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Chapter 303: Lin Huang Asking for Trouble

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


As the Fire Phoenix got out of the lava sea, it chirped in excitement. Flapping its wings as it flew to the bottom of the volcano, it noticed Lin Huang that was as small as an ant. It glared at him but after realizing that his aura was not threatening, it completely ignored him due to more important things it had in its mind. It landed less than 500 meters away from Lin Huang with the Blazing Alligator in its claws.

Lin Huang was speechless about being ignored. Although he was just an ant in Fire Phoenix’s eyes, he was sure that it had noticed him as most of the bird-type monsters had extraordinary vision, including the Fire Phoenix. Perhaps it ignored him as he was not a threat to it. Lin Huang even smile awkwardly as he was eager to see the Fire Phoenix’s reaction when it saw him and came up with different responses. However, he did not expect himself to be ignored.

Yi Yeyu who was hiding at the top of the volcano was relieved when she saw the Fire Phoenix. She could not help it but laugh when she saw that Lin Huang was being ignored by the Fire Phoenix. Li Lang who had his fists clenched tight was now relieved too. Lin Huang watched as the Fire Phoenix waited for to Blazing Alligator to turn red. He knew that the Fire Phoenix was not going to kill the Blazing Alligator, but was planning to absorb the fire energy in the Blazing Alligator’s body instead.

As the Blazing Alligator was slowly turning red, Lin Huang knew that he could not wait any longer, he had to come up with something to catch the Fire Phoenix’s attention or else they would have to wait again once it released the Blazing Alligator. He then took out his GoldEagle11 and transformed it into a cannon. Li Lang and Yi Yeyu saw what Lin Huang was doing. Yi Yeyu was speechless as she watched.

“Must he ask for trouble?” Li Lang puzzled. He could guess what would happen if Lin Huang was to open fire. As Lin Huang observed the Fire Phoenix, he was inserting Life Power into his cannon. As soon as he was almost done with inserting one wheel of Life Power into the gun, the Blazing Alligator that was captured in the Fire Phoenix’s claws turned completely red.

“It’s time!” As the Blazing Alligator turned red, a golden spark was shot out of the gun, heading towards the Fire Phoenix at a speed of light.

“Bang!” A loud thud exploded, the Fire Phoenix was shot as it was not aware. It did not expect the human of ant size would attack it. The Fire Phoenix flapped its wings by instinct as it was shot, it accidentally let go of the Blazing Alligator.

The Blazing Alligator turned around and dove into the lava sea that was not far away. Seeing that its prey escaped, the Fire Phoenix that was flying in the air became furious. Although the attack did not hurt it in any way, it challenged its pride. Moreover, the attack helped its prey escape. It wanted its revenge on Lin Huang now.


This time, the Fire Phoenix chirped furiously while glaring deadly at Lin Huang beneath it. Staring into its angry blue eyes, Lin Huang had no fear and was excited instead. He then aimed his cannon at the Fire Phoenix again. As it saw Lin Huang do that, it was triggered and opened its wings wide, flapping hard at Lin Huang.

Tens of thousands of red feathers came down like a thunderstorm. In the air, its red feathers seemed like they were lit up with fire, transforming into golden feathers with sparks that went at Lin Huang. It used an attack with a large areof-effect and it was clear that the Fire Phoenix wanted Lin Huang to die without having the opportunity to escape. Lin Huang was drowned in the shower of golden feathers like meteors. The feathers exploded as they collided with every object that they touched and loud explosions were head at the bottom of the volcanoes with sparks and dust flying everywhere.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who were on top of the volcano became worried. They looked at the bottom of the volcano that was now covered in dust with concern on their faces. Lin Huang might be able to avoid if it was a one-on-one battle. However, such a rapid attack with an areof-effect like this made it difficult for him to escape. The both of them did not expect the Fire Phoenix to hit them with such a powerful attack in the beginning. Although such an attack was much weaker compared to attacks it would use in a one-on-one battle, this Fire Phoenix was a white flame-level, double mutated phoenix-type monster. Among the monsters with same combat level, it was on the top of the food chain in terms of abilities. The areof-effect attack it used was comparable to ultimate abilities of monsters at the same level.

The Fire Phoenix chose to use an attack like this as it wanted to prevent Lin Huang from escaping. It could sense that Lin Huang’s aura was not powerful and figured that as long as he was. .h.i.t, he would definitely die. However, Fire Phoenix did not leave after it launched the attack but waited patiently. It would not be satisfied if it did not see his dead body. It spent more than an hour trying to capture the Blazing Alligator but it ran away because of Lin Huang’s interruption.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang watched patiently for the dust to fade away as they wanted to know the result. However, they did not look too good as they figured the outcome might be negative. Under such pressure from the Fire Phoenix, Lin Huang could possibly die. Awhile later, the Fire Phoenix seemed to lose its patience. It flapped its wings to blow away the dust and as the dust was blown away, a black shadow appeared at the bottom of the volcanoes. As the dust continued to be blown away, it revealed an untouched Lin Huang.

“Such a terrifying attack. I thought I would’ve died. Luckily I have this defensive skill…” Lin Huang said while smirking as he looked at the Fire Phoenix above him. The way he looked at it looked like he was throwing it a challenge.

“Hey, show me everything you’ve got. I want to find out the limits of my abilities!”

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