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Chapter 355: The Dracaena

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Two days had pa.s.sed. As the weekends had ended, Lin Xin had gone to school as usual. Although she was still feeling down, she was much better than two days ago. After all, it was Lin Xuan’s choice to leave instead of being forced. She felt much better after knowing that fact. Moreover, Lin Huang brought her shopping during the weekends which lifted her spirits.

Watching Lin Xin leave for school, Lin Huang was not used to being alone in the house now that Lin Xuan was gone. He would usually roast some meat for Lin Xuan early in the morning but he did not have to do that anymore. He took his time to finish his breakfast and sat down on the couch after cleaning the kitchen.

He put on Ye Xiu’s Emperor’s Heart Ring, which started vibrating not long after it was activated. Lin Huang turned on the contact page and saw that Liang Qian had called him twice when he was in the dimensional ruins. He recalled the time when he was in the Meteorite Desert, remembering when the comrades had died and the girl who was chased by the Saints. He then looked at the two messages that she sent and read them carefully.

The first one was sent on the second day when he had entered the dimensional ruins. It was an invitation to the funeral. The second message was sent on the sixth day he had entered the dimensional ruins and was a simple description of the funeral. She sounded calm but Lin Huang could feel her sorrow. He thought about it and decided to call her. After all, it was he who had promised to go to the funeral. He called after changing his facial appearance to Ye Xiu’s ident.i.ty. Soon, the phone was connected.

“Brother Ye?”

“I’m sorry, I just got out of a dimensional ruin two days ago and just saw your messages,” Lin Huang apologized.

“Dimensional Ruins? No wonder I couldn’t get through your phone the two times that I called.” Liang Qian smiled lightly, not blaming Lin Huang for standing her up.

“It was the second day I entered the dimensional ruins when you sent the first message.” Lin Huang smiled back awkwardly.

“Was the funeral successful?”

“Quite. Come to Sakura City when you have the time. I’ll bring you to see them.”

“Sure, I’ll definitely visit you when I have the opportunity.” Lin Huang nodded.

The both of them then talked about reforming Dian Feng before Lin Huang hung up the phone. It had been half a month since the funeral had pa.s.sed and Liang Qian seemed much better now. Lin Huang sure hoped that she would get over this very soon. Lin Huang then recalled he had yet to redeem his training points.

“How do I do that?” Lin Huang thought to himself as he changed back to his own look and called Yi Yeyu in confusion.

“Morning.” Yi Yeyu was having breakfast when the video call was connected.

“Why did you leave so early the other day?” Yi Yeyu asked after sipping some milk and swallowing the food in her mouth.

“I had something urgent at home.”

“Is it settled now?” Yi Yeyu wiped her mouth with a serviette.

“It can be considered done, I guess.” Lin Huang shrugged.

“That’s great. Are you calling to ask about the dracaena?”

“Er… I’m actually calling to ask how to redeem my points… Do I go to the Union Government office or how should I go it?” Lin Huang did not know exactly how the Union Government worked.

“Alright then…” Yi Yeyu was embarra.s.sed that she got it wrong but soon she regained her composure again.

“It’s simple. Just log on to the Union Government official website and key in the serial number of your Emperor’s Heart Ring. You’ll receive a pa.s.sword, then just key in the pa.s.sword to log onto the website. As soon as you have done that, go into the personal hub at the back to find a restricted entrance. It’s exclusively for all the partic.i.p.ants of the training. There’s an option for the military warehouse. Click on it to see the items that you can redeem. You’ll be able to see your training points on top of the military warehouse. If you have redeemed any items, your points will be deducted straightaway. After you’re done, click ‘send’ at the bottom and key in your address.”

Yi Yeyu was detailed in her explanation.

“I understand now!” Lin Huang was following the steps as Yi Yeyu walked him through it.

“I have checked on the dracaena that you wanted, but there’s no more stock in the military warehouse. I heard there’s a pharmacist who redeemed all of them two months back,” she added.

“Not even one?” Lin Huang was speechless.

“Not even one.” Yi Yeyu shook her head.

“If you really want it that badly, I could contact a few traders for you but I don’t know how much you want. If the quant.i.ty is big enough, I might be able to get some.”

“Thanks! Check for me then, I only need nine.” Lin Huang knew there was no other way to get dracaena besides this.

Although Yi Yeyu was curious about what Lin Huang was going to do with the nine dracaenas, she did not ask any further.

“Oh yes, I need to remind you about something. The military warehouse is open to outsiders for only a week. If you need to redeem anything, you need to do that within these few days or else, your points will expire. Also, no matter whether an outsider or a member of the Three Elite Divisions, the items that are redeemed from the Union Government military warehouse are not allowed to be sold. You can only use them yourself. Each item has a special serial number that can’t be seen by the naked eye. If anybody sells them, the Union Government will know who did it. If any of the items cause any trouble, the Union Government won’t let go of the seller easily,” Yi Yeyu reminded again.

“I understand.” Lin Huang did not know that the items from the military warehouse could only be used by them themselves. However, he thought about it and realized that some weapons, especially machinery, were difficult to be sourced outside. The condition was meant to address those who needed money to resell the weapons at a higher price to criminals.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang started looking at the items in the military warehouse. After some browsing, he noticed that there was really zero stock of dracaena. He then looked at other items instead.

“A grade-5 sword relic Dragon Slayer costs 33,000 points, while a grade-5 gun relic Sky Phoenix costs 45,000 points…”

Lin Huang redeemed a few relics and some other items, spending all of his points. After closing the page, Lin Huang was concerned about the dracaena.

“One dracaena will cost at least 30,000 Life Crystals or even higher, and nine of them will be at least 300,000 Life Crystals. Where do I get such a ma.s.sive amount of money?”

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