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Chapter 341: The Golden Toad

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few hours ago…

In the middle of the lava sea, there was a floating golden island.

It was a barren land. Not a single blade of gra.s.s grew there, let alone trees.

In mid-air, a b.l.o.o.d.y giant eagle flew across the ocean. The size of the giant eagle was extremely gargantuan. If it was to extend its wings, it would measure at least hundreds of meters long. It was at least a blue flame-level monster that exuded a threatening aura.

Its appearance had caused many of the monsters around the lava sea to sink further into the water as they were all afraid that they might become its prey.

When the b.l.o.o.d.y giant eagle saw the golden island, it circled above the sea. As soon as it had confirmed that it was safe, it then landed on the island to get some rest.

Right at that moment, a red glow burst out from the surface of the ocean. A long howl was heard and the red glow instantly penetrated through the giant eagle’s body.

Soon, the golden island rapidly floated in the air and the area of the island constantly expanded. Eventually, a pair of large eyes suddenly appeared, opening its mouth wide in mid-air. The red glow that struck the giant eagle reflected, drawing the giant monster into its huge mouth.

Impressively, the golden island was actually an extremely large, giant toad. At that moment, it had revealed half of its body. The people could now see how it actually looked like.

The b.l.o.o.d.y giant eagle was unaware of it and had become its food. The Golden Toad was chomping on its food furiously and soon, it had swallowed the giant eagle in less than two minutes. It then sank back into the sea, revealing part of its back that was more than 10,000 square meters wide.

In just a short while, a yellowish brown, calf-sized toad swam towards it. “Boss! The Molten Dragon’s a.s.sistant is here. It has an important message to deliver!”

The Golden Toad floated up, revealing its green eyes and asked, “Which a.s.sistant?”

“It’s the Blazing Alligator.”

“Bring it over.” Golden Toad drifted further up in the air, showing its chin and belly.

A few moments later, the yellowish brown toad swam towards the Golden Toad together with the Blazing Alligator. The yellowish brown toad then left.

“Tell me, why is the lizard looking for me?” Golden Toad asked rudely, intentionally criticizing the black dragon as a lizard.

“Mr. Jin, our boss has died. We’re here to take refuge in you,” the giant alligator directly told the Golden Toad the terrifying news and the purpose that it was there as well.

“What?!” The Golden Toad was dumbfounded. He never thought that this would happen.

Could it be a trick?

The Golden Toad reacted as if Blazing Alligator was lying to it in the first place. It opened the lumps on its back. There were green eyeb.a.l.l.s inside the lumps. People who suffered from trypophobia would get gooseb.u.mps if they saw it.

As soon as the eyes opened, the giant alligator began to go into a trance.

“Has the Molten Dragon died?” Golden Toad asked as he wanted to make sure that it was in a state of hypnosis.


The Golden Toad was stunned right after it heard the answer.

“Is it because it failed to upgrade to a dragonkin?” It immediately recalled the dragonkin’s aura that it had sensed on the first day. At that moment, it wondered if the Molten Dragon had leveled up. It originally thought that the Molten Dragon had sent its a.s.sistant to capture them.

“I don’t know how it died. However, its remaining soul fire has been completely extinguished right after the aura of the dragonkin appeared.” As soon as the giant alligator finished its sentence, it told the Golden Toad about how Luo Li had forced the Molten Dragon to run away without its sh.e.l.l two days ago.

“Are you saying that a woman nearly killed the black dragon with just one hit?!” Golden Toad was stunned. “Is she a chief-level human?”

“No, from her aura, perhaps she’s the same level as Boss which was also on gold flame-level. However, she has indeed defeated Boss with just one hit.” The Blazing Alligator shook its head.

“They are on the same combat strength. How could she defeat a double mutated dragon? The human must be comparable to a triple mutated genius.” The Golden Toad could hardly remain calm, knowing that there was such a powerful human invading their little world. “Why is she looking for trouble with your boss?”

“Boss asked us to look for a human the last few days. It says that the human owns a relic that can help him to complete the third mutation. Therefore, we are catching many humans. Perhaps the woman is here for revenge.”

