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Chapter 304: Lin Huang Versus The Fire Phoenix

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Fire Phoenix was a double mutated transcendent monster. It had encountered human before so it understood human language. It got even more furious when Lin Huang challenged it! Although it had no idea what was the black piece of cloth that he was using to defend its first attack, it was surprised that he managed to defend himself. However, that attack was not its most powerful attack. It did not think that the black s.h.i.+eld could protect Lin Huang during its following attack.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had never wanted to use  Dark s.h.i.+eld  to fight until the end. His objective of entering this dimensional ruin was to strengthen himself by going through the training. Although the Fire Phoenix was powerful, it was not as powerful to the extent that he would want to run away. On the contrary, it benefited him when the Fire Phoenix pressured and gave him the confidence that he would survive this battle. That was the reason why he challenged the Fire Phoenix.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who were on top of the volcano could not hear what Lin Huang was saying, or else their jaws would have dropped. However, they could sense that the Fire Phoenix was angry, or to be precise, it was furious as the both of them saw that the Fire Phoenix’s beautiful nine colored tail was now completely red. It was a sign that it was going crazy from anger. Lin Huang knew that as well as he looked at the Fire Phoenix

As the Fire Phoenix’s tail turned b.l.o.o.d.y red, it chirped loudly while shaking its tail. Nine flaming whips appeared, they were coming towards Lin Huang who was hundreds of meters away. The whips were fast, traveling at a speed that broke the sound barrier, causing explosions in the air. From the look of it, Lin Huang knew that he would not be able to defend it. If he was whipped by the whips even once, he would be badly injured if he even managed to survive the attack. He would lose his strength completely by then.

Without thinking twice, Lin Huang used Seraphic Speed as well as Cloud Steps as the whips were coming at him. He even used Micro Territory as his sensing circle together with Boundless Vision . Lin Huang looked like he was dancing on the tip of swords as he was surrounded by the nine whips. The whips did not stop attacking him even for a moment. However, he was not hit once, not even the corner of his clothes was touched.

The ground at the bottom of the volcanos was burnt black with marks made by the whips. Each of the marks were hundreds of meters long and couple of meters deep. Those were the traces left by the flaming whips. Fortunately, the ground around them was much thicker. If this happened in other areas of the dimensional ruins, it would have collapsed from the very beginning. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who were watching from the top were worried. They could only catch a glimpse of what was happening as the speed they were moving at was too intense. If they were the one being attacked by the whips, they would have been chopped into pieces within a second.

In fact, even though Lin Huang had Boundless Vision , he could only catch the shadows of the whips. He managed to avoid the whips by using the sensing ability from Micro Territory . It was upgraded from Sensing Circle and it retained the sensing ability. He could sense anything that was within a 100 meters radius and that was how he managed to move 100 meters away before the whips. .h.i.t him. With the help of Seraphic Speed , he managed to avoid the hits easily.

Looking at him avoiding the whips easily, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were shocked.

“How did he do that?!” Li Lang could not understand how could Lin Huang managed to do that when he had just leveled-up to gold-level rank-3.

“I don’t get it too. His speed and response absolutely makes him look like he’s on the standard of a holy fire-level transcendent. Also, I can’t see the movement of the whips at all, I can only catch the shadows. It’s obvious that he can see the attack trajectory of the whips clearly.” Yi Yeyu thought it was unbelievable too.

“This must be the legendary genius…” Li Lang exclaimed.

“A regular genius isn’t as powerful as this. My brother is close to being a genius but even then, he can only fight a regular white flame-level transcendent monster when he was a complete gold-level. Even a genius could only fight a mutated, white flame-level monster. However, this Fire Phoenix isn’t merely a double mutated monster, it also ranked on top of the double mutated monsters. Moreover, Lin Huang is only a gold-level rank-3 now and is not even complete gold-level. Before he levels up to transcendent, he still has room to improve his abilities…” Yi Yeyu knew what a genius could do as she had seen Yi Zheng fought before. As hunters of the same level, Lin Huang’s performance had already surpa.s.sed Yi Zheng.

In reality, Lin Huang was much weaker than the Fire Phoenix as a whole. However, he had many skills that he could use to defend against the Fire Phoenix at the moment and he was not fighting with his own ability. What Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were looking at was actually an illusion. If they were to actually fight head-on with their attack abilities, it would be different. What Lin Huang used in the beginning was a monster defense skill. He had been avoiding the Fire Phoenix’s attack, while the Fire Phoenix was not hurt by his gunshots at all. If they were to fight with his current ability head-on, Lin Huang would lose in one hit.

However, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who were watching from afar did not know that. Meanwhile, the battle between Lin Huang and the Fire Phoenix continued. Noticing that its tail attack was ineffective, the Fire Phoenix was shocked. It could be luck that Lin Huang avoided its Meteor Fireplume earlier, but now it was impossible that luck was helping him anymore. Within one minute, it had attacked Lin Huang for more than thousand times but none of them hit him.

“Terrifying ability and outstanding movement skills, it’s just that his attack ability is weak. This human fella is good as a whole!” The Fire Phoenix thought to itself. However, its recognition did not mean it would let him go. To monsters, the more powerful a human was, the more threatening they were to them. When Lin Huang, who was not even a holy fire-level could do this, it would be unimaginable when he became a transcendent one day. If the Fire Phoenix did not kill him right now, he would definitely come back for it in the future when he levels up to transcendent. The Fire Phoenix did not want that trouble for itself and the will to kill him reflected in its blue eyes got more intense!

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