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Chapter 331: Heist

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was a traveler from Earth. He was fearful of the nuclear bomb because he knew despite its size, it was dubbed as the most powerful weapon on Earth. It was the ultimate weapon during the war and was a deadly weapon to many powerful countries. It was clear that the seller had never tested the impact of the nuclear bomb before, so they handled them as bombs from the ancient times, which was how Li Lang had managed to get them from the black market. They probably did not even know if the bombs were still working, hence they had sold them to Li Lang at a cheap price.

Knowing how powerful the bombs were, Lin Huang had fled the explosion zone with the Alexandrian Eagle as the Putrescent Falcons left. He was 60 kilometers high in the air, using his Boundless Vision to watch the five Putrescent Falcons tossing the five nuclear bombs into the spiritual volcano.

Soon, a bright yellow spark shot into the air. A gigantic mushroom cloud that extended up to thousands of meters high filled the air. The white glow it emitted was so bright that it lit up a couple of kilometers. The high temperature from the white glow melted everything that was a few kilometers around the volcano. Even the gigantic spiritual volcano collapsed into flatland.

Outside the coverage of the white glow, the intense shockwave had shaken the earth 50 kilometers away. Everything within thousands of square kilometers was impacted and the trembling of the ground was felt far and wide. Even Lin Huang, who was riding on the Alexandrian Eagle 60 kilometers away, had to fight against the strong wind created from the shockwave. As the wind blew, Lin Huang could hear the explosion. It sounded like thunder, but it was much more intense with a fearful force.

Lin Huang watched the entire explosion take place, his thoughts going everywhere. The nuclear bomb had destroyed every physical thing on Earth. However, it was not enough here. As it was a different world, the creatures in this world were much more powerful than those on Earth. Even an ordinary person could easily live up to 100 years old, some of them even living over 150 years old. Meanwhile, the monsters here were more resilient and stronger than the animals on Earth. If the scariest lions and tigers were placed on this world, they would be food for the lowest-ranking monsters, which were the iron-level monsters.

“Master, you don’t seem to be worried that the Molten Dragon might die from the nuclear bomb. If that happens, wouldn’t you lose the opportunity to obtain the cross-ranking kill reward?” b.l.o.o.d.y interrupted Lin Huang’s thoughts.

“The physical attack will do limited harm to the Life Power… If anyone can use their Life Power to attack with the effect of a nuclear bomb, don’t mention holy fire-level, the person can even kill an immortal-level,” Lin Huang thought out loud and shook his head.

He did not think that the nuclear bomb alone could kill the Molten Dragon even though its combat strength had dropped.

“One of the reasons why I tossed the nuclear bomb is to destroy the spiritual volcano so that I can get rid of its geographical advantage. On the other hand, I can also drain its Life Power. It’ll be even better if I manage to injure it, so that I can save some strength to fight it,” Lin Huang said.

“But if I kill it with the bomb, that’s just my bad luck then…” Lin Huang added.

“Compared to it dying from the explosion, what I’m more concerned about is that it will run away,” Lin Huang voiced out his concern.

As the Molten Dragon was weak now, it would be unwilling to fight. Following the terrifying explosion, it might escape instead.

“There’s a tunnel connecting to the lava river. But with the explosion, the entire volcano has collapsed, so the tunnel to the lava river must be destroyed as well. There’s no way that it can run.” b.l.o.o.d.y was confident.

Looking at the volcanic ashes that covered the air, Lin Huang waited patiently for the Molten Dragon. As his vision was affected, it would be dumb to get closer to the Molten Dragon now. Soon, a furious roar could be heard from far away. A gigantic shadow appeared from the gravelly flatland. The gargantuan Molten Dragon flapped its broken wings in the air and looked around. Its powerful vision picked out Lin Huang who was riding on the Alexandrian Eagle tens of kilometers away.

“An Imperial Censor?” The Molten Dragon speculated as it saw Lin Huang. Soon it recalled that aside from the Imperial Censors, it had seen other humans summoning monsters using monster taming tokens.

Seeing that the black dragon had noticed him, Lin Huang smirked and gestured to the black dragon to advance. He knew very well that it could see what he was doing. Haltharad saw Lin Huang’s challenging gesture very clearly. When it first saw him, it did not think that he was the one who had orchestrated the explosion as Lin Huang was too far away from it and it doubted that Lin Huang could attack from such a distance. On the other hand, Lin Huang’s aura was too weak for it to believe that he was the one who had attacked. However, his challenging gesture made it doubt its own speculation.

