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Chapter 364: The Rules of the Mystery Auction

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The doorbell rang as Lin Huang finished his breakfast early in the morning. It was Tyrant who opened the door as Lin Huang was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

“Erm, does Lin Huang stay here?” Leng Yuexin was confused when she saw Tyrant at the door, thinking that she had gotten the wrong house.

“Yes, please come in.” Tyrant took a step back, gesturing for Leng Yuexin to come in. Tyrant had heard from Lin Huang that they were expecting a guest. Looking at the human lady, he was sure that she was the visitor that Lin Huang was talking about.

Leng Yuexin was stunned for a moment before she walked in.

“Please give me a minute, I’ll be out soon.” Lin Huang was almost done with cleaning in the kitchen when he heard the both of them talking. Leng Yuexin peered into the kitchen when she heard his voice.

“Are you doing the dishes?” Leng Yuexin asked as she saw Lin Huang piling the plates.

“Yes, I’m done. Take a seat, let me wash my hands.” Lin Huang drained the water in the basin, washed his hands with soap and turned around to wipe his hands with the cloth on the dining table.

“What would you like to drink? Juice or tea?” He asked with a smile when he saw Leng Yuexin standing next to the dining table.

“I’ll have juice,” she answered without thinking twice.

“Sure!” Lin Huang nodded and took out a pastel mug with cute rabbit prints from the cabinet. He then poured the freshly squeezed juice from the refrigerator and pa.s.sed the mug to her.

Leng Yuexin took the mug and stared at it for a while, then she gawked in puzzlement at him.

“My sister bought this mug two days ago. It’s a long story…” Noticing the way Leng Yuexin was staring at him, Lin Huang explained helplessly. Ever since all their plates and mugs at home were eaten by the Seventails, Lin Xin initiated to buy new ones by herself but he did not expect all of the items to be in pastel colors with girly cartoon prints on them.

“It’s…nice,” Leng Yuexin commented with a raised eyebrow, then took a sip. The both of them returned to the living room and she started staring at Tyrant again. She kept thinking that there was a peculiar aura from Tyrant. Finally, she could not help so she asked, “May I know who this is?”

“His name is Tyrant. He’s my summoning monster buddy,” Lin Huang beamed while introducing Tyrant.

Leng Yuexin was surprised at Lin Huang’s answer. She finally figured out what was with the peculiar aura. Besides being abnormally large in size, Tyrant looked no different from a human. That was why she did not realize that he was a monster.

“Hi,” Tyrant giggled.

“Hi!” Leng Yuexin was dumbfounded for a moment before responding.

“A white flame-level human-form monster that can talk, it must be at least double mutated…” Leng Yuexin thought to herself.

After chatting for a while, Leng Yuexin summoned her dimensional relic while Lin Huang brought Tyrant along. As they pa.s.sed through the relic, the three of them arrived on top of a tall skysc.r.a.per.

“So, this is Haitian City?” They were looking out at a blue ocean stretched in front of them. Haitian City was an grade foothold with a huge inland sea. Those who stayed by the ocean could see the beautiful sea that touched the sky. That was how the city was christened Haitian City.

“Yes, the Mystery Auction’s headquarters is here,” Leng Yuexin confirmed.

Considering that Lin Huang could not fly, Leng Yuexin gave up the thought of jumping from the building and took the elevator instead. As they got out of the building, Lin Huang turned around and realized that the building was a huge mall.

“The hotel that I booked isn’t far from here.” Leng Yuexin walked in between the both of them after leaving the building. Around seven to eight minutes later, the three of them arrived at the entrance of a luxurious hotel.

After checking themselves in, they brought Tyrant along to the room. The three of them stepped out of the elevator when they arrived on the 117th floor. They were staying in rooms 27 and 28 across each other.

“Get settled in your room. I’ll come to get you later,” Leng Yuexin opened the door to room 27 and said to Lin Huang before shutting the door.

Lin Huang scanned his keycard on the door and entered with Tyrant. It was a huge suite, even more luxurious than most of the hotels that he had ever stayed in before.

“It seems like you won’t have to sleep on the carpet for these few days,” Lin Huang teased Tyrant with a smile when he found out that there were a few bedrooms in the suite. When Tyrant was at home, he would always sleep on the floor in the living room as its gigantic body could not fit on the couch.

“This is a good carpet,” Tyrant stepped on the carpet and chuckled happily.

“You can sleep in the bedroom.” Lin Huang pointed at the second bedroom.

“I’d like to sleep on the floor. It’s bigger,” Tyrant shook his head and declined.

“Up to you then…” He did not know Tyrant had such an odd preference.

“Seventails loves eating mugs and Tyrant loves sleeping on the floor. Will other monsters have different peculiar preferences?” Lin Huang thought to himself. He was satisfied after bringing Tyrant to tour the suite. There were three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen. The rooms were big and totaled to almost 3,000 square meters. The biggest one was the living room which occupied 800 square meters of the suite. The master bedroom was s.p.a.cious too. There was a balcony that was three meters wide in the south and was connected to the living room. There was a bathtub measuring three meters long in the bathroom.

“I can soak myself in the bathtub tonight!” Lin Huang’s favorite part in the entire suite was the bathtub. Soon, Leng Yuexin knocked on his door.

“It’s not bad here,” Leng Yuexin looked around and commented as she entered.

“Please take a seat.” Lin Huang pa.s.sed her a gla.s.s of juice.

She stared at Tyrant that was sitting on the floor.

“Don’t mind him, he likes sitting on the floor.” Lin Huang rolled his eyes.

Tyrant nodded like Lin Huang was complimenting him. After tossing a bottle of green juice to Tyrant, Lin Huang got himself a bottle as well and sat on the single-seater, his back facing the balcony.

Leng Yuexin took a small sip of juice and placed the gla.s.s on the coffee table. “Let’s talk about the things that you should take note of at the Mystery Auction.”

Lin Huang took a sip of his green juice and put it down.

“The Mystery Auction is an auction exclusively for the royal families. They send out invitations to prestige and mid-range royal families around two months before the auction starts. They include the items that will be auctioned in the invitation, but not those that are sold underground. Those royal families that don’t receive the invitation will have to apply for an invitation by themselves. Most of the mid-range royal families will pa.s.s the application. However, the lower-range ones will need someone to help or else, they won’t be able to join.”

“Our family is considered a prestigious family in Division7 and we receive their invitation every year. If any of us in the family need anything from the auction, we can go to the auction. Those who hold the invitation can bring three visitors with them. The both of you will be the two visitors that I’m bringing this year. However, visitors are not eligible for the bidding. If you would like to bid, you’ll have to go through me. I’ll be the one doing the bidding, paying and receiving of items. So, just tell me if you need anything.”

“Got it!” Lin Huang nodded.

“There’s another rule that you should follow. n.o.body is allowed to fight in the auction. Even if you meet the person who killed your parents at the auction, you’ll have to settle that outside the auction or else, you’ll be punished. If anybody steals the items on auction, the person will be considered dead to Mystery and will be killed on the spot. Even if the person managed to escape, the person will be tracked down and killed…”

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