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Chapter 327: You’ll Be An Auntie To Kids The Moment You Turn 20

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The next day, the three examiners managed to gather all of the partic.i.p.ants with the help of their staff by the afternoon. It was only the fourth day of the second round of the training. The original 978 people had dwindled to 906. Zang Bing was upset as it had just been a few days and so many partic.i.p.ants were already missing. In reality, since they were appointed as the examiners by the Union Government, they had a death quota which was broken down to less than 5% on the first round, 10% on the second round and 15% on the third round. It was only the fourth day of the second round of training for Zang Bing’s segment and the death rate was already at 7.2%.

As everyone gathered around, Zang Bing as the examiner of the second round of training informed them about the Molten Dragon. Many of the elites had noticed the odd encounters with the monsters, some of them even managing to escape from the monsters. They finally understood what was happening.

“We can’t come up with a unanimous decision among the three of us. Since the training is for all of you and you guys are adults with your own opinions, the decision is up to all of you. You guys can vote to decide if we should suspend the training,” Zang Bing finally revealed the objective of gathering everybody here.

“Before that, I would like to emphasize that this is not part of the a.s.sessment. I hope that all of you can decide whether to suspend the training based on what you really want without worrying too much about the consequences. Just go for whatever that you think is right.

“To make everyone feel safe, your name won’t be necessary for the vote. All votes will be anonymous. If you think the training should carry on, draw a tick and if you think the training should be suspended, draw a cross. We will decide after all the results are collected.”

A lady raised her hand in confusion.

“Please speak.” Zang Bing nodded to the lady.

“If those who want this to end exceed those who want this to go on, does that mean all of us will have to leave even if we don’t want to?” The lady asked.

“Yes, we go by the majority. If most of you vote to end this rather than to stay, we will suspend the training. Even if you’d like to stay, we’ll send everyone out of this place and that’ll be the end of the training,” Zang Bing affirmed.

“What if it’s the other way round? If there’re more people who vote to carry on than those who vote to end this, does that mean those who would like to leave have to stay?” The lady asked.

“No. If we have more who vote to carry on, those who want to stay will stay while those who want to quit will be escorted out of this place by our staff. By then, our staff will explain to your organization accordingly that you guys were not eliminated. If any of you get into trouble for leaving early, you can choose to stay instead. We’ll arrange for a campsite guarded by an examiner. You’ll be sent out of here after the training ends.

“If there’re no more questions, I’ll get the staff to pa.s.s out the voting cards.”

Zang Bing waited for a while and nodded to the staff after n.o.body asked any more questions. Soon, the staff gave out blank white cards the size of a palm to everyone.

“Fold the card after you’ve voted and the staff will collect them from you.

“Don’t mess up. If you want the training to go on, draw a tick. If you want it to stop, draw a cross,” Zang Bing reminded again.

Lin Huang drew a tick without thinking twice when he received the card, then he folded it. Yi Yeyu drew her choice expressionlessly and folded the card. Meanwhile, Li Lang held the card without doing anything.

“What are you doing?” Yi Yeyu asked.

“I think the results will be close. I’m thinking of using my vote as the deciding vote after the result has been announced.” Li Lang looked obnoxious.

“After the result is announced, your vote won’t count anymore,” Lin Huang said in all seriousness.

“Yeah, do you want to give up your vote?” Yi Yeyu added while smiling.

“Ah, does that mean I’m giving up on my vote?!” Li Lang was shocked. He quickly drew a tick immediately and folded the card.

As everyone had voted, the staff collected all the cards. It took a couple of minutes for the calculation of the votes and the result was soon sent to the three examiners. Zang Bing frowned when he saw the result as he stood in front of the people for the announcement.

“I shall announce the voting results. There are 812 votes who want the training to carry on and 92 votes who want the training to be suspended. We have two empty votes.

“It seems like the decision is clear. We shall respect your decision and carry on with the training!

“For safety purposes, I’ll get the staff to follow every group. They’ll be watching the movement of the crimson flame-level monsters and above so you won’t have to fight them. All staff, please work with us. We’re so sorry for the extra workload. After the training ends, we will apply for extra rewards for all of you.”

Zang Bing intentionally said that before everyone so that the staff would put in their best efforts.

“Now, those of you who voted to carry on with the training can leave now. Those who don’t want to stay, we will arrange something for you.” As Zang Bing said that, many of them left one by one.

“We should leave too.” Li Lang looked at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was looking at Luo Li who had appeared before Yi Yeyu out of nowhere. He had not seen her move at all.

“d.a.m.n, when did she come?” Li Lang asked softly.

“She just did, I guess. I didn’t see it as well…” Lin Huang was telling the truth.

“Xiao Yeyu, I remember your body had no fire element. How did the change happen?” Luo Li asked.

“It happened last year. I have no idea how but something happened to my body and it now has the fire element.” Yi Yeyu did not understand it herself.

“But that’s good. I might have a present for you soon. You’ll have to wait until after the a.s.sessment.” Luo Li smiled.

“It’s okay.” Yi Yeyu smiled and shook her head. She had a close relations.h.i.+p with Luo Li since she was young but it had been a couple of years since they had last met. She could not adapt to her friend’s new eccentric character.

“Treat it as a present for leveling up to holy fire-level,” Luo Li said.

“I think your boyfriend on the left is good, but he’s a little short. He doesn’t look too old, so he might be able to grow taller. Never mind the one on the right with greasy hair. My hands feel itchy when I look at his hair,” Luo Li said while looking at Lin Huang and Li Lang.

“Erm, they’re not my boyfriends. We’re just friends… Moreover, who would date two guys at the same time?!” Yi Yeyu was speechless.

“What is there to be embarra.s.sed about when it comes to dating? You’re not young anymore and you should be thinking about getting married…” Luo Li proceeded to lecture her, ignoring Yi Yeyu’s reaction.

“I’m only 20 this year…” Yi Yeyu’s eyes were twitching. She had a really attractive body. In fact, she had hit p.u.b.erty early and already had the body of a 20-year-old when she was just 15. She could not cover her body any longer and guys were always gawking at her wherever she went.

“Girls can get married after their adult ceremony when they are 16. Those who are 20 years old will have kids calling them aunty…” What Luo Li said made everyone speechless.

As Luo Li was indulging them with her opinion, b.l.o.o.d.y contacted Lin Huang in his mind.

“Master, I have found the Molten Dragon. It seems to be in bad shape…”

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