“Is this human kid challenging me? Could he be the one who caused the explosion?” With doubt and anger, the Molten Dragon flew towards Lin Huang’s direction. As the Molten Dragon was coming his way, Lin Huang patted the Alexandrian Eagle and landed at a crater nearby. He then recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and b.l.o.o.d.y into card forms.

A minute later, the black dragon arrived above Lin Huang.

“Were you the one who attacked me, human kid?!” Haltharad demanded furiously.

As it got closer to Lin Huang, it could sense how weak this human was. He was not even a white flame-level. As it was flying over him, it planned to attack the human directly. However, it noticed that Lin Huang did not use a token when he was recalling his monsters, which proved that he was an Imperial Censor. It then thought of the G.o.d’s Blood. Perhaps, it could get something out of Lin Huang.

“What do you think?” Lin Huang playfully teased. He could clearly sense that the Molten Dragon was now a blue flame-level, making him feel very relieved now.

“Are you messing with me?” Haltharad roared furiously.

“You should really brush your teeth.” Lin Huang fanned his face and scowled. The black dragon had incredibly stinky breath.

“I heard that you’ve been hunting us humans down. It must be for the monster with the G.o.d’s Blood, am I right?” Lin Huang added without waiting for the black dragon to respond.

“What do you know about that?!” Haltharad asked immediately.

“I know you want the G.o.d’s Blood to increase the density of your dragon’s blood, to level up to a dragonkin. I also know that you need the energy from the G.o.d’s Blood to accelerate your third mutation. And what you want to know the most is where the monster with the G.o.d’s Blood is right now…” Lin Huang knew the black dragon would definitely be tempted.

“What do you want?” Haltharad knew that Lin Huang would not provide it with the information without anything in return.

“I want all of the treasures that you have!” Lin Huang asked directly.

“You are too greedy, human!” Haltharad looked solemnly at him.

“The G.o.d’s Blood is priceless and it’s the one thing that you desire most. Moreover, I’m the only one in this ruins who knew who has taken that special monster away and where the person is.”

“10%,” Haltharad thought for a while and bargained.

“80%, I’m being generous to you. You still get to keep a part of your treasures,” Lin Huang negotiated.

“30%!” Haltharad looked displeased.

“Half and that’s my final price. If it’s unacceptable for you, I shall keep the secret with me. By then, it’ll be useless even if you capture me as I will not breathe a word.” Lin Huang smiled as he knew that it would agree with the price.

“Half then! You’d better make sure that what you’re going to say is the truth, or else, you know the consequences,” Haltharad compromised as the G.o.d’s Blood was too important to it.

“Of course,” Lin Huang said and took out an empty temporary storage ring.

“You can use this storage ring by inserting your Life Power. Put the stuff in and I’ll tell you the secret after checking the contents. Don’t try to fool around, or else, the deal is off.”

Lin Huang tossed the ring to Molten Dragon. The black dragon scoffed and put the treasures that it had collected over the years into the ring. It was not afraid that Lin Huang would escape with the ring as it planned to kill this obnoxious human after it retrieved the secret and get back all its treasures. That was its revenge for destroying the spiritual volcano!

Soon, the black dragon tossed the ring back to Lin Huang.

“That’s half of my treasures. You can take a look at it.”

Lin Huang took the ring and started checking. The more he looked, the more surprised he was as the black dragon had a crazy trove of items. It seemed to be honest about the amount of treasure it had. Even if it hid some, there was plenty in Lin Huang’s ring already.

Seeing Lin Huang putting the ring away, the black dragon was nervous.

“Can you tell me who has the monster with the G.o.d’s Blood and where is the person now?”

“Come closer.” Lin Huang waved to the Molten Dragon.

The black dragon was shocked but it put its head closer to Lin Huang. Lin Huang walked right up to its ear from the edge of the crater.

“Actually… The person who took the monster with the G.o.d’s Blood is…me…” Lin Huang grinned as he whispered. A couple of Punishment Chains appeared from the crater and whistled down towards the black dragon’s head…

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