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Chapter 365: Kill All! Rob All!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fang Wen’s coat blew in the wind and there was a thumb-sized black metal plate on the collar. Right at the center on the back of his coat, there was a white circle. Printed within the circle was a design of a purple crow perched on a tree branch.

It had been almost a month since he started wearing the Purple Crow coat. He had almost died of boredom in the past one month.

“I’m so bored… I can’t leave the base and I can’t look for a woman. I have to read the organization handbook repeatedly every day. I have to attend for ideological education…” Fang Wan grumbled and yawned.

“Yes, you’re right. It’ll be better if they a.s.sign some tasks to us.” Li Li forced a smile and nodded in agreement.

Both of them had become reserve members after joining the training camp since last October. It took them about half a year to level up to holy fire-level. They were now official Purple Crow members and they had a rather fast leveling speed.

It had been almost a month since they changed into the Purple Crow coat. However, both of them were still staying at Division7’s base and not a single task had been a.s.signed to them.

“Why are both of you being so impatient? As a new official member, they’ll work on your mind for three months,” a young man beside them advised, showing his crooked teeth, “Both of you have two more months to go.”

“Two months later? My p.e.c.k.e.r is about to burst…” Fang Wen leaned forward on the table and continued to grumble, “It has been a month since I last touched a woman.”

“Be patient. I heard that there might be some tasks for us in the next few days,” one of the men with said.

“What’s the point? Our training period has not ended. It’s not our turn yet,” Fang Wen said as if he cared for nothing.

“It’s not necessarily so,” the man with said with an inexplicable smile.

“Lu Yuan, do you have any inside information about it?” Li Li immediately asked.

“Hehe, if I’m not mistaken, you’ll know about it later.” The man with kept them guessing. Even if they continued asking, he was unwilling to reveal anything.

At 8.30a.m., a man with a stern face entered. He was of average height and wore the Purple Crow coat as well. The black metal plate on his collar indicated that his ident.i.ty was just like the others. He was also an official member of the Purple Crow. However, as soon as he entered, about 30 of them in the room kept quiet and sat down in their own seats.

The man’s name was Xiao Ze and he was the trainer of the new members. Although they were of the same level in the organization, the people in the room were somehow afraid of him.

Xiao Ze walked to the platform, clearing his throat and said, “There’s no cla.s.s for today. Two of the executives from the headquarters will be giving a speech later. So, please pay attention to them, be disciplined and sit properly!” Having uttered these words, he gazed upon the people with poor sitting posture.

Fang Wen and the rest noticed that and immediately sat up straight. They had to obey Xiao Ze as they had learned it the hard way.

Fang Wen and the rest of them thought that Xiao Ze was the same as them since he was also a Purple Crow official member at the beginning. They had made too much noise during the first lesson and Xiao Ze had slapped them on the spot. They then knew that they were not on the same level; Xiao Ze was actually already on gold flame-level. He was halfway through to achieving immortal-level. Those who were on white flame-level would have no way to fight him. Since then, they became obedient.

“There are executives coming from the headquarters? Sir, do you mean that they are on immortal-level?” One of them immediately raised his hand and asked.

“Yes. Therefore, all of you have to do well later as they might a.s.sign a task to you,” Xiao Ze affirmed, “No matter who is chosen by them, you have to be alert. Don’t become their burden. Otherwise, don’t blame anyone if you’re killed.”

The crowd that was initially excited immediately calmed down as soon as they heard the last sentence.

Everybody knew very well that what kind of organization the Purple Crow was. The immortal-level elites had the right to decide the death of the regular members who were only on holy fire-level. Even if one was killed simply because they did not like you, the organization would not look into it. The murderer would be warned at most.

Initially, everyone was happy when they heard that they could leave the base if there was a task a.s.signed to them. After listening to what Xiao Ze said, they instantly felt that it was not safe to go on a mission with the immortal-level elites.

“Sir, may I know what the task is?” Fang Wen raised his hand and asked as he did not want to stay on the base any longer.

“I don’t know. Most of the organization’s missions are private. Only those who join the mission are qualified to know. Two of the executives will explain the details of the mission to all of you later.”

“During the mission, is there free time for us?” Fang Wen raised his hand and asked again.

“Yes, if both of the officers agree. Otherwise, if they don’t agree with you and you leave the team on your own, it’s your fault if you’re killed.” Xiao Ze stared at Fang Wen as he heard that. He was afraid that Fang Wen would put them in trouble if he happened to leave the base. The trainer had to bear the responsibility if anything happened.

Fang Wen then put down his hand.

Soon, a few of them asked more questions related to the content of the mission.

At about 9.10a.m., two men were escorted by the staff into the room. Both of them were also dressed in black coats. However, their collars were inlaid with a red crystal. It was sufficient to show that the both of them were from the Purple Crow headquarters and that they were elite members.

All the Purple Crow elite members were super strong and were on immortal-level.

Both of them looked young. The one on the left was rather muscular with a height of about 1.8 meters and short hair. He had shallow dimples on both of his cheeks when he grinned. He looked like a sporty young man that was about 20 years old. The one standing on the right was thin and tall. He had a height of about 1.85 meters and fair skin. He somehow appeared like a student who had just graduated or a tutor who had just started his job.

In short, both of them were a lot younger than many of them in the room. Had they not been dressed in their coats, perhaps most of them would think that they were just ordinary young men.

The room was silent as soon as the both of them entered. Xiao Ze bowed slightly and moved aside. They then took over the platform.

The man in short hair walked towards the platform and said, “This is a private mission. n.o.body is allowed to reveal anything about this. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t want to join the mission is given one minute to leave now.”

The man in short hair took a glance at Xiao Ze as soon as he finished his last word.

Xiao Ze and another staff immediately left the room. There was an uproar among the crowd. However, among the 30 new members, none of them decided to leave.

“One minute has pa.s.sed. There’s no time for you to leave now.” After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, he briefly introduced himself, “My name is Yang Yang. The one standing next to me is my partner, Lin Jian.”

After introducing themselves, Yang Yang gestured to the man in the “He’ll explain the details of the mission.”

Lin Jian nodded and walked to the platform. He kept quiet for a moment and asked, “Do you want to kill the royal members?”

Everybody was stunned. However, as soon as one of them shouted “yes”, the rest of them followed.

“That’s good. It’s because our mission today is to kill the royal members!” Lin Jian grinned and began to explain the exact contents of the mission, “Currently, there’s an auction for the royal members at Haitian City. The name of the auction is called Mystery Auction. Those who partic.i.p.ate in the auction are middle-cla.s.s royals or even higher cla.s.s royal families… Our mission is simple. The Mystery Auction is our target. Kill everyone who joins the auction and rob all the collections in the auction!”

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