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Chapter 300: Killing The Blazecrystal Scorpion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was planning to leave quietly as b.l.o.o.d.y discovered the Fire Phoenix. However, the Blazecrystal Scorpion had noticed his presence so he could not run anymore.

“We won’t waste any more time here, let’s kill this fella once and for all.” Lin Huang frowned while summoning Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. It was a white flame-level after all and was much more powerful than the Blazecrystal Scorpion but the Blazecrystal Scorpion had a strong defense. If they were to fight, it would take a long time. Lin Huang summoned it to help instead of fighting it.

“Use the Punishment Chains to tie it up and I’ll settle the rest.” Lin Huang instructed. The Blazecrystal Scorpion sensed the double mutated aura of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit and suddenly, it was hesitant to get closer and as the Blazecrystal Scorpion stood hesitantly the sly Sanguine Skeletal Spirit activated its Punishment Chains . The nine flaming chains dashed towards Blazecrystal Scorpion, it was too late for it to run. The chains surrounded it and its Life Power was now sealed. Without any Life Power, no matter how much it struggled, it was futile.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had his sword relic in his hand with two wheels of Life Power inserted in. He was ready to perform his ultimate move – Worldly Purification . He leaped into the air and pierced through the Blazecrystal Scorpion’s head. A golden glow flashed and the Blazecrystal Scorpion collapsed straightaway. It could not escape death today with the battle taking less than half a minute. Lin Huang then stored Blazecrystal Scorpion’s carca.s.s and recalled Sanguine Skeletal Spirit while summoning the Alexandrian Eagle.

Lin Huang hopped onto Alexandrian Eagle’s back and said, “Let’s go to Yi Yeyu and tell her about the Fire Phoenix, then we’ll leave together.” Without the communication device, it was the only way to inform Yi Yeyu.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, help me mark down the coordinates of the Fire Phoenix.”

The Alexandrian Eagle flapped its wings and headed towards where Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were. While they were in the air b.l.o.o.d.y marked down the coordinates of the Fire Phoenix.

“Luckily it’s along the way for Yi Yeyu.” Lin Huang said as he looked at the map, it was in the same direction as Yi Yeyu was located in. Although it was not a direct route, it was not too far away. After confirming that, Lin Huang got the Alexandrian Eagle to go faster while he took out a Life Power Refill Card. He had drained two wheels of Life Power earlier to kill the Blazecrystal Scorpion faster. He wanted to use the Life Power Refill Card to fill up his Life Power so that his performance would be at its peak as the battle with the Fire Phoenix might be a tough one. After all, Fire Phoenix was a double mutated transcendent monster with phoenix blood. It was the same ranking as a sky dragon. In the world of double mutated monsters, its ability was definitely on top. As compared to a double mutated Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, it could be one rank higher.

As he activated the Life Power Refill Card and he could feel that the two empty Life Wheels were filling up at the speed of light. The feeling was similar to being under the sun during winter time, it was comfortable as the warmth flowed into his body. In less than two seconds, the two empty Life Wheels were full, leaving two empty wheels out of the five Life Wheels on the Life Power Refill Card.

“That’s fast, it’s surprising that there’s no unpleasant feeling nor side-effects.” Lin Huang took a look at the Life Power in his body. Everything was normal.

“This card is amazing!” Lin Huang was glad as he looked at the Life Power Refill Card in his hand.

He started thinking of a plan to fight the Fire Phoenix after keeping the card.

“If I use the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s Punishment Chains to seal the Fire Phoenix’s Life Power, it would be so much easier to kill it. But having to explain how I got the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit would be a major problem.”

“The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit is a double mutated monster and even though we’re in the ruins that’s suitable for the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit to live, the probability of encountering a second one would be rare. Let alone having to tell them that I got lucky…”

“Moreover, under normal circ.u.mstance, an Imperial Censor would have to come to terms with their summoning monster and train them slowly. It would take one to two weeks for a fast-learner and about two to three months for those who are slow. Only a powerful Imperial Censor could control a summoning monster right away.”

“If I appear with Sanguine Skeletal Spirit when I meet Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, they would definitely figure that it has something to do with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that was killed earlier…”

“That’s not going to work. The only way is to say that Mr. Fu captured this Sanguine Skeletal Spirit for me as a summoning monster!” Lin Huang decided to push everything to Mr. Fu since it was quite impossible for them to verify with Mr. Fu on such matters.

“However, no matter how much I help, the one who kills the Fire Phoenix would have to be Yi Yeyu. If not, she wouldn’t be able to extract the fire seed, light up Life Fire and level-up to holy fire-level.” Lin Huang then thought of another issue.

“But even if its Life Power is sealed, the Fire Phoenix’s body is powerful itself. If it’s not controlled by Yi Yeyu, she might not be able to fight it…”

Lin Huang was coming up with scenarios of what could happen in the battle. As he thought, he realized that it was not possible for Yi Yeyu to level-up to holy fire-level.

“Nevermind, I shall stop thinking about it. Level-up or not, I must help her as her friend. The rest would depend on her luck.”

An hour and a half later, he finally made it to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. The both of them, who were recovering their Life Power, opened their eyes as they heard a flapping sound from the Alexandrian Eagle.

“Follow me! I’ve found the Fire Phoenix!” Lin Huang shouted to the both of them before the Alexandrian Eagle had landed. The duo was shocked when they heard, they stopped what they were doing and stood up immediately.

“You sure it’s a Fire Phoenix?” Yi Yeyu found it hard to believe as Lin Huang was only away for a couple of hours and now he had come back with such news.

“It wouldn’t be wrong, I’ll explain to you along the way. Come with me quick!” As time was tight, Lin Huang left with the Alexandrian Eagle while Yi Yeyu and Li Lang summoned their flying mounts and followed from behind on the Alexandrian Eagle…

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