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Chapter 352: Unsealing Tyrant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Time pa.s.sed fast and six days soon went by. After breakfast, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and went to the place where Tyrant was carrying out his unsealing early in the morning. It was the last day of Tyrant’s unsealing. As he walked out of the dimensional relic, Lin Huang saw Kylie sitting at the same place. He remembered clearly that she was sitting in the exact same location a few days ago. It seemed like she had never stood up the past few days.

“Good morning, have you had your breakfast?” Although Lin Huang knew that the Monster Cards did not need food to survive, he asked that anyway. Kylie looked at Lin Huang’s direction but she did not respond.

“Still so cold…” Lin Huang thought to himself while rubbing his nose. He walked to Kylie and sat with her while waiting for Tyrant to complete its unsealing.

Besides going after the double rewards on the first day, Lin Huang had been killing at least 40 holy fire-level monsters for the past few days. Ever since the Alexandrian Eagle completed its upgrade to the Viridescent Thunderhawk, Lin Huang had named it Thunder. It was now a complete gold-level with an improvement in speed which saved a lot of time for Lin Huang. He had been working hard these few days. Besides the time he spent sleeping, he spent more than 15 hours every day killing monsters. Sometimes, he would even eat while he was on Thunder’s back.

While waiting for Tyrant to unseal, he gave himself a break. With the help of the ma.s.sacre during the monster horde as well as the points that he had acc.u.mulated the past few days, he did not think that having a couple of days of rest would allow anybody to surpa.s.s his points.

As time pa.s.sed by slowly, Lin Huang felt the ground shaking around one o’clock in the afternoon.

“Thunder!” Lin Huang summoned his flying mount and rode on its back. Thunder flew high up into the sky. Kylie sensed something strange as well, so she pointed the tip of her toes and flapped her six wings. As the both of them left the ground, the ground a couple of kilometers away cracked. A loud thud was heard and a golden glow shot up into the sky while the earth collapsed.

Soon, a gigantic body crawled up from the underground lava. It was a giant creature with gold armor spanning over 100 meters. Sunlight reflected off the gold armor, making it look like it was the center of the universe. Bright red lava that looked like countless streams flowed down its body and it looked like a hunk coming out of the shower. Lin Huang was shocked to see Tyrant’s body that was now ten times bigger. Tyrant noticed Lin Huang and Kylie in the air and a terrifying smile appeared on its face.


“Finally you have completed your unsealing.” Lin Huang grinned.

Tyrant scratched its head and smiled.

“Will you be able to shrink your body?” Lin Huang thought of the key issue as it would be inconvenient if Tyrant was this huge whenever he summoned it.

“Yes, I can.” Tyrant nodded.

“Shrink it to a size that’s slightly bigger than a normal human then.” Lin Huang thought that having a bodyguard with him would be good. Of course, he would need to get it dressed.

Tyrant shrunk its body to around 2.5 meters.

“Is this okay?”

“That’s perfect.”

“I’ll get you a few sets of clothes so that I don’t have to always keep you in card form.”

Tyrant’s eyes lit up when it heard the last sentence.

“However, I’ll need to keep you inside to avoid attention for these few days,” Lin Huang added.

Tyrant nodded in agreement.

After keeping Tyrant in card form, Lin Huang held the card in his hand. Its color remained blue. The unsealing did not complete its third upgrade as well as the sealing of the system. It could still be summoned. Tyrant still looked the same on top of the card, just that its size was slightly bigger. Lin Huang turned around to look at the card description.

“Monster Card: Tyrant

“Rarity: Epic

“Monster Name: Gold Armored Genie

“Type of Monster: Genie

“Combat Level: White Flame-level

“Skill 1: Golden Armor

“Skill 2: Super Robust

“Skill 3: Enhanced Regeneration (Advanced)

“Skill 4: Ultimate Explosion (Advanced)

“Skill 5: Ultimate Strength (Advanced)

“Skill 6: Megamorth (Beginner)

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Trainable”

The Enhanced Regeneration , Ultimate Explosion , and Ultimate Strength were now advanced with an additional skill which was Megamorth . Lin Huang clicked in to read more about the skill.

“Megamorth (Beginner): This allows the user’s size to grow ten times bigger as well as increase its strength.

