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Chapter 325: Molten Crystal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The black sword rain covered the entire surface of the lake as streaks of its black glow penetrated into the red lava in every ten meters. The impact of each sword was limited to an attack that covered such a huge area. However, it was just a plan to Luo Li to lure the Molten Dragon out of the lake rather than to kill it. The gigantic black dragon was laying down at the bottom of the lake, not sleeping but absorbing the energy from the molten crystal. Lying down was the most comfortable pose for it.

Suddenly, the black dragon felt an intense pain on its tail as the sound of torrential whistling was heard. It turned around and saw half a black sword sticking out of its tail. Another whistle came and another sword pierced less than a meter from the black dragon’s left eye, almost blinding it instantly.

Roar !

The black dragon was furious as it was attacked twice. As one of the Three Overlords of this world, it had been a long time since someone had challenged it. Hearing the roar echoing from the bottom of the lake, Luo Yu smirked.

“It worked.”

Soon, huge waves undulated on the surface of the lava lake. A humongous monster appeared from the lake. Luo Li checked out the black giant creature with her head slightly tilted to the side. The Molten Dragon looked like a mammoth alligator with wings. Its abdomen was short compared to the ratio of the rest of its body and it had a heavy bottom. On its back were not dense like the scales of dragon blood monsters but like the thick skin on the back of an alligator. They were b.u.mpy like hard tumors.

“It’s really ugly…” Luo Li commented after checking out the Molten Dragon for a while. Soon, she recalled something and licked her lips mockingly.

“But I heard from a Food Hunter that the uglier something is, the tastier it is.”

As Luo Li was checking out the Molten Dragon, it was studying her too. The size of her body confused it. It had never seen a human of such small stature. However, the intensity of her attack shocked it a little as the two swords had managed to break through its defense easily.

Perhaps, the smaller a human was, the more powerful they were. Just when the Molten Dragon pondered upon that thought, it heard Luo Li mocking it. It was furious again.

“Human kid, are you messing with me?” It was its first time hearing somebody calling it ugly and it could not take it anymore.

Meanwhile, Luo Li looked serious.

“Who’re you calling a kid?” She was dismal to hear what the black dragon called her.

Sensing Luo Li’s odd reaction, the Molten Dragon decided to attack first. As its muzzle opened, flames came out of it and engulfed Luo Li instantly. Because the Molten Dragon was not a dragon blood monster, the flames it emitted were not dragon flames but molten core instead. It was tens of thousands degree Celsius like the core of a planet. The molten core came out like a waterfall, consuming the entire s.p.a.ce that Luo Li was standing in. The black dragon was sure that Luo Li would definitely not be able to avoid its attack. Even if she did not die, she would definitely be severely injured from the high-temperature flames.

“So, this is the standard of a sky dragon. Huh, you can never compare to a real dragonkin.” A silhouette walked out of the flames. Not only was Luo Li not hurt, the flames had done nothing to her clothes. She smirked as she looked disdainfully at the shocked Molten Dragon.

“I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you that the Life Fire monster that I killed to get to holy fire-level was a dragonkin. Although it was just a basic one, it was so much more powerful than you are. At your level, you’d be killed in less than ten seconds by that fella. I’m even more powerful than the monster. I just need one thing to kill you.” Luo Li pointed a finger as she spoke.

The Molten Dragon sensed immense danger looming. Its instinct had helped it escape death many times, so it chose to trust it. It flapped its wings and backed away from Luo Li. When it was a distance away, it started to dive into the lava lake.

“It’s too late to run now!” Luo Li pointed in the direction where the black dragon dove in.

A black glow that was as thick as her thumb shot out of her fingertip and appeared next to the black dragon’s head. It pierced straight through its head and came out on the other side. The body of the black dragon was like a meteorite as it flopped into the lake, creating waves hundreds of meter high.

The black dragon’s carca.s.s floated on the surface of the lake. Just when Luo Li went down to pick up the carca.s.s, she noticed that its tail was broken.

“Did it run away?!” Luo Li squinted.

After storing the carca.s.s, Luo Li went to the Blazing Alligator that was at the side of the lake again. It was shaking in fear. Although it did not see her killing the black dragon, its senses allowed it to feel what exactly happened. It did not attempt to struggle after knowing that she had managed to kill the Molten Dragon in one go.

“What else is there at the bottom of the lava besides the molten crystal?” Luo Li asked the Blazing Alligator.

“There’s a natural tunnel that connects to a huge lava river,” the Blazing Alligator said immediately. Although it had no idea why Luo Li asked such a question, it answered honestly anyway.

“No wonder…” Luo Li finally understood why the Molten Dragon could escape from this lava lake that did not seem to have any other exit routes.

“Bring me to the molten crystal and don’t try to fool around!” Luo Li snapped her finger. The black sword that pinned the Blazing Alligator’s tail down faded away and transformed into a black mist that entered its wound.

The Blazing Alligator was hesitant as it pondered if it should attempt to escape. After some thought, it decided to give up on any hope of doing so and just bring her to the molten crystal as the human was simply too terrifying. As Luo Li trailed behind the Blazing Alligator into the lava lake, her body was covered by an invisible energy layer that isolated her from the lava. The spiritual lava would usually infiltrate one’s Life Power but it did not seem to affect Luo Li at all.

Within a couple of minutes, they arrived at the bottom of the lake. Luo Li’s eyes lit up when she saw the giant golden crystal that measured two meters wide. However, she figured that she would not be able to bring it along with her. Although the molten crystal was a relic, it was not something that was meant to be taken away. Once it was moved, there would be an explosion with a ma.s.sive energy loss. Half of the molten crystal was buried in the ground, hence the Molten Dragon had to train at the bottom of the lake.

“This little black dragon is stupid. Why didn’t it think of digging the soil around it?” Luo Li was speechless.

“Help me dig the soil around it away. I’ll set you free as soon as I get this molten crystal,” Luo Li said to the Blazing Alligator.

“We’ve no idea what’s the ground made of. It’s very tough and can’t be dug. If we could, the black dragon would’ve taken it away from the beginning.” The Blazing Alligator shook its head.

Luo Li did not believe it, so she went to the crystal and knocked the ground. She then made a black blade from her finger and attempted to pierce it into the ground. However, it could not penetrate the earth at all.

“Eh… That’s strange!” Luo Li went further away from the crystal and observed it carefully. She noticed that the soil ten kilometers surrounding the crystal had been dug out by the black dragon. It was left with a flat, black soil.

“Did you guys do this digging?”

“Yes, the Boss got us to dig it. However, because the area of the black soil is too big, he gave up.”

“Alright then. Since I can’t take it away, I’ll leave it here then.” Luo Li decided to empty the lake after the a.s.sessment ended to try if she could dig it out.

“I shall set you free now.” Luo Li waved her hand and the black energy came out of the Blazing Alligator’s wound, then disappeared into the spiritual lava. She rocketed upwards of the lake and disappeared from the Blazing Alligator’s field of vision…

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