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Chapter 357: Unlocking The Emperor’s Heart Ring

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After having breakfast and cleaning the kitchen early in the morning, Lin Huang returned to his room on the second floor. There was an opened golden box next to his bed with a bright red monster egg nestled in it. Lin Huang held the monster egg and started to insert his Life Power into it. Since the first day of bringing the monster egg back, Lin Huang had to do this once every day. It was now the fifth day.

On the first day, this monster egg could only absorb one Life Wheel of Life Power and did not need any more than that. On the second and third day, its need started to increase incessantly. It needed two Life Wheels of Life Power and three Life Wheels of Life Power on the second and third day respectively…

It was now the fifth day. Lin Huang inserted four Life Wheels of Life Power into the monster egg and found out that the monster egg’s capacity for Life Power was still vacant, so he proceeded to insert more. Until the fifth Life Wheel in his body was empty, the monster egg rejected any more Life Power.

Lin Huang knew that the more Life Power the monster egg absorbed, the better its innate foundation was. It mirrored the same principle of having sufficient nutrient to positively affect the fetus’s congenital development during a woman’s pregnancy. There was only one Life Wheel in the body of a normal person. The Life Power inserted every day was limited and was not likely to satisfy the monster egg in general. However, that did not apply to Lin Huang as he had 10 Life Wheels in his body. Even if his Life Wheels were insufficient for the monster egg, he had three more Life Power Refill Cards. There were five Life Wheels on the card previously but since he had used the five Life Power Storage Card, the Life Wheels on the Life Power Refill Card had increased to 10 Life Wheels now.

The hatching of the monster egg would take one Life Power insertion for an egg that was not mutated, while those with single mutation would need two to three times. Meanwhile, those with double mutation would need four to six times while triple mutated ones would need eight to ten times. The one which Lin Huang was holding was a triple mutated monster egg with phoenix blood, so it needed eight to ten days to complete the hatching. It had only been five days and he was not in a rush at all.

As soon as the monster egg was saturated with Life Power, Lin Huang put it down and walked towards the balcony. He then summoned the Gun Master game pod. After entering the game pod and activating the game, Lin Huang built a personal training s.p.a.ce directly and opened the virtual projection function while he imported the tutorials that Lin Xuan had recorded. Lin Xuan’s virtual projection appeared in front of Lin Huang very quickly. The projection looked exactly the same as Lin Xuan himself. The projected figure took out a SilverPhoenix16 swiftly and demonstrated the gunfighting technique.

Although it was a recorded video and Lin Xuan knew that the speed of the video was adjustable, he went through it three times slowly. The first time was at the normal speed, the second time was to scrutinize the breakdown of the actions while the third was to reenact the parts which were harder to understand individually. After watching the whole tutorial set, Lin Huang started the practice of the gunfighting technique…

It was the second set of intermediate gunfighting technique that he had learned from Lin Xuan. He only took two days to master the first two gunfighting techniques. The intermediate level gunfighting techniques were not exactly useful to him but he wanted to build a concrete foundation. That was why he decided to learn the intermediate level ones that he had yet to master.

Besides practicing gunfighting technique for the past two days, Lin Huang had been waiting for news. One of the antic.i.p.ated news was about the unlocking from Yang Ling while another was about the dracaena from Yi Yeyu. He spent more than two hours to key in more than 1,300 serial numbers to Yang Ling two days ago. It had been two days but there was still no news from Yang Ling. There seemed to be no news from Yi Yeyu about the dracaena as well. Luckily, Lin Huang had found something to pa.s.s his time with, so he did not panic. The game pod was connected to the communication function of his Emperor’s Heart Ring, so he was not afraid that he might miss their calls while he was training the gunfighting technique.

His phone rang when it was almost noon. It was Yang Ling who called.

“Finally, you call.” Lin Huang shut down the game and walked out of the game pod while changing his appearance to Ye Xiu before picking up Yang Ling’s video call. Yang Ling looked much more energized than he did two days ago.

“I have actually completed it at 3 a.m. two days ago but I guess you must have been sleeping, so I didn’t contact you. I slept all the way till 7 p.m. and was busy with my ladies, then I forgot about you. I was too tired last night, so I slept early. I just woke up and contacted you immediately,” Yang Ling smiled as he explained.

“You must be really busy .” Lin Huang shook his head.

“Do you need me to recommend some ladies to you? Tell you what you like, I’ll definitely satisfy your needs,” Yang Ling smirked as he talked about women.

“So, is pimping your part-time job now?” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

“Hehe… Just tell me, as your bro, I’ll definitely get you a good one.” Yang Ling grinned.

“No, thank you,” Lin Huang declined straightaway.

“What’s wrong? You’re not young anymore. Do you plan to be a monk?” Yang Ling observed Lin Huang who was in Ye Xiu’s body, which was his 25-year-old look on Earth. He looked matured.

“What’s wrong with being a monk? It’s better than you dying from having too much s.e.x,” Lin Huang shot back.

“Alright, let’s talk business,” Yang Ling giggled and changed the topic.

“You’ve sent me a total of 1,359 serial numbers. I’ve unlocked all of them and parked them under your name.”

“Parked them under my name? Won’t the Union Government find out about this?” Lin Huang frowned, hoping that Yang Ling was messing with him. If the Union Government found out about this, his Emperor’s Heart Ring would definitely be sealed and Ye Xiu’s ident.i.ty might be put under investigation as well.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any issue within three days but you’ll have to transfer all the items within 72 hours. After that, all the information on the Emperor’s Heart Rings will be returned back to the original owners, so n.o.body will find out about it. About the rings, find a place to destroy them.” Yang Ling was an expert in this.

“So, how do I give you the 30%?” Lin Huang was relieved.

“I have taken a look and there’s nothing worthy in there. You can calculate the value and convert them into Life Crystals, then transfer them to me.” Yang Ling did not seem to bother too much about it.

“Sure.” Lin Huang nodded.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang took out one of the Emperor’s Heart Rings and tested it on his finger. It was activated.

“It’s really been unlocked!” Lin Huang was over the moon. He opened his storage s.p.a.ce immediately and started to transfer the items…

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