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Chapter 307: Purplish-Gold Lightning

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Kylie the Nephilic Judge entered, the battle became more intense.

Three of the double mutated white flame-level monsters clashed with each other, causing the clouds in the air to disappear. The remaining energy caused the ground to tremble a little.

The intense collision resulted in a strong wind pressure that resembled ripples on the water surface, spreading far and wide. The crushed rocks on the ground sprayed everywhere like bullets and waves even appeared on the ocean of lava that was initially calm.

Seeing the three monsters battling each other in the sky, Lin Huang exclaimed, “A Transcendent is indeed like nothing else. Even if it’s just at holy fire-level, its power for destruction can never be achieved by a normal human!”

Before becoming a Transcendent, Life Power could not be detached from one’s body. Aside from some monsters with special skills that allowed their Life Power to be separated from their body, most of the monsters were just like humans and they chose to use mainly short-range attacks as their main battle strategy.

However, once they were upgraded to holy fire-level, the quality of their Life Power changed. Their Life Power could be detached from their body and this made the difference between the monster’s fighting style and that of humans’ whereby the damage caused would be increased as well.

The same thing had happened to Lin Huang now as he could not join the fight among the three Transcendent monsters at all. One of the reasons he could not do so was because he could not fly and the other reason was that his Life Power could not be separated from his body.

Despite the fact that his speed and defense strength was on par with the three Transcendent monsters, even for his close-range combat, he still could not approach them. The Fire Phoenix’s reflexes could easily keep Lin Huang away.

“Under such circ.u.mstances, I can’t even go close to them…” The battle in the air was so intense and Lin Huang panicked.

The sky got darker and the monsters in the ruins became more active. Although many of the monsters around them were terrified by the battle between the three Transcendents, the energy fluctuation caused by the battle might trigger monsters that were even more powerful to hunt them as prey.

“Don’t delay anymore. Quickly end the battle!” Lin Huang knew that it would get them into greater trouble if the battle was dragged out for too long.

As soon as he contacted Kylie with his mind, she suddenly exited the battle.

Along the purple long spear, a golden beam of light flowed continuously and a golden Thunder Sphere was quickly formed. The Thunder Sphere took only a few seconds to expand to the size of a human fist.

Kylie then picked up the Thunder Sphere with the tip of her spear and it blasted off into the sky. In just a short moment, it penetrated through the atmosphere and exploded, turning into a dazzling, golden laser beam.

Soon, a loud explosive noise was heard and dark clouds were instantly formed in the air. Within the dark clouds, beams of golden electric arcs were flickering wildly.

Not only did Kylie activate her Lightning Control , purple electric current flowed through Lin Huang’s body as well as he stared at the cloud layers.

After a short while, beams of purple electric arcs appeared out of nowhere, enhancing the beauty of the golden electric arcs. The cloud layers were a mishmashed painting of different shades of gold and purple, making it look very mysterious.

On top of the volcano, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang raised their heads and gazed at the sky. The sky was dark and the purple golden l.u.s.ter appeared to be rather appealing.

“The golden lightning appears only on the human-like monster’s body. Where does the purple lightning on the cloud layer come from?” Li Lang felt curious.

“Look at Lin Huang…” Yi Yeyu mumbled. Li Lang then noticed that there were faint purple electric arcs flickering on Lin Huang’s body.

“Is that a type of skill to control the elements?! The little brat sure picked up a lot of things!” Li Lang was astonished.

Yi Yeyu remained silent, fixing her gaze on Lin Huang as she fell into deep thought.

Lin Huang had just thought about overlaying both Thunder Control skills. By doing so, there would be a substantial increase in the frequency and density of lightning strikes, hence distracting the Fire Phoenix’s line of sight.

The dark clouds had enveloped an area of more than 10 kilometers in the sky.

Of course, the Fire Phoenix noticed that. However, it did not bother as the lightning element could not restrain it. If it turned out to be an ice element attack, the Fire Phoenix might be afraid of it but there was not much difference between the lightning strikes and normal Life Power attacks. At most, it would numb the Fire Phoenix.

However, on top of the dark cloud layer, lightning did not strike even after a long while. Lin Huang was shocked. He then activated Boundless Vision and gazed into the sky.

He then noticed that on the cloud layer, Kylie’s golden lightning and his purple lightning were intertwined together and strangely, they started to merge, forming into a purplish-gold color that differed from the two previous colors.

“How can such a mutation happen? Did they merge because they are skills of the same type?” Lin Huang could not find a better explanation for that incident. His Lightning Control was extracted from Kylie’s skills. However, such a mutation was out of his expectation.

As soon as the merging of the first beam of lightning had succeeded, the rest of them seemed to be infected as other purple and golden lightning branches started merging with each other rapidly.

In just a short while, the purplish-gold radiance had completely disappeared and it was replaced with purplish-gold lightning throbbing vigorously between the cloud layers.

On top of the volcano, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang noticed the changes too. However, only the Fire Phoenix remained oblivious.

Kylie the Nephilic Judge immediately exited the battle. The Fire Phoenix did not chase after her, focusing on killing the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit instead as it wanted to get back its Fire Spark.

As a fire element monster, the Fire Phoenix’s attack had a limited effect on the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Therefore, it had chosen to engage it in close combat.

During the battle, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit had powerful defenses in addition to the appearance of its Punishment Chain from time to time. Although it seemed like it could not fight back at all, it would not be easily defeated in a short period of time.

Purplish-gold lightning had formed in the sky, revealing its ferocious nature. At that moment, the sky was getting darker. On the cloud layer, a beam of purplish-gold lightning penetrated through the sky and attacked the Fire Phoenix at a terrifying speed.

At almost the same time when the beam of lightning appeared, the Fire Phoenix seemed to have sensed that danger was coming from atop. Before it could dodge the attack, the beam of lightning had already struck its back.

A screech and the rumbling of thunder were heard simultaneously. Right after the attack hit the Fire Phoenix, its body sank and a black burn mark appeared on its back.

Although it was not severely injured, pain that it had never felt before seared through its body. The Fire Phoenix immediately flapped its wings and escaped from the battle with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, staring at the sky in fear…

Between the cloud layers, the second beam of purplish-gold lightning was formed, indicating the arrival of a terrifying power.

The Fire Phoenix immediately flapped its wings vigorously to dodge the attack. Although the first attack did not cause any internal injuries, it obviously had broken through the Fire Phoenix’s feather defense. It was in so much pain and felt numb at the same time. It definitely did not want to be struck by the lightning again.

The second beam of lightning missed the Fire Phoenix as it dodged it. However, there was the third, fourth and fifth beam that rained down crazily like a thunderstorm…

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