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Chapter 359: Leng Yuexin Levels Up To Crimson Flame-level

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It was past eight in the morning when the Silvertongue Bird visited as Lin Huang was cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

“Delivery! Please get your parcel!”

Lin Huang washed his hands and wiped them dry before getting the door. Seeing that the door was opened, the Silvertongue Bird looked up at Lin Huang.

“Good morning, your delivery is here. Please sign!”

Lin Huang grabbed a bunch of candies and glanced at the item list and the boxes that the bird was taking out before scanning his Emperor’s Heart Ring. The delivery system in Winter City, a B-grade foothold, was much more advanced compared to the rest as one did not have to sign using their hand. Instead, they could just scan their Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“Thanks!” The Silvertongue Bird flew away quickly. Lin Huang picked up the boxes and put them inside his storage s.p.a.ce ring and lay them out again when he returned to the living room. The boxes were the items that he had redeemed from the Union Government’s military warehouse using his training points. He could not wait to open them all.

“A grade-5 sword relic Demon Slayer, a grade-5 gun relic Sky Phoenix, a grade-5 defense relic Niello Armor…”

He had spent more than 130,000 points to redeem a couple of customary equipment from the elite troop. Although they were just equipment, they were all top-notch ones which were nothing less than most custom-made equipment. The examiner Zang Bing was a gold flame-level human who wore a customized Niello Armor. Without any special needs, Lin Huang could wear the armor all the way until he reached gold flame-level.

After redeeming three grade-5 relics, he was left with less than 10,000 points so he redeemed some explosive equipment and the rest were used for Life Crystals until he spent all of his points. It was 8:30 a.m. when he was done going through the items. He felt frustrated as he recalled the conversation with Yi Yeyu last night as he did not want to get in touch with the Mystery Organization but that was the only way to get the dracaena. He then convinced himself to call Leng Yuexin.

She picked up the video call a while later. She still looked as cold as ever with her short, black hair just like the first time they met. She did not seem to change the slightest bit since half a year ago.

“Morning, have you had your breakfast?” Lin Huang did not know how to ask for the favor upfront, so he started neutrally. Although they were friends, compared to Yi Yeyu, Leng Yuexin always kept her distance.

“Yes, I have.” Leng Yuexin nodded and smiled after a while.

“You seem busy for the last six months,” Leng Yuexin said.

“Yes, I’ve been busy working on my combat strength.” Lin Huang smiled back and nodded awkwardly.

“I heard about you being in the Demon Slayer Legion training two days ago. You got first place?” Leng Yuexin asked.

“Yes, I did but it’s nothing. All I got was a pet monster egg, but it hasn’t hatched until now.” Lin Huang did not expect her to know about this.

“Your speed of leveling up is fast. While it’s a good kind of busy, don’t push yourself too hard. Stabilize your combat strength before getting to holy fire-level.” Leng Yuexin did not sound like she was talking to Lin Huang as a senior but more like dis.h.i.+ng out advice from a friend.

“Yes, I understand. I won’t be leveling up to holy fire-level in a short period of time.” He had been occupied recently and did not have the time to think about leveling up at all.

“Do you need anything from me?” Leng Yuexin knew that he did not call just to chat.

“I would like to get into the Mystery Auction,” Lin Huang finally revealed his purpose of calling, “There’s something that I need and only they have it.”

“Mystery…” Leng Yuexin frowned. She knew that Lin Huang came to her as only royal families of certain levels could get into the auction. Even regular royal families could not even get into it, let alone Lin Huang who was just an ordinary person.

“Is it too much trouble?” Lin Huang noticed that she looked troubled.

“It’s not that. Mystery does filthy business. I’ve been there once with a friend and we saw something unpleasant, so it was the last time we visited the auction,” Leng Yuexin explained.

“Then, it’s alright since I’m not in a hurry. I don’t really want to get in touch with the people in Mystery.” Lin Huang did not want to force her to do anything that she was unwilling to. He wanted to unlock all of his monsters before leveling up to holy fire-level but he could also do it after he had leveled up. Moreover, besides dracaena, he needed to unlock the Ruthless Sword Master and the Viridescent Thunderhawk. Plus, b.l.o.o.d.y had yet to achieve its full skills. It was unnecessary for him to focus on Charcoal for now.

“It’s alright, I can bring you there,” Leng Yuexin agreed anyway.

“I haven’t been going out ever since I leveled up to crimson flame-level a few months ago. It’s good to get some fresh air.”

“You don’t have to be at the auction for fresh air. I could go somewhere else with you since I’m quite free,” Lin Huang suggested.

“Let’s just go to the auction. Sometimes, we have to do things that we don’t like. Besides, they have many things over there. Perhaps, they have the stuff that I’m looking for,” Leng Yuexin insisted.

“Alright then…” Lin Huang knew she said that with the intention to just bring him around.

“Thanks, I’ll treat you to a meal when we meet… No, I’m troubling you this time, so I’ll handle all the fees!” Lin Huang felt generous.

“It’s okay, you can treat me a meal as long as you bring me to somewhere with good food. I’m very bad at that. I see many people giving fake reviews on the Heart Network. I went to some outlets that have high scores but they were so bad,” Leng Yuexin complained.

“It’s not accurate to trust the scores. You have to look at the reviews but some of them are definitely fake,” Lin Huang teased.

“If it’s good, then it’s good. If it’s bad, then it’s bad. What’s the point of writing fake reviews?” Leng Yuexin shook her head.

“I’ll handle that. I’m sure you will be satisfied.” Lin Huang realized that his tone sounded like Yang Ling’s especially the last sentence, so he diverted the topic immediately.

“There are still 42 days to the auction, so when do we meet?”

“I have pinned the location there on my dimensional relic. I can bring both of us there. I’ll pick you up three days before the auction starts. Just send me your address. Let me book you a hotel room since you’re not familiar with the place. You can pay me back when the auction is over.” Leng Yuexin knew Lin Huang would not let her pay for the hotel room, so she suggested it herself.

“Sure, it’s a deal.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Oh yeah, I can lend you Life Crystals if you don’t have enough for the items that you want,” Leng Yuexin initiated.

“I should have enough. We’ll talk about it if I really need more by then.” Lin Huang thought that she was such a sweet lady.

“See you then.”

“Yes, see you.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang started clearing the items that he had transferred from the other Emperor’s Heart Rings. He was not sure if he could acc.u.mulate enough Life Crystals for the dracaena.

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