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Chapter 340: Incident Investigation

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Poker Face got up and avoided Lin Huang and the rest of them. He then connected to the Transmission Snail as he walked away. The three of them did not intend to eavesdrop anyway and continued chatting.

After a short while, Poker Face put away his Transmission Snail and returned. However, he looked upset.

“We have to go back to the mission submission area,” he said while he approaching three of them.

“Is it related to the monster attack just now?” Lin Huang could roughly guess the reason behind this.

Poker Face nodded. “Zang Bing said that there’s a monster outbreak. The reason is still unknown. For the sake of the trainees’ safety, we have to bring all the trainees back.”

“I’ve just leveled up. I wanted to kill some monsters for practice…” Li Lang forced a smile.

“Let’s go!” Lin Huang patted Li Lang’s shoulder and summoned the Dimensional Portal.

The four of them entered the Dimensional Portal and soon, they appeared where they had previously gathered.

When they returned, many of the trainees were already back. Poker Face and the rest of the staff had a dimensional relic given by the Union Government. Although Lin Huang knew that as well, he did not want to trouble Poker Face and summoned the Dimensional Portal immediately.

As he gazed at the crowd, Lin Huang looked towards Zang Bing’s direction. Luo Li and Si Kongjian were there as well. Zang Bing looked somewhat gloomy. Other than that, Luo Li and Si Kongjian looked like they usually did.

The trainees were discussing the incident of the monster outbreak. The area was bustling with chatter.

A man saw Li Lang from afar and walked toward Li Lang.

“Li Lang, have you leveled up?!” The man was 20 years old and he was slightly taller than Li Lang.

“Yes, Brother Zhou.” Li Lang smiled.

“I’ve told you that it’s not difficult to kill a Barbed Savage. If you’re willing to spend some time, perhaps you’ll be able to kill it on your own.” Brother Zhou patted Li Lang’s shoulder.

“My friend helped me to kill it.” Li Lang did not explain that he had not obtained the tinder from a Barbed Savage.

Brother Zhou then glanced at Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. When he looked at Yi Yeyu, his eyes lingered on Yi Yeyu’s slender legs and her busty Despite being dressed in a military uniform, her attractive body was not covered. Soon, Brother Zhou fixed his gaze on Lin Huang.

“Is Lin Huang the one who helped you?” Brother Zhou could see that among three of them, only Lin Huang’s aura was on gold-level. He could recognize that Lin Huang was Mr. Fu’s disciple as well. He was the first one that Yi Donglai had appointed to enter the ruins. “I’m Zhou Quan, nice to meet you.”

“h.e.l.lo,” Lin Huang acknowledged politely. Since Zhou Quan knew his name, there was no need for him to repeat it.

“You are…” Zhou Quan then s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward Yi Yeyu.

“She is Yi Yeyu, the eldest daughter of the Yi family,” Li Lang introduced with a smile.

“You’re from the Yi family? The head of the armed force?!” Zhou Quan opened his eyes wide. Among the royal families in Division7, other than the military, there was no other Yi family. Li Lang had intentionally emphasized the Yi family. Of course, he was referring to the Yi family of the armed forces. It was impossible that no one knew who they were.

After he had confirmed her ident.i.ty, Zhou Quan held an obvious reverence for her. The Yi family was somehow a powerful family in Division7 and was comparable to the six royal families. They were at the top of the royal family pyramid in Division7. Small potatoes like him could not afford to offend them.

“Brother Zhou, you’re well-informed. Regarding the monster outbreak, can you tell me exactly what happened?” Li Lang immediately asked after introducing Zhou Quan to the both of them.

“I don’t know exactly what happened. However, our team has encountered several batches of monster attacks earlier. The staff then informed us to come back to this area and gather with all of you,” Zhou Quan explained briefly. What they experienced was almost the same as Lin Huang and the rest of them.

“So, you guys were attacked by the monsters too.” Li Lang then looked at Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu.

“I’ve asked two other teams and the same thing happened to them as well. Obviously, there’s something wrong with the monsters.” As he listened to what Li Lang said, Zhou Quan knew that Li Lang and his team had encountered the same thing as well. “I hope that the examiners can figure out what caused the monster outbreak as soon as possible. Otherwise, we won’t be able to continue with the training.”

Lin Huang’s heart sank when he heard what Zhou Quan said. If the examiners were to stop the training and send all of them out, Tyrant’s unsealing would be stopped as well.

The ruins belonged to an independent world. If Tyrant was left in the ruins and Lin Huang got out of the ruins, he would not be able to sense the existence of the card. Under such circ.u.mstances, the system would automatically recall the monster card. Of course, Lin Huang would not want this to happen.

“Xiao Hei, will the monster card be affected if the unsealing process is terminated?” Lin Huang thought of asking Xiao Hei about it first.

“If the unsealing process of the monster card is terminated, it’ll be considered a failure. The monster card that fails to unseal will be completely sealed at the state it was in before unsealing. It can’t be unsealed for the second time and it can’t be leveled up as well. However, the monster card can still be summoned as usual.

“That being said, if the unsealing is terminated, Tyrant will remain on complete gold-level forever and it’ll be unable to upgrade to holy fire-level. It can’t evolve for the third time as well. Its combat strength and rarity will remain stagnant forever…”

Lin Huang’s face turned grave. Tyrant was the second monster card that he had obtained. They had overcome so many dangers together. He could not accept if he was to put the card aside. “No! Whatever the decision of the examiner is, I must stay!”

About ten minutes later, the supervisors then led the trainees back to the area where they had first gathered.

Zang Bing counted the number of people. Right after he had confirmed that n.o.body was absent, he started talking.

“I guess everyone has been informed by our staff the reason why we asked every one of you to come back. There’s a monster outbreak in the whole ruins and the reason is still unknown. Many of the trainees have encountered the monster attack. For the sake of everyone’s safety, we asked all of you to come back. The examiners and our staff will investigate the reason behind the monster outbreak as soon as possible. We’ll then decide if the a.s.sessment should be continued or stopped. Please be patient. Set up your tents and stay here for two days. We’ll know the results soon…”

“It’s just a monster outbreak. Is there really a need to stop the training?” Li Lang felt that Zang Bing and two of the examiners had overreacted.

“We’ve previously encountered gold-level monsters. What if the monster outbreak is not only on gold-level and it involves holy fire-level monsters as well?” Yi Yeyu asked LI Lang. “This area is a 2-star ruin. There are more than 10,000 holy fire-level monsters. Even people like us who are on holy fire-level can fight them, what about the crimson flame-level, blue flame-level, and purple flame-level monsters?”

What Yi Yeyu had voiced out was exactly what Lin Huang was worried about. If holy fire-level monsters were involved in the outbreak, it was highly possible that they would stop the a.s.sessment.

After comforting the crowd, the three examiners held a discussion. Soon, Luo Li and Si Kongjian summoned their own Dimensional Portal and left. Only Zang Bing was there to keep everyone in order…

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