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Chapter 363: Crispy Texture

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Despite already knowing that the Seventails was an omnivore, the kind of food that it ate was far broader than Lin Huang could ever imagine. At first, he was feeding it human food and it gobbled all of it. Although it was just the size of a palm, the amount of rice that it ate was more than the amount Lin Huang and Lin Xin could eat combined. He did not think it was odd and fed it anyway. However, there was one day when it accidentally dropped the bowl of rice onto the floor. It then hopped off from the table and ate both the spilled food and the broken bowl.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin were shocked to see that. He even asked b.l.o.o.d.y if eating a bowl would affect a Seventails. However, b.l.o.o.d.y a.s.sured him that it was not a problem. Since then, the little bird would intentionally peck at the bowl and eat the chipped pieces after it was done with the food. Not only bowls, it started packing away at plates and mugs… Soon, it even started eating mirrors and windows… It then started chomping away on the gla.s.s door on the balcony…

It did not seem to let go of anything that was crispy or crunchy. Clueless, Lin Huang asked b.l.o.o.d.y for a solution for this. As soon as b.l.o.o.d.y listened to his description, it gave its speculation after some thought, “The Seventails’ favorite food is energy crystals of all kinds. Perhaps, when it accidentally ate the broken bowl, it gave him the sense that it was eating energy crystals. To solve this issue, I think you can feed it with energy crystals.”

Doubtfully, Lin Huang tried feeding it Life Crystals. To his surprise, the Seventails preferred Life Crystals compared to any other food. It was full from merely two to three Life Crystals each day and would not break anything else after eating.

It was in June a few days after settling the Seventails’ dietary needs that Lin Xin finally took the graduation exam. The three day-exam ended quickly and she was confident in herself. Since Lin Huang’s training with her for the past few days, her battle abilities had improved tremendously.

“How was your exam?” Lin Huang only asked her after the exam had ended three days later.

“I got full scores for the battle and guns exam. For my cultural studies, even if I don’t achieve full scores, I will get at least 97%,” Lin Xin gave a firm answer.

The battle and gun exams were scored on the spot but the scores would still need reviewing. Although she had attained full scores for both tests, the final score would depend on the review after the examiners watched the videos. On the other hand, the cultural studies would be marked within three days, so the results would be out soon. It would also take around three days to know if she would be qualified to enter the college.

Three days pa.s.sed by swiftly and Lin Xin received her final results. Her total score in the battle module was 200 which was full score. The extra score for the gun test was 100 and she had gotten full scores as well. For cultural studies, she received 391 out of 400 points. She scored 691 out of the 700 total score. She was informed that her score was tied at first place with another boy in Winter City. Lin Huang gave her a thumbs up when he saw her results as he was quite certain that she would be qualified to enter the Martial Hunter College.

As expected, Lin Xin received the admission notice from the Martial Hunter College two days later. Within the same period, she had also received quite a number of invitations from other colleges. She had finally completed her graduation exam and it was 20 days before the Mystery Auction. Since they did not have enough time for a vacation, Lin Huang decided to bring her to the White Capital. Because his dimensional relic could not bring them so far away within one trip, they transited a couple of times and arrived in the White Capital at noon.

They checked into a hotel suite that was next to the Martial Hunter College and had lunch before going to the college. The college was an open school where it welcomed visitors. In reality, most of the programmes were available for sitting in as long as one did not disturb the The college was so huge that they did not manage to finish the entire tour in the entire afternoon. However, it was obvious that Lin Xin liked the school’s atmosphere.

After dinner, Lin Huang brought her shopping. He wanted to get Tyrant some clothes too. Initially, he thought it would be difficult to find suitable clothes for Tyrant. However, he found a store selling plus-sized clothes. He even got Tyrant, who was 2.5 meters tall, to try the clothes in the fitting room. Although Tyrant could not adapt to wearing clothes, he conformed anyway. His intelligence made him realize that it was obscene to be naked in public.

After purchasing some clothes, Lin Huang got Tyrant to put on a black suit with a pair of He was now Lin Huang’s bodyguard. To avoid attention, he changed Tyrant’s golden skin color to the usual peachy human skin color. Lin Xin was puzzled when she saw the bodyguard who had appeared out of nowhere. She only realized that Tyrant was Lin Huang’s summoning monster after his explanation. She then scanned Tyrant up and down. Besides being intimidating and large, Tyrant seemed to be just like an ordinary human.

For the next few days, Lin Huang got Tyrant to shop with Lin Xin instead. On one hand, Tyrant would be her bodyguard and on the other, it was for Tyrant to practice adapting to the human world while following Lin Xin. Meanwhile, Lin Huang headed to the location with the three double mutated sword type monsters before the auction started. The Ruthless Sword Master had killed all three of them while Lin Huang received three completed double mutated sword servant cards.

One was a sword type ice monster called the Frigid Swordswoman. The other was the Hatted Swordsman that was good at twin and multiple-sword techniques, known for having a peculiar attack technique. The last one was the Sword Knight which was armed with a s.h.i.+eld and a sword and had a great defence ability. The three sword servants were double mutated monsters. However, they could not be summoned before Lancelot was unlocked.

Lin Huang’s concern was that there was no news about the ancient bird monster blood at all. The amount of ancient monsters was rare, so there was not many of them that were captured by humans. Furthermore, even if they were captured, people would usually sell the entire monster carca.s.s instead of just the blood.

Two weeks had pa.s.sed after the three sword servants were settled and it was now a few days until the auction started. Seeing that Lin Xin was enjoying herself in the White Capital, Lin Huang figured that they should stay there considering that the White Capital was the safest city in Division7. After some serious consideration, he got Kylie to be her bodyguard. With Kylie’s speed, it was easier for her to handle the various types of potential dangers.

He wanted to get Seventails to stay as well but since it was connected to his soul, it could not leave too far away from him, so he had to bring it along. After settling his errands, Lin Huang brought Tyrant back home as it was time to meet Leng Yuexin…

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