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Chapter 350: The Use of a.s.sessment Points

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The Golden Toad had fallen in less than three minutes. A black dimensional relic filled with black mist emerged slowly in the middle of the ruins. The black mist was like a big net that devoured all the monsters everywhere. Millions of monsters in the battle stopped suddenly. They looked around curiously as if they had no idea why they were there. They then left one by one. The dimensional relic opened slowly while a ma.s.sive amount of monsters of different combat strength were sent down…

Lin Huang and the rest did not see this. When Luo Li and Lin Huang left, Zang Bing was in a bad mood while Si Kongjian seemed concerned. Yi Yeyu, Li Lang, and the other partic.i.p.ants looked puzzled. They did not know what had just happened. Luckily, Luo Li and Lin Huang returned after leaving for only three minutes.

“There’s no need for worry. I have killed the Golden Toad. The dimensional ruins should be reactivating now, so the last monster horde won’t come. The training will go on!” Luo Li announced the outcome.

Zang Bing rushed to the front to ask about the specific situation while Si Kong Jian looked deeply into Lin Huang’s eyes. He figured that this matter was related to Lin Huang.

The two examiners finally found out about the truth a while later.

“Actually, it’s the same whether you tell me or Si Kongjian. That Golden Toad is only a double mutated monster. We can kill it regardless of whatever blood it has.” Zang Bing smiled at Lin Huang mysteriously.

“I think that examiner Luo is more powerful, so I thought it would be better for her to handle this,” Lin Huang honestly told Zang Bing the reason for choosing to inform Luo Li instead of them.

“Once again, I’ve been underestimated…”

Zang Bing looked at Si Kong Jian, who was in the same boat, helplessly but Si Kong Jian looked as if he did not mind. Instead, Si Kong Jian rubbed salt into the wound. “We really are weaker than Luo Li, that’s the truth.”

Luo Li beamed happily next to them.

Zang Bing thought that he could not talk to those people in please so he left with an excuse, “I’ll check if the monster horde is really gone.”

As Zang Bing left, Lin Huang returned to the team. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang quickly asked him what had happened. Soon, Zang Bing announced the good news that the monster horde was gone. After that, the three examiners brought the people to pitch their tents a few kilometers away. Although the staff had already cleaned up all the monster before the battle, the smell of blood still remained. Therefore, they moved the gathering point to the foot of an extinct volcano eight kilometers away towards the north.

Early in the morning on the second day, Zang Bing’s voice rang out, “Everyone, a.s.semble at eight later!”

Lin Huang had already finished was.h.i.+ng up. He looked at the time. It was already 7:30 a.m., so he dismantled the tent immediately and started having breakfast.

All the partic.i.p.ants gathered around at 8 a.m. The 160 partic.i.p.ants, who had been injured yesterday, recovered under the treatment of the staff.

Zang Bing glanced at them, feeling that these young people had become more matured after the monster horde yesterday. They were not as impetuous as before.

“The goal of the second round of training is all about teamwork. Everyone did a great job in the battle yesterday. I would also like to praise Lin Huang who contributed very much no matter in terms of personal ability or team organization. It’s all his credit that many people are still alive…” Zang Bing was very satisfied with Lin Huang’s performance. He was also an honest person, so he was very direct when it came to praising.

The corners of Lin Huang’s mouth lifted. He did not say anything as he knew that everything he did was purely for selfish reasons. If not for Tyrant, he would have chosen to end the training. After complimenting Lin Huang, Zang Bing finally revealed the purpose of a.s.sembling everyone.

“Since the purpose of the a.s.sessment is teamwork and everyone has shown great teamwork yesterday, there’s no need for my part of training to proceed. I shall declare that all the partic.i.p.ants have pa.s.sed the second round of training! ”

“I’d like to invite the examiner of the third round of training to come up to speak!” Zang Bing stepped aside after his speech.

Luo Li walked to the front and went right into business without any formalities. “My name is Luo Li, your examiner for the third round of training. The third round of training starts at 9 a.m. today!

“Considering the monster horde yesterday, some of you might be injured or unwilling to proceed with the training due to psychological pressure or other reasons. So, those who want to leave the training may now raise your hands and we will get the staff arranged to send you out later.”

Luo Li’s eyes scanned the crowd after speaking. There was not a single person who raised their hand to show that they wanted to leave.

“There’s no need to feel embarra.s.sed. It’s not embarra.s.sing to leave, it’s just a reasonable choice,” Luo Li added but there was still no one who chose to leave.

“Since no one raised their hand, those who don’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the training may stay after the training starts.

“I am going to talk about the instructions for the third round of training now. The instructions are very simple. Hunt individually. There’s no limit to the way of killing. There’s only one limitation — the forming of teams is not allowed during hunting; there must be no help from the others and it must be done by yourselves individually.”

“Each gold-level rank-3 monster carca.s.s submitted will earn you 1 point.”

“Each complete gold-level monster carca.s.s will earn you 3 points.”

“The terms to gather points are the same as in the second round of training.”

“Each white flame-level monster carca.s.s gets you 100 points.

“Each crimson flame-level monster carca.s.s will be awarded 200 points.”

“Each blue flame-level monster carca.s.s will be awarded 400 points.”

“Considering that everyone is exhausted from the monster horde, the monsters killed yesterday will be added to the total scoring this time.”

“Everyone of you has experienced a lot yesterday, so I won’t be giving you too much pressure in the third round of training. I don’t mind even if you choose to be lazy. All I’ll say is that except the reward according to the ranking of points, the total points acc.u.mulated in the training this time can be used to exchange resources with the Union Government. One point is almost equivalent to the purchasing power of one Life Crystal. Moreover, the military warehouse of Union Government Elite Troops will also be opened to you. If the points are enough, you can exchange anything you want from the military warehouse!”

Luo Li’s last sentence excited the people. Even Lin Huang was tempted as many things that were available at the Union Government military warehouse were not sold in the market. Even if something was available on the black market, it was considered cheap if the black market price was ten times more expensive than what they were sold for. This extra bit of detail about being able to exchange points allowed everyone to redeem resources in the military warehouse at the normal market price. It was a golden opportunity.

“I’ve said everything that I need to say. The a.s.sessment starts sharply at nine. However, those who want to leave now can do so, while those who want to unregister from the training can update us now.” After Luo Li finished, she descended from mid-air. Many left without hesitation. Lin Huang looked at the time. It was not even 8:20 a.m. but obviously, everyone did not even want to waste 40 precious minutes.

“We’re on our own this round.” Li Lang walked towards Lin Huang and greeted him, then left.

“It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be the first prize winner until the end.” Yi Yeyu teased Lin Huang before she left. Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and disappeared from where he was.

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