“A relic that helps it to complete the third mutation…” The Golden Toad made a human-like move as it extended its claw and rubbed its chin as if it was falling into deep thought. After a short moment, it mumbled with confidence, “It must be G.o.d’s Blood! It didn’t get G.o.d’s Blood a few days ago…”

Of course, the Golden Toad did sense the aura of G.o.d’s Blood a few days ago. However, when it had rushed over there with the Shadowflame Boa, the Molten Dragon was already there. As the aura of G.o.d’s Blood had disappeared, both of them thought that the Molten Dragon had eaten the monster with G.o.d’s Blood.

However, listening to what the giant alligator had said, perhaps the Molten Dragon did not manage to kill the monster with G.o.d’s Blood. Furthermore, according to the instruction it had issued, it must be a human that had gotten the monster that contained G.o.d’s Blood. Therefore, it had instructed its a.s.sistant to catch humans.

Gathering all the clues, the Golden Toad roughly knew what had happened.

“Are there any unique characteristics of the humans that you are going to catch?” The Golden Toad asked with envy as it was related to G.o.d’s Blood.

“Boss said that it is looking for an Imperial Censor that owns a black Dimensional Portal,” The Blazing Alligator answered honestly.

“That’s all? No other details?” The Golden Toad felt that the information was too brief.

“There’s nothing else. Boss said that it doesn’t know how the person looks like as well. It only saw them when the black Dimensional Portal is closed. It doubted the human’s ident.i.ty as Imperial Censor. It is not sure of it.”

“Is there any other information?” The Golden Toad asked again.

“I don’t think so…” The giant alligator then thought for a while and shook its head.

“Are you the only one who came over here? Where’s the rest of them?”

“Right after I knew what happened to Boss this morning, I immediately rushed over here. Perhaps the rest of them know nothing about this.”

“That’s good…” As soon as the Golden Toad finished its words, it immediately opened its mouth. A beam of red light shot out of its mouth and penetrated through the giant alligator’s body. The next moment, the red glow withdrew and the Golden Toad munched on the giant alligator’s dead body.

“It has been a long time since I last ate the meat of a purple flame-level. It’s quite delicious.” In just a few bites, the purple flame-level giant alligator had disappeared into the Golden Toad’s belly. “I must not let anyone know about G.o.d’s Blood. The Black Dragon has died, so there’s no need to keep the black flame alive either. Once it’s killed, I’ll be the only ruler of the world!”

After finis.h.i.+ng its sentence, the black eyes on its body gradually closed, returning to its lumpy form.

Half an hour later…

At the Shadowflame Boa’s territory.

“Old Jin, why…?” The Golden Toad had pierced through seven inches of the gold flame-level Shadowflame Boa’s body with its tongue. It did not die immediately.

“The lizard has died. There is no survival value for an earthworm just like you.” The Golden Toad cackled loudly, “From today onwards, the world is mine!”

An hour had pa.s.sed and the Golden Toad’s announcement echoed in all the monster’s ears.

“The Molten Dragon and the Shadowflame Boa have died. They were killed by humans. Not only have the two of them with incredible power died, many of our companions have been killed by humans in the past few days. They wanted to kill all the creatures in our world and possess our world. I can’t accept such a shameless action. I’ve thought about it for a long time and I’ve finally come out with a solution to overcome the danger – we have to start a monster attack! I need everyone to team up and trigger a monster attack. Let’s kill all the humans! This is the only way that we can get rid of the crisis and we’ll no longer be the humans’ target. Killing all the humans is the only way to create world peace!”

As soon as the announcement was made, many of the monsters started to look for traces of humans.

The Golden Toad stayed away from the lava sea and its body had shrunk. It hid in a spiritual volcano that was far away from the lava sea.

All the eyeb.a.l.l.s on its back were opened. Different scenes were projected in each of its eyeb.a.l.l.s. Everything that happened in the ruins could be seen by the Golden Toad.

“I don’t care who you are, I’ll find you. G.o.d’s Blood, I want you!”

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