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Chapter 315: White Flame-Level Monsters Aren’t Scary

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On the next day, Lin Huang woke up early in the morning. Compared to a few days back, he was much more relieved. The unsealing of Kylie the Nephilic Judge was completed, and the same applied to Bai who had even completed his third advancement. Meanwhile, Tyrant was still in the midst of unsealing, which would probably take another ten more days. The remaining Monster Cards were all on epic-level. b.l.o.o.d.y had leveled up to complete gold-level. However, it still had two empty skills which made it ineligible for unsealing yet.

Unsealing Charcoal would require dracaena but it was impossible to make that happen in the ruins. Lancelot the Ruthless Sword Master would need to kill eight more sword servants to level up. Lin Huang did not want to kill any sword type monsters that were not double mutated but he would have to depend on his luck whether he could encounter any double mutated sword type monsters in the ruins. On the other hand, Lin Huang had leveled up from gold-level rank-2 to gold-level rank-3. He had achieved his goal in the training, so whatever he obtained next would be a bonus to him.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang woke up awhile after Lin Huang did. The both of them came from n.o.ble families with a healthy lifestyle since they were young unlike Fatty, who would not even get up until somebody woke him up. Zang Bing, who was not far away, opened his eyes. He sat at the same spot throughout the night without a tent. His eyes were closed, so n.o.body knew if he was really sleeping.

After was.h.i.+ng up, Lin Huang took out a frozen cake. It was not the same one that he had bought in Luoxi City a month ago. This was bought on the Heart Network before he entered the ruins. The online store he had sourced it from was not the headquarters in Luoxi City, but a branch near Winter City. Although the recipe and ingredients were the same, he thought that it did not as good as the one from the headquarters. However, it still beat eating snacks.

As the weather was warm in the ruins, Lin Huang did not warm the cake up but cut them into four servings instead. He gave them to Yi Yeyu, Li Lang, and the examiner Zang Bing and left one for himself. Zang Bing looked at Lin Huang, not rejecting or accepting his treat. Lin Huang put down the cake and left without saying a word. Perhaps Zang Bing thought Lin Huang was kissing his a.s.s, but since they had pa.s.sed the training, there was no need for them to do so.

After some thought, Zang Bing picked up the cake and started eating it. Just when Lin Huang turned around, Li Lang had finished the cake that was the size of his face. It had only been ten seconds since he had accepted the cake, and he looked at Lin Huang in antic.i.p.ation.

“Do you have more?!”

“No, each of us only gets a slice.” Lin Huang started munching on his cake. Li Lang looked at the frozen cake in Lin Huang’s hands and was drooling. A while later, Lin Huang decided to give in. He took out another piece of cake and gave it to Li Lang, clearly disgusted by the way Li Lang was looking at him.

Li Lang demolished the cake clumsily with a fork while he mumbled with his mouth full, “Where did you get this cake? It’s so f*cking delicious!”

Yi Yeyu looked at them as Li Lang asked that question. She seemed like she wanted to know the answer as well.

“You guys can search for frozen cake on the Heart Network. If you’re not in a hurry, get it from the headquarters in Luoxi City as they make the best tasting ones. I was in a rush to get it this time so I got it from a branch but it’s not as delicious as the one at the headquarters,” Lin Huang answered with a smile.

The both of them took note of what Lin Huang said as they seemed to really like the cake. It was 7:30 a.m. when they were done with breakfast. They put their tents away, said goodbye to examiner Zang Bing and left.

Two men and a woman appeared from a black relic at the bottom of the volcanoes. The leader was a young man who looked 16 or 17 years old and had short, fluffy, black hair with bright, black eyes. He had clean features and looked harmless. Meanwhile, another young man who looked like he was in his twenties but was actually only 19, was over 1.8 meters tall. He had a buff body modestly covered by a white suit. His hair was well combed like a pair of polished shoes. He seemed to be a man with style. The lady wore a dark green army uniform that covered her entire body. However, it was clear that she had a slim body and long legs. She wore flat, high-cut army boots and was 1.7 meters, exuding a cool vibe.

The three of them were Lin Huang, Li Lang, and Yi Yeyu who were here for their mission.

“What do we have today?” Li Lang looked around and asked Lin Huang.

“Hunting down monsters, of course. There’s a reason why the examiner asked us to kill more Transcendent monsters,” Lin Huang reminded them of what examiner Zang Bing had said earlier.

“Besides, Yeyu has just leveled up to holy fire-level, so she’ll need to stabilize and strengthen herself. Battling is the fastest way to do that.”

“That’s true.” Yi Yeyu nodded.

“Zang Bing is right. I’ll need some time to stabilize myself. Moreover, I’ll also need battle experience to adapt to my transformed body and new Life Power.”

“She has something to do but how about me?” Li Lang asked immediately, not wanting to be idle.

“You’ll be the first to attack. If you can’t beat the monsters, let Yeyu do it,” Lin Huang laughed.

“You want me to fight holy fire-level monsters on my own?!” Li Lang exclaimed in shock.

“All the best! You can do it!” Yi Yeyu grinned.

“You’re only one step away from the gun realm. Without pressure, you’ll take forever to reach there. White flame-level monsters are not as scary as you think. There’s no need to be afraid. You’ll get used to it after a few battles. Moreover, if you can’t do it, you still have us,” Lin Huang comforted him.

“White flame-level monsters are not scary… That only applies to lunatics like you,” Li Lang answered.

“I have already chosen the first prey for you,” Lin Huang smirked.

“What’s that?” Judging by Lin Huang’s smirk, Li Lang could sense that his first battle would not be easy.

“It’s in the volcano.” Lin Huang pointed at the volcano next to them.

“There’s smoke coming out of it… It’s an active volcano! Do the both of you want me to kill myself?” Li Lang said as he looked at the volcano next to them.

“Why don’t you try luring the monster out?” Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes.

“Don’t use the nuclear bomb. You won’t be able to train yourself if the monster dies in the explosion.” Lin Huang knew what was he thinking about by looking at Li Lang’s grin.

“Oh, alright then…” As his plan was exposed, Li Lang summoned his Ashenquill Eagle unwillingly and flew towards the crater…

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