

Soon, after Yi Yeyu had changed her shoes, a woman who wore a pair of high heels crashed into the ground as she ran ahead of them. As soon as she found out that something was wrong, she immediately stomped down hard on the ground with her other leg in an attempt to escape.

Right this moment, Si Kongjian grinned. A hidden energy underneath the ground rose up. Right after the woman stomped on the ground, the entire area collapsed.

The woman and the rest of them all fell into the pool of lava. The people behind them did not manage to escape and fell into the red lava as well.

There were more than 1,800 of them and one-third of them experienced the lava bath. Right when they got up from the lava, their outfits and hair were all burnt by the high-temperature Life Power, creating a “beautiful” scene.

The people who followed after them then laughed at them. They quickly covered their bodies with the protective armor so they would not be showing their naked bodies. However, many of them could not stop laughing at them as all of them had bald heads. They did not even have eyebrows.

As they had to treat their wounds and put on their clothes, people who had fallen into the lava had to stay there, watching helplessly as those who were initially behind them overtook them.

“See, high heels are trouble.” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow and told Yi Yeyu. He did not notice that the squinty-eyed guy had secretly done something. He thought that the ground was not strong enough and the woman’s high heels had crushed it.

Lin Huang was not the only one who thought that way as many others thought like that as well.

While the bald men were treating their injuries, many of them stared at the woman in high heels with anger in their eyes. She could only take it quietly because like the others, she thought it was her fault as well.

Yi Yeyu felt fortunate that she had changed into another pair of footwear earlier. Otherwise, if she was the one who had troubled the other partic.i.p.ants, she would have had to look for a hole to hide in. However, she acted as if she did not hear what Lin Huang had said, turning her head the other way.

They then ran through the rough terrain at night. Among 1,800 of them, at least 1,200 of them were tricked as the conditions of the crushed ground was in were unavoidable.

However, Lin Huang walked like Si Kongjian, seemingly taking a leisurely stroll. It seemed like he did not bother where he should step at all.

Yi Yeyu was curious as she noticed that Lin Huang’s steps were light. Neither cracks nor scratches were left on the ground as he stepped on it.

“What kind of movement skill are you using?” Yi Yeyu asked after observing for a long while.

” Spectral Snowsteps. ”

“The name of the skill sounded very light. That’s why the ground wasn’t affected even after you’ve stepped on it.” Yi Yeyu immediately understood the characteristics of the movement skill after listening to its name.

“You can also use a light-weight movement skill. Why do you want to teleport?” Lin Huang found it strange. He could see that many of them had used teleportation instead of a movement like his and a small bunch even used speed-type movement skills. That being said, the light-weight movement skill he used was not used very often by others.

“Of course! I know that it’s appropriate to use a light-weight movement skill here but… I don’t know how to use the skill.” Yi Yeyu then told him the truth. “Light-weight movement skills were not as practical as speed-type movement skills like teleportation. That was why I didn’t spend much time practicing the skill.”

Lin Huang then understood the reason why there were less people using movement skills similar to his. Perhaps the majority of them had made the same decision as Yi Yeyu.

Since everyone had limited strength and time, they would naturally look for skills that were more practical and powerful. Compared to speed-type movement skills and teleportation which were both rather useful in a battle, light-weight movement skills were less useful. In addition to that, after achieving the Transcendent-level, everyone would be able to fly. The effect of light-weight movement skills would be rendered useless.

However, in this place, Lin Huang had an advantage over the others as he had mastered this form of movement skill.

Soon, the first night pa.s.sed. After running for more than 20 hours, they were sleep deprived in addition to their depleted Life Power after falling into the pool of lava. Everyone seemed less energetic than they were on the first day.

It seemed like only Lin Huang and a few others remained unaffected.

Lin Huang’s Army Attack Tactics  was on level-8. Even if he was to use Spectral Snowsteps throughout the run, the Life Power consumed would have been easily replenished. 20 hours had pa.s.sed and not even 10 columns of his Life Power were used. The people who had fallen into the lava would have used up at least 1,000 columns of their Life Power. In fact, using gold-level armor to defend against the lava would consume a larger amount of Life Power than defending against enemies in a battle.

“Although they’re tired, it seems like it’s not going to a problem for them to continue for another two days…” Lin Huang noticed their conditions and also knew that the squinty-eyed man would not let them pa.s.s the a.s.sessment so easily. “I wonder what the squinty-eyed examiner will do next…”

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