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Chapter 319: Broken Arm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Fiery Swordfiend did not only master the sword realm; its fire attributes attack also did even more damage than most monsters with fire attributes as the temperature of its flame was comparable with the surface of the sun, which was about 6,000 degrees Celsius. Most creatures that went close to it would get burnt. Hearing the truth about how powerful humans were from Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu, the Fiery Swordfiend refused to believe what they said. It was sure that it was a lie to confuse it, so it dashed towards them with its sword.

The black, dull, and ordinary-looking sword turned red as it advanced towards them. It looked like it was burning as a layer of greenish blue flame appeared on the sword. As the Fiery Swordfiend swung its sword, the air around was distorted.

When Lin Huang blocked the attack with his own attack, the impact was so intense that he had to back off. Although he had an armor relic on, the burning flame that came his way was unbearably scorching.

Yi Yeyu, who was on his left, covered her green saber relic with a burning red flame. She rushed forward with her saber without hesitation and it collided with the Fiery Swordfiend’s sword. As the sword and the saber collided, the greenish blue flame on the Fiery Swordfiend’s sword was oppressed by Yi Yeyu’s red flame. The red flame was devouring the greenish blue flame.

“What’s that?!” Fiery Swordfiend was shocked as it was the first time he encountered somebody else’s flame that devoured his own.

Yi Yeyu smirked without saying a word. She dashed towards the Fiery Swordfiend again with her saber. With her unique physique, she was not afraid of fire at all, which was why she dared to fight the Fiery Swordfiend at such a close distance. If it had been some other monster or people with fire attributes, they usually feared the high temperature of its sword.

“Wait, that’s an aura of a Fire Phoenix… You killed a Fire Phoenix?” The Fiery Swordfiend soon figured the source of Yi Yeyu’s flame.

“What if I say I did?” Yi Yeyu smirked as she was not afraid to let the Fiery Swordfiend know where her flame came from. Aside from the fire source that came from the Fire Phoenix, her fire attributes and abilities had also been upgraded.

“Although there’s the aura of a Fire Phoenix, its flame shouldn’t be able to devour other flames. This human lady is strange…” Fiery Swordfiend increased its guard towards Yi Yeyu.

Within seconds, Yi Yeyu had collided with the Fiery Swordfiend for more than 100 times. She was winning. Lin Huang decided to watch from far instead. Although Yi Yeyu had not been fighting much these couple of days, Lin Huang could see that she had mastered the level-1 saber realm. The Fiery Swordfiend had also mastered the same level, so at some point, they had the same standards in swordsmans.h.i.+p. Yi Yeyu was leading mainly because of her oppression of the fire element which prohibited the Fiery Swordfiend to unleash all its ability.

However, Lin Huang foresaw that Yi Yeyu would lose as time went by. The Fiery Swordfiend had already been a white flame-level and also a double mutated monster for a long time. No matter the strength of its Life Power, attack, defense, and speed, it was much more powerful than Yi Yeyu who had just reached white flame-level. As soon as it adapted to Yi Yeyu’s battle rhythm and sealed the fire attributes on its sword, it could focus its Life Power on physically attacking. By then, Yi Yeyu might not be able to fight it anymore.

As expected, the Fiery Swordfiend soon realized that Yi Yeyu could oppress fire attributes. It was a monster of human-form with high intelligence after all. It stored the flame in its body and started transferring its Life Power to its physical attack. A few swings of her saber later, Yi Yeyu could not take it anymore.

“So, all you’ve got is a rather unique body. I thought you managed to kill the Fire Phoenix on your own. It seems like you relied on your unique body to kill it.” As soon as it discovered Yi Yeyu’s secret, the Fiery Swordfiend was not afraid at all and mocked her.

Yi Yeyu’s cheeks were flus.h.i.+ng as she was criticized by the Fiery Swordfiend. Distracted, her movement turned sluggish. The Fiery Swordfiend then sent its sword towards Yi Yeyu’s heart. Her repeated sword techniques could not defend against the Fiery Swordfiend anymore and it was too late for her to run.

The sword arrived just in front of her chest in an instant. Suddenly, she felt a powerful strength pull her from her back. A shadow appeared before her and blocked the attack.

It was Lin Huang, who had been watching on the side. He had expected his to happen.

“Take a break, I’ll handle it.”

There were two scratches that were two meters long under Lin Huang’s feet, created as a result of blocking the Fiery Swordfiend’s attack. He was not afraid at all. Instead, he was excited as he knew that he could unleash his close-range ability to his peak without the Fiery Swordfiend using its flame.

He smirked and rushed towards the Fiery Swordfiend. His sword skill combined with Seraphic Speed and Thunder Sting broke through the sound barrier. He was like a gold lightning bolt as he headed towards the monster. At an instant, he arrived before the Fiery Swordfiend which did not have the time to react at all. Lin Huang then swung his sword relic so swiftly that there was a sonic boom in the air. He was aiming at the Fiery Swordfiend’s right arm, intending to break the biggest threat, which was its right arm that was holding its sword.

The Fiery Swordfiend did not expect Lin Huang to be that fast. It did not see the attack coming at all, so it did not have the time to defend or to avoid his attack.

The first swing, second swing, third… As seven swings of the sword were performed consecutively, the Fiery Swordfiend’s elbow joint on its right hand was half broken. Suddenly, its left hand flew towards Lin Huang’s head at a rapid speed. Lin Huang glared viciously at its left hand without attempting to avoid the attack. Instead, he proceeded to swing his sword at Fiery Swordfiend’s right hand.

The eight swing… The ninth swing…


A loud thud exploded less than 20 centimeters from Lin Huang’s head. A layer of his  Dark s.h.i.+eld that looked like a piece of cloth appeared on his right side and blocked the Fiery Swordfiend’s claws. Meanwhile, Lin Huang was already at his 15th sword swing! Its elbow on the arm that was holding the sword broke and the right arm fell to the ground…

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