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Chapter 311: The Fire Phoenix’s Carca.s.s

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The rules for advancing from complete gold-level to holy fire-level were totally different from the norm.

Upgrading from iron to gold-level would only require one to kill a Life Seed monster. After the monster was killed, one would automatically go through a Life Light Baptism. The Life Seed would be drawn into the hunter’s body as well, allowing the hunter to directly complete the transformation.

Upgrading to holy fire-level, however, one would need to kill the monster and extract its Life Fire tinder. Upon the completion of the extraction of the tinder, the tinder could be reignited by Life Power after it was inserted into one’s body. A Life Fire could then be formed.

However, the success rate of extracting Life Fire tinder was not guaranteed.

After the holy fire-level monster had died, the tinder would exist for only one hour before self-destructing. That being said, not retrieving it within one hour would indicate that the extraction of tinder had failed.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the tinder of Life Fire existed in living organisms, it somehow still had a relatively weak consciousness. It would choose its host on its own. The most likely scenario was that one would only be able to extract tinder with which their Life Power matched.

Therefore, by forcefully extracting tinder from a monster that did not match one’s characteristic or element, a hunter could be rejected with a probability of at least 90% and he or she would be unable to extract the tinder. Of course, most of them would not choose to do so.

Yi Yeyu was a good example. To the Fire Phoenix’s tinder, her Life Power was absolutely delicious. That was the reason why she could easily complete the extraction of its tinder. In fact, an ordinary person would need to spend more than half an hour to complete the entire process.

Of course, this was what they had to pay attention to during the extraction of tinder. Hunting the monster itself was another thing altogether.

The only similar thing between upgrading from iron to gold-level was that one could form a team to hunt the monster. However, the similarity ended there.

While hunting for the tinder of a monster, aside from the human’s combat strength having to be lower than that of the monster by at least one level, a limit for the number of people was there – not more than 100 partic.i.p.ants could join!

The number of monsters being summoned would not be counted in this party of hunters.

However, there were rules established for the monsters being summoned as well. First of all, the monsters being summoned must not exceed the monster’s combat strength. Secondly, the number of monsters being summoned could not exceed ten and lastly, the person who obtained the tinder would be the one who last killed the monster.

No matter how hard they tried, even if their Life Power matched the tinder’s characteristics and regardless of how delicious it was to the tinder, it would not have any reaction.

Going against any of the rules, even after the monster had been killed, the tinder would automatically collapse as soon as the monster died. It was an absolute restriction. During the past hundred years, many of them had been looking for different tricks and ways to bypa.s.s the rules. Instead, as a consequence, they had only proven that these were rules that could not be violated and there would be no exclusion.

Upon obtaining the tinder, it would automatically immerse itself in the hunter’s body to obtain his or her Life Wheel. One would have to allow the tinder to absorb all the Life Power to ignite it.

The tinder and Life Power were correlated. The higher the compatibility between the both of them, the faster the tinder would light up and the reverse was true. It would then take a longer time to transform the tinder into a Life Fire.

Apparently, Yi Yeyu’s Life Power was extremely compatible with the tinder. In about three minutes, the tinder had completely engulfed her Life Power and transformed, igniting the Life Fire.

After the Life Fire had been ignited, there would be some changes in the quality of Life Power released.

If the concentration of Life Power from iron to gold-level was compared to that of vapor, the concentration at complete gold-level would be a denser form of vapor. At holy fire-level, the concentration of Life Power was no longer comparable to that of vapor. There would be changes in the quality of Life Power as it would be more similar to droplets of water instead.

Not only was the concentration of Life Power of those on holy fire-level higher than that of those on complete gold-level by more than tenfold, there was a change in the quality of Life Power as well. The change in the quality of the Life Power would also result in a change in the strength of body and soul.

Before achieving holy fire-level, other than using certain skills, the Life Power would not be able to be separated from one’s body. However, upon achieving holy fire-level, the Life Power could exist even if it had detached from the body. By achieving such a level, humans could generate impact waves like what occurred in Dragon Ball as long as they had sufficient Life Power.

That was also the reason why Lin Huang was so eager to become a Transcendent.

Furthermore, the existence of the Life Fire could increase the rate of recovery of the Life Power in the human body by more than tenfold.

Yi Yeyu had a unique physique. It took her only about half an hour for her Life Power to be filled by the Life Fire. Even the Life Power within her body had been restored. She felt energetic and powerful to the point that she even thought that she was having an illusion. She slowly opened her eyes, looking at the both of them who kept watch beside her.

“You’ve filled your Life Power so quickly?!” Although he knew that Yi Yeyu had a unique physique, still, Lin Huang was surprised.

“Yes.” Yi Yeyu nodded.

Lin Huang hesitated for a moment and requested, “This… Could you please sell the Fire Phoenix carca.s.s to me?”

“The carca.s.s belongs to you. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the extraction of its tinder. I’ve done nothing since the beginning. What I did was just kill it at the end of the battle,” Yi Yeyu laughed at herself.

“I’ll take it then. The carca.s.s is useful to me.” After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Lin Huang stored the Fire Phoenix’s huge carca.s.s in his storage s.p.a.ce. The reason why Lin Huang wanted the carca.s.s of the Fire Phoenix was because it was a monster that had undergone two mutations and it fulfilled the requirement to unseal Bai. After drinking some fresh blood, Bai could then be unsealed.

Lin Huang had asked Xiao Hei about it while Yi Yeyu was igniting her Life Fire. The monster had stronger vitality than humans. The blood of a double mutated monster like the Fire Phoenix would still remain fresh within three hours after it had died.

Not only could the carca.s.s of the Fire Phoenix unseal Bai; there was also no damage to its head, so after b.l.o.o.d.y had leveled up, it could try to retrieve information from its brain. There was a possibility that its abilities could be recovered.

“I’ve finally completed the biggest mission in the training. What’s your plan?” Yi Yeyu asked the both of them.

“Of course, I’m aiming for holy fire-level as well…” Seeing that Yi Yeyu had killed the powerful Fire Phoenix and had leveled up, Li Lang looked somehow disappointed. He had chosen a monster that had only mutated once and its tinder was relatively weak.

“Do you need my help?” Lin Huang turned around and asked.

“No, I’ve already asked a few of them from the Hunter a.s.sociation to kill it. I’ve chosen a normal Life Seed monster, so it should be easy to kill. If I can’t handle it, I’ll contact you then,” Li Lang rejected Lin Huang as he had promised his friends to hunt down the monster together. Furthermore, he was confident that he could kill it and he did not want to trouble Lin Huang.

“Lin Huang, what about you?” asked Yi Yeyu.

As soon as Lin Huang was thinking of how he should answer the question, an oppressive aura suddenly came from afar.

Lin Huang’s and Yi Yeyu’s facial expression changed abruptly. The intimidating aura must have been released by monsters that were at least purple flame-level. It was even stronger than the aura emitted by the Fire Phoenix.


Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic, the Black Ink, without a moment’s hesitation. A black door was instantly activated and the three of them quickly ran over to it

The moment the Black Ink closed and disappeared, a flame that looked like a meteorite hurtled towards the door. The flame blasted off into the sky, stirring up waves in the ocean of lava that reached hundreds of meters high. On the other side, a few of the volcanoes collapsed abruptly due to the energy generated by the shock…

A few moments later, a gigantic dragon-like monster that was even bigger than the Fire Phoenix spread its wings and swept past the entire region…

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