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Chapter 334: Demon Slayer Token

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Although Lin Huang agreed to help Li Lang, he looked at Yi Yeyu in confusion. He thought Li Lang must have been triggered, or else, he would not have requested to do that on his own. Lin Huang had mentioned helping Li Lang hunt down a Life Fire monster earlier but he was rejected instead. Lin Huang did not expect him to mention this matter on his own again.

“Which Life Fire monster did you pick?” Lin Huang asked Li Lang.

“I initially wanted a Barbed Savage but I’d like a h.e.l.lish Spearfiend now,” said Li Lang firmly. It was clear that he had decided.

“h.e.l.lish Spearfiend…” Lin Huang repeated that name softly. He could tell why Li Lang had chosen that monster.

The tinder of a Life Fire came with the monster’s original ability and potentially, other abilities as well just like Yi Yeyu’s Fire Phoenix that had bestowed her with the fire ability. Lin Huang was not sure if it came with any other abilities. Li Lang must be going for the h.e.l.lish Spearfiend’s Spearheart. Even without other abilities, the Spearheart alone would allow Li Lang to improve his understanding of spear fighting. Compared to the once mutated Barbed Savage, the h.e.l.lish Spearfiend was much more difficult to overcome.

The h.e.l.lish Spearfiend was not only a dangerous demon but also a double mutated monster in human form. It held its weapon in its hand and usually sat on top of the pyramid among the monsters of the same level. The monster was no weaker than the Fiery Swordfiend that Yi Yeyu helped to kill for Lin Huang earlier. Perhaps, it was because of that that Li Lang did not target the h.e.l.lish Spearfiend at first as it was too far to reach. Although Lin Huang had no idea what inspired Li Lang to change his target, he decided to support Li Lang without thinking twice.

He remembered clearly how Li Lang had helped him a year ago. Without him, Lin Huang would not be able to afford to buy all the materials that he needed for the Reserve Hunter a.s.sessment. He would not have reaped the success today without Li Lang.

“I remember you didn’t even research this ruins. Are you sure that there’s such a monster here?” Lin Huang thought suddenly.

“Yes, there is. Although I didn’t research this ruins, I have researched about the h.e.l.lish Spearfiend. It has appeared in this ruins before, that’s what I remembered. However, it was five years ago when it was discovered. The h.e.l.lish Spearfiend was at white flame-level that time, but I’m not sure if it has leveled up to crimson flame-level now,” Li Lang said and looked at Lin Huang.

“If it’s now a crimson flame-level, that’s bad luck for me and I’ll just go for the Barbed Savage then.”

“It’s okay if it has leveled up. Since you have picked this monster, no matter white or crimson flame-level, I’ll try my best to help you to kill it. Do you remember the coordinates?” Lin Huang asked.

“I only remember the rough coordinates,” Li Lang admitted embarra.s.sedly.

“Mark it down.” Lin Huang projected a map.

Li Lang looked at the map for a while and drew a circle on the top right of the map.

“It should be in this area.”

“Sure, let’s look there.” Lin Huang stared at the poker-faced staff who was far away. He did not enlist b.l.o.o.d.y’s help.

“I suggest you guys stop wasting your time. Confronting a double mutated monster isn’t as simple as you guys think. Don’t even mention about crimson flame-level monsters, the ability of the white flame-level is not to be underestimated either. Don’t think that just because you guys have me and your white flame-level friend around that you can do whatever you want.” Poker Face thought they had made their decision simply because they had him and Yi Yeyu with them.

“If you follow us, your tinder will disappear. You guys should not follow us tomorrow.” Lin Huang glared at Poker Face and looked at Yi Yeyu.

“I’m okay.” Yi Yeyu shrugged her shoulders.

“I disagree! As your chaperone, I must follow you wherever you go. if the both of you decide to leave the group, I’ll have to follow the two of you as there are more people in your group instead of following her alone!” Poker Face rejected Lin Huang’s arrangement without hesitation.

“We don’t need you to protect us.” Li Lang frowned.

“There’s nothing to do with whether you need me or not. That’s the order that I received. Your willingness has nothing to do with me. I’m just following the orders.” Poker Face was upset. If not for the order from the management, he would not want to deal with them.

Lin Huang frowned. He did not want Poker Face to follow them as he was the staff of the Union Government. If he found out that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor, Luo Li might hear about it and she might find out that he had the monster with the blood of G.o.d. After all, she had managed to come up with the speculation that was so close to the truth. If she managed to obtain more information, she would definitely find out.

“Just following orders? Then, this should work.” Yi Yeyu took out a black token the size of half a palm. It had a black metal mast with a ferocious demon face on top and there were two words in red at the back saying “demon slayer”.

“A demon slayer token?!” Poker Face was shocked when he saw the token. He stood stiffly immediately and bowed to Yi Yeyu.

“Since you know what it is, that makes things simple. I order you to follow me when the both of them are hunting the Life Fire monster.”

“Yes, Madam!” Although Poker Face was unwilling, he did not dare to say no to her.

“It’s a deal!” Yi Yeyu looked smugly at Lin Huang and Li Lang.

After Poker Face sat down in silence, he could not help but to ask Yi Yeyu, “Madam, may I know how did you get the demon slayer token?”

“My family name is Yi. Yi Donglai is my great-grandfather,” Yi Yeyu told him the truth.

Poker Face was in shock, his mouth hung wide open for a while.

“My great-grandfather was worried that something might happen to me in the ruins, so he gave me this. I’ll have to return this to him after I get out.” Yi Yeyu did not know the token would be so useful.

“What does this token do?” Lin Huang asked. Although he knew about the Three Elite Divisions of the Union Government, he had no idea about the internal management of the troops.

“The demon slayer token was given by the Union Government for the temporary a.s.signment of staff. Those who hold the token can transfer all the staff below the team leader and deputy team leader to them. It’s the equal to an instruction from the deputy team leader,” Li Lang explained.

“It’s usually used when other troops need the Elite Division’s a.s.sistance in wars.”

“It would be incredibly powerful if a person owned tokens of the Three Elite Divisions…” Lin Huang thought to himself.

Lin Huang was relieved after settling Poker Face. He then discussed with Li Lang the details to hunt down the h.e.l.lish Spearfiend.

“Focus on recovering your Life Power today. We’ll depart tomorrow morning to hunt down the monster!” Lin Huang came up with the arrangement after observing Li Lang’s condition.

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