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Chapter 278: The Elimination Rate Is Too Low

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Lin Huang would not have bothered if it happened to the others as the Union Government would rescue them after being tortured by the Undying Bloodoaks for two days.

However, Li Lang was the one who was having an intense battle with the Undying Bloodoak, so Lin Huang could not remain indifferent.

The Undying Bloodoak tangled Li Lang’s legs. He brandished his sword, attempting to chop off the tree branches that twisted around his legs. However, the Undying Bloodoak around him could sense his Life Power and it pounced on his arm like black snakes.

He kept waving his sword around. Despite managing to chop off all the tree branches that were attacking him, they quickly regenerated right after that as if it had endless vitality. Even Li Lang who had such incredible abilities was trapped in this difficult situation.

“Do you know that idiot?” Yi Yeyu asked as she heard that Lin Huang was mumbling in a low voice. She then s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards him and saw that Li Lang was fighting the Undying Bloodoak.

“Yes…” Lin Huang nodded his head helplessly.

Soon, both of them appeared beside Li Lang. Lin Huang then immediately chopped off the tree branches that twisted around Li Lang’s legs, breaking them apart. Li Lang quickly broke free of the Undying Bloodoak. However, the Undying Bloodoak was intent on chasing after him. His Life Power resembled fragrant grilled meat, attracting countless carnivores to him.

“Retract your Life Power!” Lin Huang frowned and shouted at Li Lang.

Li Lang was stunned as he heard Lin Huang’s voice. Right at that moment, his arm got entangled by the Undying Bloodoak again. As he was about to activate his Life Power to perform another cut, Yi Yeyu helped him out and quickly chopped off the Undying Bloodoak.

“Didn’t you hear that? Quickly retract your Life Power!” Yi Yeyu yelled angrily.

Although he did not know why he had to do that, he quickly retracted his Life Power after listening to them.

The black tree branches that were originally going after him wandered around the area less than 20 centimeters in front of him for a short moment and soon, they left right after he had retracted his Life Power.

As soon as Li Lang witnessed this, he then understood why Lin Huang had asked him to do so.

“The monster tree…was coming after my Life Power?”

“It’s the Undying Bloodoak. It can only sense creatures with Life Power.” Lin Huang nodded his head helplessly. “It’s time for both of you to study the monster guide.”

“Please remember not to use your movement skill later.” Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at LiI Lang.

“This beautiful woman is…” Li Lang had no idea how he had provoked her.

“She’s my friend.” Lin Huang knew that Yi Yeyu was angry because he had proven that one would suffer a great loss for not reading the monster guide and she was just like Li Lang. Both of them would never read the monster guide.

“Oh, hi, I’m Li Lang,” Li Lang then introduced himself.

“Yi Yeyu,” Yi Yeyu curtly told him her name in a rude manner, then she turned her head back to Lin Huang and asked, “Can we go now?”

“Yes, let’s go.” Three of them then ran rapidly so that they could catch up with the team.

Those who got entangled by the Undying Bloodoaks saw how three of them got rid of it and followed their steps. After they had retracted their Life Power and defended themselves with physical attacks, they escaped from the Undying Bloodoaks.

Lin Huang and both of them did not bother about what happened after that. They started running and overtook many of them who were running ahead of them. The majority of them got entangled by the Undying Bloodoaks, so only a few people could lead the run unfazed.

The people were amazed by the three of them as the Undying Bloodoaks completely ignored them.

“It’s such a shame. They might have used the monster repellent elixir too,” the people guessed.

Soon, a few people who were running behind them caught up with them in the same way. Everyone turned suspicious.

“Why didn’t they use the movement skill?”

“They don’t look like they have used up their Life Power…”

“Those not using movement skill are ignored by the monster tree. Could it be because of our Life Power that they attacked us?” the people finally concluded.

Soon, they started to retract their Life Power and the result was obvious. The Undying Bloodoaks immediately gave up the targets in front of them as they could not sense their Life Power anymore.

After getting rid of the Undying Bloodoaks, they learned from Lin Huang and the rest of them, so they stopped using their movement skill. They then ran like mad.

There was an increasing number of people that ran without using their Life Power. Even those who were slow to pick up noticed this. Those who had attended the training were elites but they were not foolish.

As a matter of fact, other than Lin Huang who came here alone, most of them had friends and companions in the training program. Of course, they would not want to see their companions getting stuck in the first stage. The secret of the forest was soon being revealed.

After being tortured for the whole night, they had used up a large portion of their Life Power. However, the majority of them still managed to follow after Si Kongjian and they left the forest as the sun rose. Only a few unlucky people had been completely captured by the Undying Bloodoaks and they had no way of escaping.

Once they got caught, the tree branches would penetrate through their prey’s body, beginning to extract the Life Power from the prey’s body. Under such circ.u.mstances, it was useless to retract their Life Power because once the tree branches had penetrated through their body, they would be able to sense the existence of Life Power within the prey and no longer relied on external senses.

They were not bothered to be rescued as the Undying Bloodoaks had injected poison into their bodies the very first moment when they were captured. They would not be able to regain their consciousness in a short period of time. Even after they were rescued, they could no longer continue with the training. Therefore, they would be handled by the officers of the Union Government instead.

Seeing the number of people behind him increasing, Si Kongjian knew that the secret of the forest had been revealed. The next morning, when they left the forest, he frowned as he saw the number of people that followed after him.

Lin Huang could clearly capture his expression as he had activated his Boundless Vision. He knew that the number of people who were eliminated was far beyond the squinty-eyed guy’s expectations.

“There are so many of us here. Most likely the squinty-eyed guy will increase the difficulty level on the last day…” Lin Huang knew that Si Kongjian would not let them go so easily.

“We’ll probably have a hard day.” Yi Yeyu observed as well.

“Why do you say so?” Li Lang wondered and asked.

“I’ve been an a.s.sessment examiner before. The elimination rate is too low. If he allows so many of us to pa.s.s the first training, he’ll feel ashamed. Therefore, he will definitely raise the difficulty level on the last day,” Yi Yeyu confidently explained.

“Yeyu is right. Therefore, we have to be extra alert on the following day,” Lin Huang agreed.

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