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Chapter 318: Narrow-minded

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The location of the Fiery Swordfiend was only 300 kilometers from the Greatsword Fiend that Lin Huang had killed earlier. After killing the Greatsword Fiend, Lin Huang had marked down the coordinates. The three of them arrived at the saved coordinates through the dimensional relic. They then rode on their flying mounts and when they arrived, they spotted the Fiery Swordfiend in the air from far away.

It was a huge monster taking on the human form. It was around three meters tall with a body that was cast in black rock. To be precise, it looked more like a red flame that was covered by a layer of greenish-black rock armor. Flame could be seen from the gaps between where its armor was connected. Its face looked like the sculpture of an adult man with rough lines that was similar to an aging human’s. Red flame burned in its eyes and there were sparks in its nose and mouth. There was a gigantic black sword measuring about two meters on its back. As it floated half a meter from the ground, it looked majestic.

“This must be the Fiery Swordfiend. Seems like it’s a tough guy.” Li Lang knew the monster was completely out of his league. Even if he was to level up to white flame-level like Yi Yeyu had, he might not be able to fight this monster either unless he mastered the gun realm. He might be able to confront it by then, but it was impossible for him to defeat it.

“You just watch from here. We shall go now.” Lin Huang patted Li Lang’s shoulder.

Li Lang nodded helplessly while watching the both of them fly to where the Fiery Swordfiend was. As the Fiery Swordfiend sensed their aura, it looked up at the sky. Soon, they arrived not far from the monster.

“Humans? I didn’t expect humans to dig their own grave here,” the Fiery Swordfiend spoke fluently.

“I wasn’t interested to do what the black dragon instructed, but since you guys came, I shall send you to the black dragon to redeem some resources.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu were ready to fight but they were puzzled by what the Fiery Swordfiend was saying.

“Seems like you guys have no idea what’s happening… One of The Three Overlords, the black dragon, instructed all of us to send him some humans alive and he would give us rare resources in return.” The Fiery Swordfiend did not seem to be in a hurry while it conveyed the both of them the news.

“Black dragon? Do you mean the Molten Dragon?” Hearing the t.i.tle of The Three Overlords, Lin Huang knew which black dragon the Fiery Swordfiend was talking about.

The Molten Dragon was one of the most powerful gold flame-level monsters in this ruins. As it was double mutated and also a sky dragon, it was not captured by the immortal-level human but remained in the ruins. Lin Huang could guess that the reason why the Molten Dragon had issued such an instruction as it had sensed the G.o.d’s blood in Bai’s body. For some reasons, it knew that Bai’s disappearance was related to humans. Without the knowledge that Lin Huang owned Bai now, it then targeted all humans.

As soon as a double mutated sky dragon obtained the G.o.d’s blood, it would go through its third mutation or the possibility of its blood density upgrading to that of a dragonkin’s would increase. Regardless of what transpired, there would be a transformation in Molten Dragon’s ability. That was the reason why it desired the G.o.d’s blood.

“It seems like humans out there know a lot about us. I heard there are many of them out there, so I must get out there if I have the chance to, then I’ll feast on them all. I must say, you humans are nothing when it comes to abilities but you sure taste good. Humans are good food…” The Fiery Swordfiend was drooling at this point.

“Nothing when it comes to abilities? Do you think all humans out there have weaker abilities than you do?” Lin Huang realized that there was a misunderstanding going on.

“Don’t all humans out there have similar abilities as the both of you? How far can the difference be?” The Fiery Swordfiend said.

“That’s what you think…” Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu laughed.

“Should we tell him the truth?” Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang while still laughing.

“What truth?” The Fiery Swordfiend asked as it saw their odd reactions.

“Do tell,” Lin Huang gestured to Yi Yeyu to speak.

“Alright then.” Yi Yeyu looked at the Fiery Swordfiend with sympathy.

“The truth is, all of us that are sent here are trainees, so we aren’t the powerful ones out there. If those powerful human get here, a single person could kill all the monsters in this ruins.

“This ruins is restricted to gold flame-level individuals at most. However, in our world out there, besides holy fire-level, we even have more powerful ones including immortal-level, imperial-level, and even demiG.o.ds. DemiG.o.ds aside, even if an imperial-level human were to come here, it wouldn’t matter as a triple mutated monster or dragonkin could be easily killed using one little finger.”

“You’re lying! You f*cking human lady,” swore the Fiery Swordfiend once it recovered from its shock when it heard what Yi Yeyu said.

“What she said is the truth! It’s you who doesn’t want to believe it,” Lin Huang, who had been silent, spoke up.

“I don’t believe you! It’s impossible that humans are so powerful. I’ll only believe it if I saw it with my eyes! I’ve never seen any human that is immortal or imperial-level.” The Fiery Swordfiend drew the sword from its back and pointed it at the both of them.

“The both of you are humans. Those lies are meant to consume me.”

The Fiery Swordfiend could not accept the truth as what it had been believing all along crumbled.

“What we said is the truth. You’re being delusional. There’s nothing that we can do if you don’t believe us…” Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

“However, now I know why the Molten Dragon was so daring to capture us humans without even thinking about us getting revenge. Seems like he’s the same as you, thinking that the humans out there are on the same level as us trainees. What a naive mindset!”

“I will kill you, liars!” The Fiery Swordfiend dashed towards them with the flaming sword in its hand…

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