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Chapter 291: Killing The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As the white glow faded, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s body was covered in a white mist. Suddenly, the wind blew and it revealed part of its head. Lin Huang saw its head had lost the flesh that it had built earlier; what remained was its white skull. However, shrouded by the mist, he could see that there was still a golden twinkle in its eyes. The monster was still alive!

Lin Huang’s pupils shrunk and he made up his mind. He patted the Alexandrian Eagle immediately.


The Alexandrian Eagle flapped its wings and dashed towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. It was as fast as lightning and all anyone could see was a white blur.

“The Ruthless Sword Master’s attack must’ve drained most of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s energy. We can’t let it recover. We must kill it this time!”

Lin Huang gripped his sword tightly as Life Power flowed into his sword. One, two, three, four, five circles! This time, besides keeping one or two columns as a reserve, Lin Huang inserted all the five Life Wheels of Life Power into his sword. The golden glow at the tip of his sword was as radiant as the sun during the noon. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not react to it and it did not seem to notice what Lin Huang was doing.

Soon, the Alexandrian Eagle arrived in front of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Armed with his sword, Lin Huang hopped off from the back of the Alexandrian Eagle. Lin Huang then spread his wings slightly so that he could glide down smoothly to the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. His speed was even faster than the Alexandrian Eagle.

“d.a.m.n this human boy!” Shouted the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, seemingly to be devoid of any strength to perform any skill. It could only lift up its hands to block Lin Huang forcefully. The flesh that had grown on its hands had disappeared from Ruthless Sword Master’s. .h.i.t; they were now fragile-looking, old, white bones.

Without saying a word, Lin Huang did not avoid the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s hands and dashed towards it without slowing down. The tip of his sword that was a luminous gold collided with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s hands. There was no explosion as Lin Huang had expected. Perhaps, there was not much Life Power left in its hands, which broke the moment they collided with Lin Huang’s sword. Within seconds of exploding through the bony hands, Lin Huang’s sword collided with its head. Bright golden glow exploded like a supernova and beams of light shot everywhere. Unlike the last time when Lin Huang had only managed to pierced half of his sword into its skull, this time his sword sliced through easily like a hot knife pa.s.sing through b.u.t.ter. Only the sword handle was left outside the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s skull.

The ground around a one-kilometer radius collapsed. Not only that, a gigantic hole broke within the dark clouds that were controlled by Nephilic Judge. The intense crack from the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s skull was even louder than the thunder rumbling in the sky. The sound traveled up to 1000 kilometers away and the other partic.i.p.ants were worried when they heard it. Soon, more and more cracking sounds followed. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, who were not far away, heard it too. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s skull started to crack like a spider web with the golden glow coming out of the cracks.

Within a matter of seconds, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s golden eyes faded away. Endless golden light shot out of the cracks in its skull, eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally, its skull exploded in a deafening blast. Its headless body fell into the collapsed ground. As the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit fell, Lin Huang’s body started falling too. A silver light flitted down from the air. The Nephilic Judge lifted Lin Huang into the air. The Nephilic Judge was 2.5 meters tall, so it did not look strange for her to be carrying Lin Huang. He was unwilling to be carried but just when he wanted to get her to change positions, he heard a notification from Xiao Hei.

“Congratulations, you have received an epic-level Monster Card – Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.”

Lin Huang was stunned as he did not expect the kill to earn him a complete Monster Card. He forgot about being lifted by the Nephilic Judge and looked at the card immediately.

“Monster Card”

“Rarity: Epic”

“Monster Name: Sanguine Skeletal Spirit”

“Combat Level: White Flame-level”

“Skill 1: Punishment”

“Skill 2: Revival”

“Skill 3: Immense Deterrence”

“Skill 4: Death Sentence”

“Skill 5: Lava Control”

“Summon Authority: Activated”

“Card Remarks: Trainable”

“Punishment: Ability comparable to a relic, the punishment comes in the form of flame chains. The target that is tied by the chains will have his/her Life Power sealed temporarily.”

“Remarks: Nine maximum chains can be utilized.”

” Revival : An exclusive skill for limited soul spirit monsters, allowing the monsters to transform back into living creatures. The activation of the skill will increase the monster’s combat strength to its peak. It does not only retain all the skills the monster had when it was in its soul form, the skill also retrieves all the skills, battle experiences and portions of its memories when it was alive.”

“Remark 1: Time limit of activation will be one hour.”

“Remark 2: After one hour, the memory of Revival will disappear.”

“Remark 3: 48 hours after the activation of skill, the user will be sealed with the inability to use one’s Life Power.”

” Immense Deterrence : A powerful soul deterrence skill which causes fear in creatures that have lower combat strength than the monster itself. It can also cause one to zone out temporarily.”

” Death Sentence : A powerful sword skill allowing one to hide its weapon and attack without warning.”

” Lava Control : Controlling lava as one desires. The more powerful the combat strength, the bigger the lava range.”

“Remarks: The control of lava includes the form, temperature and so on.”

After reading the card, Lin Huang noticed that they had landed on the ground while Li Lang and Yi Yeyu approached with their mounts.

“Wow, does it feel good to be carried like a lady? How comfortable that you don’t even want to get down anymore,” Yi Yeyu teased.

Lin Huang just realized that he was still being carried by the Nephilic Judge like a princess. He hopped down immediately and recalled the Nephilic Judge.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something,” Lin Huang smiled awkwardly.

“Don’t worry about it. Your summoning beast has a banging body and we’re both men, so I understand.” Li Lang patted Lin Huang’s shoulder and winked at him.

“Understand, my a.s.s!” Lin Huang wanted to say. It was hard to take back his words now that he had said that. Yi Yeyu stared at the both of them judgmentally.

“Let me get Tyrant to pick up the dead body,” Lin Huang changed the subject immediately while looking at the gigantic hole that he had made. After summoning and instructing Tyrant what to do, Tyrant hopped into the hole.

“How many double mutated monsters do you really have?” Li Lang asked.

Yi Yeyu stared at Lin Huang when she heard the question as she was curious too.

“How many did you see? That’s how many I have.” Lin Huang did not bother to clarify.

Seeing that Lin Huang refused to answer the question, the both of them did not want to ask further and asked something else instead.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you’re Sword Genius?” Yi Yeyu asked.

“You didn’t ask me. Moreover, even if I told you, would you believe me?” Lin Huang asked.

The both of them thought what Lin Huang asked made sense. Even if he had told them he was Sword Genius, they would not have believed him anyway.

Although Yi Yeyu was unwilling to compliment Lin Huang to his face, she had to admit, “You can even kill a double mutated Transcendent now, so you’re a real genius.”

“Stop that, I don’t ever want to encounter another double mutated monster again. I was lucky that I survived this time.”

Lin Huang could not imagine what would happen if the Ruthless Sword Master did not use its ultimate move to drain all of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s Life Power. It would have been impossible for him to kill the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. He might have died in the battle instead. After some chatter, Lin Huang could feel his Life Power was running low, so he sat down immediately and started refilling his Life Power. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang did not interrupt him while they sat aside and waited for Lin Huang to recover.

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