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Chapter 279: Lin Huang’s Steady Steps

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Out of the forest where the Undying Bloodoaks gathered, Si Kongjian suddenly turned back and looked at the people. However, he did not stop running. He continued to take the lead by walking backwards instead.

Many of them felt strange about his movement. However, Lin Huang and some of the people suspected what he was going to do next.

“It’s not even seven o’clock in the morning now. There are about 26 hours remaining until the end of the first round of training. Therefore, the warm-up session for the past two days is about to end. I’ve decided to let all of you show your true abilities on the last day. Let’s see how many of you can actually pa.s.s my training.” Right after he finished his sentence, only a small slit could be seen where Si Kongjian’s eyes were. He then turned back and like an arrow flying from a bow, he blasted off.

Everyone was stunned and soon, they quickly activated their movement skill and followed after him.

Even Lin Huang had to switch from Spectral Snowsteps to Thunder Steps , running swiftly like thunder.

However, he did intentionally control his speed. Thunder Step was an epic movement skill. Hunters that were below Transcendent level would rarely practice a movement skill on this level as it was time-consuming and consumed a large amount of Life Power.

Because he controlled his speed, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang did not notice anything peculiar.

“You’re quite good in speed-type movement skill as well. How many types of movement skills do you actually have?” Yi Yeyu asked.

“Three,” Lin Huang answered with a smile, “Speed, light-weight. and teleportation-type movement skills. I’ve practiced one skill for each of them.”

“You’re such a genius!”

Yi Yeyu was speechless. However, she complimented him in such a way because she knew that Lin Huang majored in swords minored in guns. He even practiced three types of movement skills.

She had to admit that Lin Huang’s learning ability was incredible. Even if she was given a year to learn all the movement, sword and gun skills without even training her Life Power, she would be unable to finish learning everything. Apparently, Lin Huang spent most of his time upgrading his combat level. However, he could still manage to learn other skills because he had an amazing ability to learn at a fast pace.

“Your leveling speed is terrifying. You’re indeed a genius. Since you focus mostly on leveling up, you don’t spend much time in actual battle, do you?” Li Lang felt that despite his level-up speed, his actual ability would be incomparable to him.

“Yes, that’s true,” Lin Huang answered with a smile.

In fact, he had rarely gone through any battle training like the royalty members. He would usually go for actual combat, be it hunting monsters at the wild zones or killing opponents in the arena since these were training that could push him beyond his limits.

“You’re now at gold-level rank-2. I’d like to suggest that you practice with actual combat in the arena when you return. Perhaps with your current abilities, you can’t even fight Sword Genius who’s only at silver-level,” Li Lang advised him.

Lin Huang nodded his head with a smile, remaining silent.

Yi Yeyu then continued, “I’ve watched the battle videos of Sword Genius. He’s really strong. His actual combat abilities are incredible. Although he’s only a silver-level rank-3, I think that many of the gold-level rank-3 hunters can’t even go against him. Perhaps only people like us who’re at complete gold-level with a greater amount of Life Power will have an advantage over him, allowing us to defeat him. However, if he upgrades to gold-level, even if he’s only at gold-level rank-1, those who are at complete gold-level would only have a 10% chance of defeating him.”

“Both of you who are at complete gold-level rate his achievement so highly?” Lin Huang raised his eyebrows and asked. However, he was laughing on the inside.

“Lin Huang, have you never watched his battle?” Li Lang was shocked.

“I’ve signed up for the arena but I’ve only tried it several times. I’ve spent a lot of time on practicing with my Life Power. I don’t have time to watch this.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“That’s right. You’re such a training maniac. You won’t have much spare time though.” Yi Yeyu who was standing beside Lin Huang felt that it was normal that Lin Huang had no idea about the happenings in the arena. “However, I’d suggest that you watch his battle videos when you’re free. I’ve collected all his videos and I only managed to watch his live battle once.”

Yi Yeyu had watched his live battle before?! Lin Huang was speechless. However, he would not be able to tell. Ever since he had become popular, the arena was always full with more than 300,000 spectators in the arena during his every battle. Ever since he had achieved an 80-win streak, the audience had grown to a million. n.o.body would know when and where Yi Yeyu was sitting at when she went to watch his battle.

While they were chatting, they could obviously feel that Si Kongjian had accelerated.

“It seems like the squinty-eyed guy is going to eliminate a bunch of people…” Lin Huang frowned.

“Who’s the squinty-eyed guy?” Right after Li Lang asked the question, he immediately knew who Lin Huang was talking about. “Eh, I know… Squinty-eyed guy eh…? That’s so true!”

Three hours had pa.s.sed. Other than Lin Huang and a few others, those who managed to follow Si Kongjian closely were those who were at complete gold-level. Many of them who were at gold-level rank-3 gave up running after him and they fell far behind him as their Life Power was almost exhausted.

“There are still four of them who are not at complete-gold level. As long as I can get rid of them, it’s time to enter the next stage.” Si Kongjian grinned as he thought to himself and he continued to accelerate.

Each time his toe touched the ground, he could leap more than 50 meters, so the rest of them could still catch up with him.

However, after half an hour, three of them who were at gold-level rank-3 could no longer follow his speed. They were more than thousands of meters away from him. As a matter of fact, there were two of them who were at complete gold-level and were left behind as well. However, Lin Huang was still running steadily and remained unaffected.

It was almost time to stop. Si Kongjian then looked back and he was speechless. The young man who was only at gold-level rank-2 had managed to follow after those who were at complete gold-level. It seemed like the increase in speed did little to faze him. On the other hand, many of them who were at complete gold-level were drenched in sweat.

“Is it possible that this fellow is talented in speed-type movement skills?” Si Kongjian made a guess as he saw that Lin Huang was not sweating at all. He knew that it was impossible for him to get rid of the little brat. “Fine, since I’ve managed to get rid of two-thirds of the people, I can enter the next stage.”

sThey did not know that they had escaped elimination unintentionally. If Si Kongjian insisted on eliminating Lin Huang and continued accelerating, he would turn out eliminating everyone else…

Si Kongjian stopped accelerating and ran forward at a constant speed. Most of them were relieved.

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