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Chapter 333: As Yet Unwitnessed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After putting away the Molten Dragon’s carca.s.s, Lin Huang recalled Charcoal and the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit into their card forms. He used Life Crystals to activate his dimensional relic after making sure that he did not leave anything behind. He did not even draw the reward cards and left before his Life Power could recover. Because the appearance of dragonkin just now would attract many powerful monsters, it would be dangerous if he stayed even for a second more.

The blue dimensional relic disappeared as he walked into it. Lin Huang did not go to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. Instead, he went to the area where Tyrant was in the midst of its unsealing. Seeing the blue dimensional relic, Kylie took out her spear and was ready to fight. As soon as she saw that it was Lin Huang, she put away her weapon.

“I’m sorry. Due to some reason, I needed to change the color of the dimensional relic,” Lin Huang explained when he saw Kylie’s reaction.

After keeping the dimensional relic, Lin Huang then took out a Life Power Refill Card to refill the Life Power that he had lost. Within seconds, his five empty Life Wheels were completely filled. He was relieved as he felt energized again. Looking at the blood stains on his clothes, Lin Huang said to Kylie, “Could you please look away? I’m going to take a shower.”

Kylie heard what he said and turned around to look at him intentionally, not bothering to look away.

“Never mind then, you can look if you want to. I’m a man anyway, so there’s nothing to lose.” Lin Huang then took off his clothes.

As he stripped down to his underwear, he felt shy as Kylie was still watching him intently. He did not want to take off his underwear. He then took out a large tub and filled it halfway with cold water. He then leaped into the tub with his underwear. It was a pleasure to shower with cold water under such scorching weather. Of course, he did not do that for enjoyment, but more to get rid of the smell and the blood stains on him. There was a strange fragrance from the black dragon’s blood. It smelled like musk. He was worried that the fragrance might attract trouble.

After six tubs of water and using different brands of shower gel six times, there was still a light musk fragrance on his body, Lin Huang decided to give up.

“It seems like I can’t get rid of the fragrance. I shan’t waste water like this or else, I won’t have any water to drink for a few days…”

He then got out of the bathtub and changed into a new pair of underwear while hiding behind the tub. He changed into new clothes and shoes as well. He then tossed his clothes into the lava and cleaned the tub before putting it into his storage s.p.a.ce. He noticed that Kylie had been watching him.

“Haven’t you seen a man taking a shower before?” Lin Huang teased.

“A man who showers six times a day? No,” a lady’s voice said.

“Who’s that?”

Lin Huang was shocked when he heard that voice and he looked around but did not see anything. He calmed himself down as he did not see Kylie taking out her weapon to defend them.

“Was it you who spoke just now?”

Kylie remained silent but Lin Huang knew the answer.

“It’s not that I want to shower six times a day but I’ve got the black dragon’s fragrance on me…” Lin Huang knew that Kylie misunderstood, so he explained immediately. “Oh yeah, why didn’t you speak before this since you can talk?”

“Because there’s nothing to talk about.” Kylie was cold towards him.

“Alright then…” Lin Huang accepted her response reluctantly as it was not bad that Kylie was able to express that.

“Is there anything else that you would like to say to me? If not, I shall leave now. I’ll come back to you guys a few days later after Tyrant is done with its unsealing,” Lin Huang informed.

“I have a question,” Kylie spoke again after keeping quiet for a while.

“What’s that?” Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

“Why do you wear clothes when you shower?”

“Erm…” Lin Huang wanted to blame it on her as she had been watching him but he thought about it and gave another answer, “I usually won’t wear anything but it’s different when there’s a lady around. It’s rude to be naked in front of the opposite s.e.x.”

Lin Huang wanted to say ” excluding special people ” but he refrained from doing so as Kylie might ask him what that meant. He was a simple man who did not like to explain a lot. He thought it was unnecessary for Kylie to know about all that.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll make a move,” Lin Huang said and summoned his dimensional relic.

Seeing Kylie shake her head, he then stepped into the dimensional relic. As the blue dimensional relic disappeared, Kylie mumbled to herself, “Is it rude?”

This time, Lin Huang went back to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who were hunting down the Smoldervenom Toad. Li Lang was recovering his Life Power with snacks that looked like spicy strips. The poker-faced staff saw Lin Huang walk out of the dimensional relic but did not say a thing.

“Finally, you’re back. It’s been more than an hour. What monster were you after?” Yi Yeyu asked curiously.

“Nothing much, it was just a double mutated monster that took some time.” It had only taken Lin Huang less than ten minutes to kill the Molten Dragon but he had spent most of his time showering.

“What’re you eating?”

“Spicy bacon strips. It’s a snack that’s made of marinated pork with a special spicy sauce. It’s good! It’s very popular on the Heart Network. Do you want to try some?” Yi Yeyu took out a packet.

“I’ll try one strip instead of an entire packet. I might have to throw it away if I don’t like it.” Lin Huang walked towards her.

“Alright, then.” Yi Yeyu offered a packet that was opened to him.

Lin Huang took a strip from the packet, then pa.s.sed it back to her.

“Why do you smell so good?” As Lin Huang walked towards her, Yi Yeyu sniffed the fragrance on his body.

“I had blood stains on my clothes, so I took a shower. I think it’s the fragrance of the shower gel,” Lin Huang came up with an excuse.

“This shower gel smells good,” Yi Yeyu commented without thinking too much about it.

Lin Huang was relieved as Yi Yeyu did not ask further. He put the spicy bacon strip into his mouth. A spicy and savory taste filled his mouth. After some chewing, he savored the fragrance of the bacon. Just like what Yi Yeyu said, it was delicious but it was a little heavy on the palate. As they chatted, Li Lang paused his Life Power recovery and opened his eyes.

“Help me hunt down a Life Fire monster.”

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard what he said.

“Sure!” He nodded and agreed immediately.

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