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Chapter 324: 8000 Sword Rain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A lady walked out of the white dimensional relic that opened suddenly on the surface of the lava lake. She floated steadily in the air like she was walking on the ground. As she materialized, the white dimensional relic faded away.

“Not bad, there’s even a lake here.” Luo Li, who wore a dark green army uniform, smirked as she looked beneath her.

A Blazing Alligator that was sunbathing by the lava lake opened its eyes as it sensed a wave of energy enter its s.p.a.ce.

“A human?!” It noticed Luo Li who was floating in the air immediately.

“Little alligator, this must be the little black dragon’s territory, am I right? Tell me, where did the little black dragon go?” Luo Li questioned and disappeared from where she was, flas.h.i.+ng less than three meters before the Blazing Alligator.

Instinctively, the Blazing Alligator swung its tail hard and pounced towards Luo Li with its jaws wide open. It moved so quickly, yet it did not manage to get Luo Li.

“Tsk, tsk. You’re not being a good boy.” Luo Li appeared on top of the Blazing Alligator all of a sudden. The Blazing Alligator had not even seen her move at all.

Without waiting for the Blazing Alligator to respond, Luo Li pointed two fingers in the air. A gigantic black sword appeared and a.s.saulted the Blazing Alligator’s tail. It pierced through its tail at the speed of light like a black nail, pinning the alligator’s tail on the ground.

With that single swing of the sword, the purple flame-level Blazing Alligator was badly injured. It struggled vigorously in immense pain, attempting to get rid of the sword on its tail.

“The more you struggle, the more pain you will experience and the more blood will shed. This is just a small lesson for you.” Luo Li floated down slowly. This time, she landed even closer to the Blazing Alligator. She was less than a meter away from the alligator. Her black eyes stared deeply into the Blazing Alligator’s red eyes.

“If you’re so dumb to attack me again, you might die…” warned Luo Li in a deadly tone.

The Blazing Alligator felt like it was placed next to a gigantic demon’s mouth and might be wolfed down any minute. It was so scared that it could not move anymore. Luo Li smirked as she watched the Blazing Alligator stop struggling. She knew she had managed to terrify it.

“It seems like we’ve come to a common understanding.”

The Blazing Alligator nodded immediately, thinking that the lady in front of it was not human, but a high-ranking demon in human skin.

Luo Li was satisfied with the Blazing Alligator’s reaction. “Let me ask you, where did the little black dragon go?”

“Little black dragon?” The Blazing Alligator was stunned.

“The Molten Dragon, isn’t this its territory?” Luo Li rolled her eyes impatiently.

“My boss is at the bottom of the lake,” the Blazing Alligator betrayed the Molten Dragon without thinking twice.

“At the bottom of the lake?” Luo Li raised an eyebrow.

“I know that the fire element monster loves spiritual lava but why would it stay at the bottom of the lake? Is there anything special there?”

“There’s a molten crystal at the bottom of the lake. It’s the spiritual source of the lake. Only the boss and a couple of us know about this,” blurted the Blazing Alligator.

“The molten crystal is the main reason our boss got so powerful.”

“Molten crystal? That’s some good stuff!” Luo Li was excited.

The molten crystal was a special fire energy crystal that was usually formed under high temperature and pressure over the span of millions of years. The crystal contained pure fire energy which was priceless to a fire element monster or human. It was worth more than a grade-5 relic.

Luo Li was surprised to find out about the molten crystal existing there.

“Oh yeah, I heard you guys are hunting down humans. Why’s that?” Although she already had the answer, Luo Li wanted to know the truth from the Blazing Alligator.

“He didn’t say much about it. He only told us that a certain human has a unique relic. As soon as he gets that relic, he can accelerate his speed, level up to his third mutation, and even undergo a blood transformation to become a dragonkin monster.”

Although what the Blazing Alligator said did not directly bring up the G.o.d’s Blood, Luo Li was sure that her speculation was right as there were not many treasures that could accelerate mutation and increase the thickness of blood. The G.o.d’s Blood was one of them.

“How many humans have you guys captured so far?” Luo Li asked again.

“Not many. It has been less than ten hours since the Boss gave his instructions. Only 30 to 40 people were sent to him,” the Blazing Alligator answered honestly.

“Where are they?” Luo Li looked around but did not see anybody.

“Boss ate all of them after getting Phantom to interrogate them.”

Luo Li glared deadly at the Blazing Alligator again and once more, it felt like it was going to be eaten by a supreme demon.

“Seems like there’s no reason to keep this idiot alive anymore…” Luo Li mumbled to herself, then looked at the Blazing Alligator.

“You wait here patiently. Let me kill the little black dragon first and I’ll see what to do with you.”

Although the Blazing Alligator was unhappy, it did not dare to say anything while it waited patiently where it was.

Luo Li had basically gotten everything she wanted to know from the Blazing Alligator. She flew above the lava lake. She then extended her palm facing the surface of the lake. Long, black swords appeared around her. Within seconds, thousands of swords appeared and the number was still growing. Ten seconds later, the black swords finally stopped multiplying.

Luo Li started murderously at the surface of the lava and said to herself, ” 8000 Sword Rain !”

The thousands of black swords dashed towards the lake like a storm…

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