“Remark 1: The skill will last for a maximum of one hour. User’s size will go back to normal after an hour.

“Remark 2: After the skill ends or it is deactivated by the user, the user will go into weak form for as long as the skill was used and won’t be able to battle.”

“Ten times its original size! Tyrant is already more than 100 meters now, so ten times would mean more than 1,000 meters… It can totally be used as a battle machine!” Lin Huang imagined how big Tyrant would be and exclaimed to himself. He then kept the card and looked at Kylie.

“Thank you for being here. I shall treat you to something good after the training ends.”

Kylie hesitated, then nodded. After recalling Kylie into card form, Lin Huang patted the Viridescent Thunderhawk.

“Thunder, we should get back to work now!”

Thunder flapped its wings and headed to the next holy fire-level monster with a white glow.

Time pa.s.sed by with the killing of monsters for the last four days of training. At eight in the morning, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and got back to the meeting point after breakfast. Luo Li and the other two examiners had been waiting since 9 a.m. was the official mission submission time. There were people waiting there and it was obvious that they had submitted their missions before the deadline. The three examiners looked at Lin Huang as he appeared, curious to know how many monsters he had killed during the ten days.

“Good morning, examiners, I’m here to submit my mission,” Lin Huang greeted them and headed towards the staff. He was stopped by Zang Bing.

“I’ll do the calculation for you. I’m curious about how many monsters you managed to kill,” Zang Bing volunteered to calculate Lin Huang’s monsters killed. Such a thing had never happened before as it was usually done by the staff.

“I want to know too.” Luo Li came closer. Si Kongjian walked behind Luo Li without saying a word.

The partic.i.p.ants were envious to see the three examiners surrounding Lin Huang.

“Alright, then…” Lin Huang raised his eyebrow without rejecting the three examiners while getting the monster that were as high as a hill out from his storage s.p.a.ce ring. Many of the partic.i.p.ants exclaimed when they saw the monster Not because they were so many of them but because all the monsters seemed to be at least holy fire-level. Even the three examiners were surprised. As Zang Bing started to calculate, Luo Li and Si Kongjian stood aside and watched.

He took almost half an hour to finish calculating all the monster Everyone was shocked, even Luo Li and Si Kongjian.

“There’re a total of 383 monsters, all white flame-level. They were all killed using a sword and I can tell that it was done by the same person,” Zang Bing concluded.

“You must have some crimson flame-level monsters with you, don’t you?” Luo Li asked.

“A couple.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

“How about blue flame-level?” Luo Li asked again.

“It’s a secret.” Lin Huang did not want to answer that.

“I will add in the 38,600 points into the system. Master Yi will announce the final points when you get out of here as well as the ranking,” Zang Bing said to Lin Huang while getting a staff to collect the monster

“I understand.”

“Lin Huang…” Just when he wanted to leave, Zang Bing called out to him.

“What is it, examiner?” Zang Bing looked puzzled.

“You must have heard of us, the Demon Slayer Legion?” Zang Bing asked.

“Yes, I have.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Are you interested to join us?” Zang Bing extended his invitation directly.

Luo Li was surprised when she heard what Zang Bing said. Si Kongjian frowned as well. Lin Huang was shocked and did not respond after a while.

“Little brother, it’s a wise choice to join the Demon Slayer Legion,” Luo Li advised.

“You guys have no idea who he is, do you?” Si Kongjian knew he had to interrupt this time.

“His ident.i.ty?” Zang Bing and Luo Li looked puzzled at Si Kongjian.

“He’s Mr. Fu’s apprentice. A real apprentice, not a nominal apprentice,” Si Kongjian told the truth. He had researched about Lin Huang after finding out about his ident.i.ty.

“You mean this Mr. Fu?” Luo Li pointed into the sky.

Si Kongjian nodded.

“I didn’t know that you’re so powerful.” Luo Li looked even more pa.s.sionately at Lin Huang.

“Alright then, pretend that I didn’t say anything…” Zang Bing gave up on his invitation.

“What’s the deal with Master that so many people are so fearful of him?” Lin Huang found it strange as he did not understand why would everyone look terribly impressed whenever they heard about Mr. Fu.

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