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Chapter 356: Fundraising

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang remembered clearly that he owed Yang Ling 16,000 Life Crystals when Yang Ling had applied for his residential permission in Winter City. Now that he needed more than 300,000 Life Crystals for the dracaena, he was worried about how he would get the money.

“Oh right, I almost forgot that I have some good stuff from the Molten Dragon earlier.” Lin Huang patted his head in an act of chastising himself as he recalled that. He took out the stuff from his storage s.p.a.ce ring to see what was worth selling.

Most of them were molten crystals that piled up to the size of a small hill. The molten crystal was a crystal mineral with fire attributes that was usually formed in spiritual lava. The more spiritual lava there was, the more of such crystals would be formed. Of course, there were different grades of the molten crystals. Those that were formed for more than 100 years would be beginner grade, ones that have been formed for more than 1,000 years would be considered intermediate grade and those that have been formed more than 10,000 years ago would be expert grade. There were also rare ones that were the mineral of the molten crystal which was the ultimate grade.

There was a ma.s.sive amount of fire energy in the crystals. Humans with fire attributes could absorb the energy to convert it into Life Power. However, the main function of the crystals was not that. Instead, it was to provide a variety of energy to large-scale equipment similar to petroleum and coal on Earth. Most of the demonic crystal s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps and trains got their power force from the molten crystals. In reality, most demonic crystal equipment used the molten crystals as their energy source. Compared to other crystals, the force of the molten crystal was more powerful with a simpler conversion process.

However, the usage of the molten crystals was less common than petroleum and coal on Earth as the number of such crystals was much lesser. As it was rare, not everybody could afford it. The beginner grade was affordable as one year worth of Life Crystal pieces could be exchanged for one kilogram of molten crystals while the same amount of intermediate grade molten crystals would require 10 years worth of Life Crystal pieces. For the expert grade molten crystals, one kilogram would cost 1,000 complete Life Crystals while the ultimate grade would cost ten times more.

The quality of molten crystal could be seen from the color. Those with dark red spots would be beginner grade while those that were a shade of wine-red without any spots would be intermediate grade. Those that were b.l.o.o.d.y red would be expert grade. It was said that all expert grade molten crystals were b.l.o.o.d.y red but Lin Huang had no idea how to tell them apart. However, based on the color, all the molten crystals in the storage s.p.a.ce ring should be at least an expert grade but Lin Huang was not sure if anyone them were ultimate grade.

“This pile of molten crystal should be at least 70 to 80 tons. If there are all expert grade, they would be the equivalent to at least 70,000 to 80,000 Life Crystals. While the ultimate grade would be the mineral of the molten crystal, I heard it’s rare, so I don’t think there’s any here.” Lin Huang struck out the possibility of the existence of ultimate grade crystals from the pile that he had.

“If I manage to get 70,000 to 80,000 Life Crystals from here, I’ll need another 200,000 more…”

He then looked at the relics in the storage s.p.a.ce. There were more than 100 weapons and another 100 pieces of armor, all in good condition. It was obvious that the Molten Dragon treated them as collectibles. However, those were grade-1 and grade-2 relics. There were hardly any grade-3 relics. Lin Huang calculated all of them. He could get more than 100,000 Life Crystals if he sold all of them as second-hand items. If that happened, he would have 200,000 with him.

“I’ll need at least 100,000 more…” Lin Huang then looked at the Emperor’s Heart Rings in the storage s.p.a.ce. There were thousands of them.

“It would be great if I could take out the items from these Emperor’s Heart Rings.”

“Master, don’t you have a friend who makes Emperor’s Heart Rings? He should be able to unlock them,” b.l.o.o.d.y, who was in his sleeve, heard his mumbling and suggested.

“Oh right, how could I forgot about Yang Ling?!” Whether Yang Ling could do it or not, Lin Huang decided to ask him anyway.

He changed his face to Ye Xiu again and called Yang Ling. The phone was trying to connect for almost one whole minute before Yang Ling finally picked up. In the video, the skinny Yang Ling was wearing gray underwear with serious panda eyes. He looked exhausted.

“I just went to bed, can’t you let me sleep?”

“n.o.body asked you to live like this. It’s eight in the morning now. Why are you still sleeping?!” Lin Huang wanted to say, “Wake up and get high with me…” but that might reveal his real ident.i.ty. After all, he did not know much about the travelers in this world. He was not sure if they were friendly. Since he was still young, he might bring trouble to himself for getting in touch with other travelers out of nowhere.

“What’s up? Tell me quickly, I’m very sleepy.” Yang Ling had to entertain Lin Huang as he was an old customer, so he could not afford to be rude.

“Could you unlock Emperor’s Heart Rings that don’t have an owner?” Lin Huang did not want to beat around the bush so he asked directly.

“You meant a dead person’s Emperor’s Heart Ring? I can unlock them but there must be at least 100 rings,” Yang Ling yawned.

“Of course there’s an exception where the ring owner is immortal-level or higher, then I can take the case.”

“How do you charge?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“You will get 70% while I’ll get 30% of the items in the ring without any extra charges. If there’s nothing that I want in the ring, you can pay me with Life Crystals.” It was clear that Yang Ling had done that before.

“30%? Can it be less?” Lin Huang thought that 30% was too much.

“30% isn’t too much. Without me, you get nothing out of the ring.” Yang Ling looked obnoxiously at him.

“Moreover, I charge the same to everyone. Not only Division7, those who are in Division1 to Division3 pay the same rate.”

“Alright then. How do you do it? Should I go to you?” Lin Huang agreed.

“Don’t trouble yourself. Just send me the serial number will do,” Yang Ling said.

“How many do you have? I don’t accept less than 100 as it’ll be too much trouble,” Yang Ling added.

“More than 1,000, I guess. I don’t have the exact number.”

“So many of them! Did you dig their graves?” Yang Ling teased.

“What?! I didn’t dig any graves, I just robbed a monster,” Lin Huang said.

“Oh right, send me the serial numbers and don’t send me photos just because it’s more convenient for you,” Yang Ling warned.

“What difference does it make?” Lin Huang planned to arrange the rings and take a picture as that would be definitely faster than sending the serial numbers one by one.

“Of course there is. I’ll have to key in the serial numbers myself if you send a photo. That’s too much trouble and a waste of my time. I can copy the serial numbers directly if you send it to me by text. That’ll save a lot of my time.” Yang Ling was honest.

“You’re such a lazy b.u.m.” Lin Huang was speechless.

“Thank you dear, for your compliment. I’m going to bed now. Bye!” Yang Ling hung up straight away.

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