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Chapter 362: The Monster Egg Has Hatched

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was 10:30 p.m. and Lin Huang had killed Lin Xin more than 90 times in the Gun Master ring after four hours. He decided to stop the game. On average, she was defeated in less than three minutes each time and Lin Huang pointed out her weaknesses after every battle ended.

“Let’s stop here today. We shall proceed tomorrow after dinner.” Lin Huang logged off.

From the battles, he could see that Lin Xin’s foundation was good but the lack of battle experience caused her to perform some minor mistakes. Her biggest problem was not the mistakes itself, but not being decisive when battling. There were many times when she could definitely seize the opportunity to kill her opponent but she was not decisive which made her fall into a dilemma. Lin Huang had repet.i.tively reminded her of the same thing — that enemies were enemies on the battlefield, no matter human or creature. She must use the fastest way to kill them; no sympathy was allowed or else, she would be the one who died.

To allow Lin Xin to understand the idea fully, Lin Huang killed her again and again without mercy. She was tough on the inside but appeared soft on the outside. Had it been another girl, she would be crying after being defeated for a few times and stop training but the more she battled, the braver she got. Lin Huang took a shower and went to bed after logging off while Lin Xin repeated what he said in the training, “Show no mercy in battles…”

For next few days, Lin Huang praised her gunfighting technique during the day and battled with Lin Xin after dinner at night. After the second day, he could sense her determination. She was less indecisive whenever she attacked. It was clear that his tough training had taken effect on her. After putting mercy aside, Lin Xin improved tremendously. She could fix all the weaknesses that Lin Huang pointed out quickly and her abilities were getting better day by day.

As four days pa.s.sed, Lin Huang could no longer kill her in one hit while Lin Xin managed to score first place in the first exam at school. Her graduation exam was getting closer, so Lin Huang stayed at home with her. The exam was the biggest one that Lin Xin ever had in her life, so he had to be a good brother to be with her. There were many things that he needed to handle but he put them aside as he wanted to focus until Lin Xin finished her graduation exam.

In recent days, the Hunter a.s.sociation had released news of the appearance of a double mutated sword type monster. However, there was nothing about the ancient bird monster’s blood. On Friday morning, Lin Huang inserted Life Power into the golden monster egg as usual after he washed up. The aura of the monster egg was getting more and more obvious the past few days, so he knew that it was soon that the egg would hatch.

“It’s been 12 days. Even a triple mutated monster usually takes less than 10 days to hatch…” Lin Huang shook his head helplessly.

This monster egg which had the appet.i.te of a phoenix egg’s was getting bigger. Its Life Power needed an additional Life Wheel each day. It was the eleventh day yesterday and it still did not stop absorbing all the Life Power in Lin Huang’s body. Noticing that something was wrong, he immediately refilled two Life Wheels of Life Power in his body using the Life Power Refill Card. The monster egg was only fully satiated after he inserted the eleventh Life Wheel of Life Power into it.

This time, as he was inserting the ninth Life Wheel, he refilled another five Life Wheels of Life Power. As expected, the monster egg absorbed all twelve Life Wheels of Life Power and stopped. He was relieved, then he put the monster egg back into the box on his bed head and got ready for breakfast downstairs. Suddenly, he heard a cracking sound. He looked down and noticed that there was a fine crack in the monster egg.

“It’s hatching!” Lin Huang was pleasantly surprised. He cradled the monster egg in his arms. Later on, a few more cracks appeared. He knew that it was the nestling pecking from the inside. There were more and more cracks in the sh.e.l.l like it was gla.s.s being knocked by a heavy item. Cracks soon filled the entire surface of the sh.e.l.l. Just when he was imagining how would the nestling look like, the golden eggsh.e.l.l broke entirely and transformed into a golden dot, then entered the body of the emerged yellow nestling that was the size of a palm.

Lin Huang looked at the nestling on his palm. It was as fluffy as a chick. Besides a tuft of purple feathers on its head, it was no different from a chick that had just hatched. He looked at it for a while and could not recognize what kind of bird it was.

“Chirp…” The nestling looked at Lin Huang curiously, leaped and landed on his shoulder.

“That’s fast!” With his powerful vision, he could only see a blur that moved. He was astonished. A triple mutated monster was really different from the others!

The nestling rubbed its head on his face to show its affection and leaped again. It bit his finger and blood flowed out. Just when Lin Huang attempted to retract his hand in shock, the nestling pecked on its own claws and placed its claws on his wound. He thought that it was behaving strangely when he saw a golden light going into his body, then he felt like something was added to him. A notification from came from Xiao Hei.

“A legendary-level monster Seventails (nestling) has been detected. Would you like to make it into a card?”

“This is a triple mutated monster, so it will be sealed if I make it into a card. Am I right?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, as your authorization isn’t sufficient. Although it’s just a nestling, it’s a legendary-level monster. Once it becomes a card, it will be sealed immediately.”

“Then, I shall not make it into a card for the time being.” Lin Huang shook his head.

He was happy to have a pet and he did not want it to be sealed. Moreover, Lin Xin would be over the moon to see it. If not for her, he would not have been able to provide the Life Power that the monster egg needed, so Lin Huang planned to give her this monster egg as a gift. A triple mutated monster with phoenix blood was rare and would be the perfect pet for her. However, the level of the triple mutated monster egg was too high. The lowest hatching standard would require a gold-level Life Power, which would take forever for Lin Xin to level up to. Besides, the monster egg was a living thing that could not be kept in the Emperor’s Heart Ring’s storage s.p.a.ce and it was inconvenient to bring along. That was why Lin Huang decided to hatch it himself and get another pet for Lin Xin in the future.

“Did you say that this monster is called Seventails?” He finally found out what this little fella that looked like a chick really was.


Lin Huang then summoned b.l.o.o.d.y to get it to tell him more about the Seventails.

“Seventails is a triple mutated monster with phoenix blood. It has a high concentration of phoenix blood in its body and its ability is similar to a sky dragon. Even a nestling that’s just been born is already on holy fire-level. It will evolve into a bird with nine tails if the concentration of blood increases. By then, it’ll be a real phoenix blooded creature – a Ninetails…”

b.l.o.o.d.y’s explanation was detailed.

“My biggest concern is what does it eat?” Lin Huang did not have to feed summoning monsters that were in card form. However, this nestling would die if it did not eat.

“Seventails is an omnivore and it eats almost everything. Meat, fruits, vegetables and even energy stones such as Life Crystals,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained.

“Can I feed this nestling anything as well?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, the monster’s digestion is different from humans’. Don’t worry about it.” b.l.o.o.d.y nodded.

“Alright then, that should be easy.” Lin Huang was relieved to hear that.

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