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Chapter 283: Lin Huang: The Tour Guide

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“Lastly, I’m going to talk about the scoring. For each of the white flame-level submitted, the team will gain 100 points. Each crimson flame-level carca.s.s contributes 200 points. Blue flame-levels give you 400 point and purples give you 800 points.”

“Haha, if anyone of you is capable of killing a gold flame-level monster, you’ll be rewarded with 1,600 points for each of the monsters killed. However, there are only three gold flame-level monsters in the ruins,” mocked Zang Bing.

It had been more than 800 years since the monsters last invaded the ruins. Even the human genius in the past only managed to kill blue flame-level monsters. n.o.body had ever heard of anyone capable of defending against a purple flame-level monster, let alone a gold-flame level one.

By 9.30 a.m, Zang Bing had finished explaining the rules for the second round of a.s.sessment and their queries were resolved as well.

It was obvious that Zang Bing was kinder than Si Kongjian as he would usually provide them proper guidance in his answers unlike the squinty-eyed guy that always gave the partic.i.p.ants useless answers.

“Alright, if you have no other questions, I’ll now declare that the second round of a.s.sessment has begun! 10 days later, gather here before 9.30 a.m and hand over all your! Those who fail to arrive after 9.30 a.m will be considered as drop-outs and you’ll not be qualified to join the next round of training.”

Soon, those who had formed their teams quickly left while the rest of them still looked for their teammates.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang exchanged glances with each other. They then looked at Lin Huang.

“In which direction should we go?” The both of them asked Lin Huang at almost the same time.

Lin Huang was speechless and glanced at them. It was obvious that they treated Lin Huang like a tour guide.

However, Lin Huang did not reject the role as guide as he actually wanted to lead the journey so he could plan things ahead.

A map was projected and soon, Lin Huang was able to identify their location.

“We must be somewhere around here.” Lin Huang pointed at one of the points on the map. There were several labels on the map showing the location of Transcendent monsters as well.

“Didn’t you say that the map could no longer be used?” Li Lang asked in doubt.

“I downloaded it before entering the ruins. Therefore, it can’t determine our exact location. It’s just a rough estimation,” Lin Huang explained. He knew that Li Lang and Yi Yeyu had not prepared themselves before coming in.

“Let’s head in this direction.” Lin Huang pointed at a direction heading towards the lava river where they had pa.s.sed through previously.

“Why should we go over there? Doesn’t the map show that there are Transcendent monsters closer to us in the other direction?” Yi Yeyu raised a question.

“I’m not the only one who owns a map. There must be a lot of people hunting for monsters during these few days, so we should go further away. It won’t take us long to come back with our flying mounts,” Lin Huang explained. This was only one of his reasons. Most importantly, it was because the Undying Bloodoaks were located close to the lava river. Although he had no idea how he would deal with the withered trees, Lin Huang had decided to head over there before thinking of a solution later.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had no idea about what Lin Huang was planning but they felt that Lin Huang’s explanation was reasonable.

“Alright, you plan the route then and we’ll follow.” Li Lang immediately nodded in agreement.

Yi Yeyu had no objections either.

Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle while Yi Yeyu and Li Lang both summoned a flying mount using their monster taming token.

Yi Yeyu’s flying mount was a Rainbow Sparrow. It was a beautiful fighting bird, featuring seven colors on the feathers of its tail and it had a pair of eyes that were as clear as sapphire. The only weakness of the monster was its small size and its limitation of only one rider.

Li Lang also rode on a fighting bird, namely the Ashenquill Eagle. It was a huge fighting bird that had white feathers all over its body and it was double the size of Lin Huang’s Alexandrian Eagle.

“Haha, how’s it? My flying mount looks cool, doesn’t it?” Li Lang bragged after he had summoned his Ashenquill Eagle.

“My Alexandrian Eagle can fight 10 monsters at once,” Lin Huang teased back.

Lin Huang’s Alexandrian Eagle was originally a bronze-level rank-3 mutated monster. It had now been upgraded to gold-level rank-2 together with Lin Huang. In fact, it was not a problem for the Ashenquill Eagle to kill 10 silver-level rank-3 monsters at once.

There were significant differences between Lin Huang’s monster cards and the summoning monsters of an Imperial Censor. One of the differences was that the combat level of his monsters would automatically be upgraded when there was an upgrade in his combat abilities. Aside from b.l.o.o.d.y the Demonic Dandelion Vine, the rest of his monster cards had this characteristic and apart from several cards which were already at gold-level rank-3, the rest of his monster cards were now at gold-level rank-2.

Lin Huang had asked Xiao Hei about b.l.o.o.d.y as it could not outdo himself by a level like the other epic level cards could and it could not be upgraded in accordance with his level either. The explanation given by Xiao Hei was because b.l.o.o.d.y had gone through an abnormal mutation previously, resulting in the loss of skills. In other words, it was an incomplete monster card. Only when its skill were complete could it meet the requirement of the system. Before that, it could only depend on itself for the advancement of its combat skills. This was also the reason why it was only at silver-level rank-3 after nine months as it was a silver-level rank-2 when Lin Huang obtained it.

Li Lang could not refute Lin Huang as he knew that Lin Huang’s Alexandrian Eagle was already at gold-level rank-2. Despite the fact that his Ashenquill Eagle was larger, it still could not go against the Alexandrian Eagle.

However, Li Lang noticed something else. Lin Huang did not use a monster taming token.

“Are you an Imperial Censor?” When Li Lang had met Lin Huang, Lin Huang only controlled Bai. He had never summoned any monsters in front of Li Lang before. Therefore, he never knew that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor.

Yi Yeyu had seen Lin Huang summoning Tyrant during the Reserve Hunter a.s.sessment so she knew that he was an Imperial Censor.

Lin Huang nodded, then lied, “I only realized that I was Imperial Censor a few days after knowing you.”

“Wait, you knew him before me?!” Yi Yeyu asked in shock.

“I’ve known him since last June and I met you in July.”

Li Lang was pleased as he heard that, flas.h.i.+ng a victory peace sign arrogantly. Yi Yeyu sulked unhappily.

“How can both of you fight about that? You guys behave like kids…” Lin Huang was speechless and shook his head.

Lin Huang then changed the topic, “Alright. Stop wasting time, we’re about to leave. We have to kill six holy fire-level monsters in 10 days. We will have 1.5 days for each monster.”

Both of them immediately rode on their flying mounts and headed north…

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