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Chapter 354: The Truth, Revealed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Lin Xuan is missing!”

Lin Huang looked at the timestamp of the message sent. It was the day he had entered the dimensional ruins around five o’ clock when Lin Huang had left with Mr. Fu and Lin Xin had left to school. Lin Xin found out about the missing Lin Xuan after she came back and attempted to contact him. Lin Huang then looked at the other messages that Lin Xin had sent. Some of them were asking him to reply soon while the others were attached with photos of their home.

There was one with a goodbye message that Lin Xuan had left on the writing board with his Emperor’s Heart Ring aside. Lin Huang could tell that the handwriting belonged to Lin Xuan as he had seen his handwriting many times. The note wrote about his reason for leaving. Lin Xuan had regained part of his memories and he wanted to leave to look for more. Besides stating the reason for leaving, he briefed about the gunfighting technique. For Lin Huang to learn the skill by himself, Lin Xuan had recorded clips of the intermediate and advanced skills that Lin Huang had yet to master from the Gun Master game in the ring. Lin Huang could project the clips if he wanted to.

He ended the note with a few words of appreciation. He thanked Lin Huang and Lin Xin for taking care of him. Since he had regained his memory, there was no reason for him to stay anymore. He also asked them not to look for him.

After reading the note, Lin Huang thought it was possible that Lin Xuan had left on his own. The handwriting did not seem to be rushed, so it did not look like he was forced to write the note. The message was clear and it was obvious that he had given some thought before writing the note. Although Lin Xuan had learned all the words, it was impossible for him to come out with such mature content. The only reason for that was that he had really regained his memory. The note even included the gunfighting technique that Lin Xuan had been teaching him. Only him, Lin Xin, and Lin Xuan knew about this, no other outsider did. It was impossible that the note had not been written by Lin Xuan.

The Emperor’s Heart Ring was the key showing that he left voluntarily as besides the person who wore the ring, n.o.body could take it off unless the finger was chopped off and the person was dead. From the photos, there were no signs of fighting or struggling in the house. With Lin Xuan’s ability, he could definitely fight a person who was gold-level rank-3 and even a complete gold-level. He might not die even if he was to fight a white flame-level.

With all the signs as evidence, it was possible that Lin Xuan had left by himself. Perhaps, he had really regained his memory and had decided to leave. Lin Huang calmed down as he made those speculations. However, he did not remove the possibility that Lin Xuan was taken away. There were too many people with special abilities in the world. If Lin Xuan encountered a person who knew Puppetry Skill, the person could create a scene that looked like Lin Xuan had left home on his own accord.

As the prize presentation was still going on stage, Lin Huang got out of the crowd and called Lin Xin by the side of the plaza. Considering the prize presentation, Lin Huang did not video call her but a voice called instead. As soon as the call was connected, it was picked up immediately.


“I’ve just left the dimensional ruins and I saw your messages.” Just when Lin Huang spoke, he heard crying coming from the other side of the phone.

“Xiao Xuan…”

“I know, I’ll get back as soon as I can today,” Lin Huang comforted her. He only hung up the call after being able to lift up her mood slightly.

Lin Huang called Mr. Fu after hanging up with Lin Xin. The phone rang twice and Mr. Fu picked up with a lazy drawl, “You’re so quick to come back. Has it been 19 days today?”

“There was a monster horde, so the training ended early,” Lin Huang explained.

“Oh, is that so?” Mr. Fu did not seem to care about the results of the training and figured out the reason why Lin Huang called.

“You want to go home?”

“Yes, something happened at home,” Lin Huang said without going any further.

“I’ll come get you. Let’s go home together.” Mr. Fu hung up the phone without waiting for Lin Huang to say anything.

Soon, a green dimensional relic appeared and Mr. Fu walked out of it. His appearance had attracted the attention of Yi Donglai and the rest.

“Don’t bother me, go do your stuff,” Mr. Fu said as he appeared next to Lin Huang.

“You look serious. What happened?” Mr. Fu asked.

“Xiao Xuan is missing. I need to get back soon.”

“Sure, let’s go now.” Mr. Fu did not ask further as he summoned his dimensional relic again and brought Lin Huang with him.

“Is he really Mr. Fu’s apprentice?!” Luo Li was shocked to see the both of them leaving together.

A dimensional relic opened at the living room of Lin Huang’s home. Lin Huang and Mr. Fu got out of the relic.

“Xin Er!” Lin Huang shouted upstairs. It was the weekend, so Lin Xin should be at home.

“Brother!” Hearing Lin Huang’s voice, Lin Xin knew that he was home, so she rushed downstairs quickly.

Lin Huang was relieved to see Lin Xin alright.

“Have you had lunch?”

“Yes, I have.” Lin Xin nodded and looked at Mr. Fu behind Lin Huang.

“Let’s talk about the thing.” Lin Xin looked away from Mr. Fu.

“Sure, how did you find out that Xiao Xuan was missing the other day?” Lin Huang got straight to the point.

“I saw something on the coffee table when I got back from school so I took a look and realized that it was a note from Xiao Xuan,” Lin Xuan said while handing the writing board to Lin Huang from her storage s.p.a.ce.

Lin Huang took the writing board. Although he had read the note from the photo, he still wanted to look again to confirm that it was Lin Xuan’s handwriting.

“What else? Is there any sign of fighting in the house? Is there anything odd in Xiao Xuan’s room?” Lin Huang asked.

“There’s no sign of struggling and everything looks normal at home. But I think Xiao Xuan changed his clothes before leaving. His wardrobe was opened and a gray robe is missing from his wardrobe. The clothes that he was wearing the other day are now hanging in the wardrobe.”

“He even had the time to change…” Lin Huang was sure that Lin Xuan had left on his own.

Lin Huang then shared his speculation.

“Looking at all the signs, it’s very likely that Lin Xuan left by himself but it’s also possible that he’s been taken away.”

“To be honest, besides the three auras of your family and mine, there’s n.o.body else who came to this house within this month. There’s no remaining aura of any Puppetry Skill or parasites. I think the kid left by himself,” Mr. Fu voiced his opinion.

“If he was taken away, there’s only one possibility. The person must be more powerful than I am. He managed to cover his aura so that I can’t detect it. However, I think a person of such a level wouldn’t want that kid.”

What Mr. Fu said cut off the possibility of Lin Xuan being taken away.

“There should be transportation surveillance around your house. Get someone to show you the video. You should be able to see what happened that day,” Mr. Fu reminded.

Lin Huang recalled that he could indeed do that, so he contacted the local surveillance department immediately. With his Gold Hunter ident.i.ty, he was granted access and the video was sent to him within minutes.

Lin Huang played the video immediately. It started from the time when Lin Xin had gone to school 19 days ago until she finished school. He was sure that Lin Xuan was missing during that period of time. He fast-forwarded the video to noon and played it at regular speed when he saw Lin Xuan open the door. However, Lin Xuan disappeared as soon as he exited the door.

“What happened?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“You’ll be able to see it better if you play it 300 times slower,” Mr. Fu reminded.

Lin Huang slowed down the video immediately and replayed it. This time, he saw Lin Xuan fly towards the sky after he got out…

“He really left by himself…” Lin Xin finally believed what Mr. Fu and Lin Huang said when she saw that.

“Don’t be sad. You should be happy for Xiao Xuan that he regained his memory,” Lin Huang comforted her.

“But why didn’t he say goodbye before he left?” Lin Xin was upset.

“Maybe he thought it would be awkward to see us since he has regained his memory, so he chose to leave,” Lin Huang said but he had no idea why Lin Xuan would do that.

“Since the truth is revealed, I shall make a move. Apprentice, rest and accompany this girl for a few days. I’ll contact you again.” Since everything was clear, Mr. Fu did not plan to stay and left with the dimensional relic.

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