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Chapter 366: A Boyfriend?

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There was a powerful organization from Division2 that was there to back the Mystery Auction up. After all, it was attended by all the royal members as well as the high-cla.s.s royal families, so basically, n.o.body would dare to create trouble at the auction.

Everyone knew very well that creating trouble at such an auction would be pitting oneself against the royal members. It would even offend one of the powerful organizations in Division2. Even the underworld organizations that were normally the enemies of the royal family dared not do such a thing at the auction.

Also, the Mystery Auction was heavily guarded every year. There would be two guards on immortal-level. One of them would be stationed on-site while another would guard the warehouse where the items were kept.

The auctioneer, the guards, and even the ceremony presenter girls were on holy fire-level. There were about 30 of them. The rest of the staff a.s.sistants were on complete gold-level.

Aside from that, half of the royal members who partic.i.p.ated in the auction were on holy fire-level. They brought along their bodyguards, so the number of people on holy fire-level was definitely in the hundreds.

This was also the reason why the difficulty level of attacking such an auction would be comparable to that of infiltrating an grade foothold. They had no idea why Purple Crow had chosen to accept such a difficult task. Nevertheless, n.o.body knew about the Purple Crow’s plan.

After leaving the ruins, Lin Huang had finally learned all the remaining mid-level gunfighting techniques from Lin Xuan over the past 40 days. He began learning gunfighting techniques of higher level since the last two days.

In the Gun Master game, the consumption of Life Power was real since it was one of the high-grade VR games. This was unlike the Hunter arena where it required only the insertion of will for a virtual character to then be created.

These days, the practicing of Lin Huang’s gunfighting techniques had drained a large amount of his Life Power. The number of times when the Army Attack Tactics was activated was almost the same as when he had practiced it alone previously. His Life Power had been subconsciously compressed during the practice.

Despite one and a half month not being sufficient enough for Lin Huang to level up to complete gold-level, the concentration of his Life Power was, nevertheless, twice as higher as before. He noticed that as well.

These days, the consumption of Life Power for the learning of high-level gunfighting techniques got more intense for him. He was confident that he could achieve complete gold-level within two months.

A few days before the auction began, it was very crowded at the stalls around the exhibition hall. Many of the traders took the opportunity to earn a living as they knew that those who attended the auction would be the rich from the royal families. Regardless of its worthiness, as long as they displayed newfangled gadgets, they could still sell it at a good price. A minority of them had the courage to sell counterfeit products too. They immediately ran away after they had earned enough credit points.

Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin walked around those stalls on the first day. They bought nothing and were not interested in the stalls after checking them out.

Two days later, Leng Yuexin knocked on Lin Huang’s door during lunch hour. She asked him to look for a restaurant for her. The rest of the time would be their free time during which Lin Huang had been practicing high-level gunfighting techniques in the hotel room while Leng Yuexin attended two social events.

n.o.body actually knew that she was going to the auction. However, when she walked around with Lin Huang on the first day, she b.u.mped into her friends. All the royal families then knew that she was going to attend the auction. Over hundreds of people had invited her. She felt that it was rude to reject them and managed to accept only two of her close friends’ invitations.

Three days had pa.s.sed and soon, it was the day for the auction to officially begin.

Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin had their breakfast early in the morning. They then left the hotel, heading towards the auction house. The distance from the hotel to the auction house was less than 300 meters, so the both of them as well as Tyrant arrived in a few minutes on foot.

The auction began at 9 a.m. sharp and the auction house would be opened at 8.30 a.m. When the three of them arrived, it was not even 8 a.m yet.

Outside the hall, there were thousands of people waiting. Of course, not all of them were royalty. Aside from the royal members and guards, there were many reporters.

As soon as Leng Yuexin appeared, an uproar broke among the crowd.

The members of six of the royal families were unapproachable to many of the people who came from smaller royal families.

The reporters were familiar with Leng Yuexin as she was one of the best hunters among the young generation in Division7. She was only 19 years old and had already achieved crimson flame-level. Also, she was the idol of many teenage girls. Not only that, many of the young men from the royal families in Division7 admired her.

Many of them noticed that Lin Huang walking with her. As for Tyrant, the people ignored him despite the fact that he was a hulking, muscular guy. Be it his appearance or attire, he somehow looked like a bodyguard.

Some of the reporters immediately came up to interview her.

“Miss Leng, who’s the young man standing next to you?”

Lin Huang originally thought that Leng Yuexin would answer, “He’s just a follower.” Unexpectedly, she said, “He is my friend.”

The reporters then continued asking, “Is he your boyfriend?”

Right at the moment when the reporters asked that question, many of the royal members s.h.i.+fted their gaze towards Lin Huang.

“I’m just a follower,” Seeing that Leng Yuexin had become the reporters’ focus, Lin Huang then explained and took a glance a Tyrant. Tyrant immediately made his way through the crowd, leading the both of them and they ditched the reporters.

Arriving at the entrance of the auction house, the security guard scanned Leng Yuexin’s Emperor’s Heart Ring. The small door then opened and she was allowed to enter.

It was a privilege granted to the six royal families. Even all other high-cla.s.s royal members that were invited had to wait until 8.30 a.m sharp before they could enter.

The people felt envious, seeing that Leng Yuexin had brought along the two of them into the auction house. Some started checking Lin Huang’s background. They were astonished. “He’s definitely Mr. Fu’s disciple. He managed to hook up with Miss Leng!”

Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin did not care about their chatter. They were guided by one of the staffs and entered VIP room 3.

“Miss Leng, let me know if you need anything else.” The holy fire-level staff bowed respectfully and left.

The VIP room was not big as it only spanned 100 square meters. There was a layer of specially-built biogla.s.s between them and the auction room. Looking outside from the room, it was transparent, but if one was to look in from the outside, only a layer of a silver mirror surface could be seen. It stopped anyone from spying on them.

The decoration in the room was fairly simple. In front of the gla.s.s window, there was a luxury sofa and a small tea table in front of it. There were some fresh fruits being served as well. In addition to that, there was a refrigerator with a variety of drinks and desserts like ice cream in it.

“The auction will begin at 9 a.m. It’s still early. Tyrant, do you want to eat anything? It seems like he wasn’t full during breakfast. We can order food here,” Leng Yuxin told Lin Huang.

“He likes dessert. I’ll just get him an ice cream.” As soon as Lin Huang finished his sentence, he took out a large ice cream from the refrigerator and gave it to Tyrant who accepted it happily. Other than meat, dessert was his favorite, especially ice cream.

“I’ve almost forgotten that most monsters like dessert.” Leng Yuexin glanced at Tyrant who was carefully eating his ice cream, feeling amused. “Please get me an ice cream too.”

Lin Huang pa.s.sed her an ice cream. He thought for a while and decided to get one for himself as well. “It has been almost a year since I last ate an ice cream…”

Three of them then waited for the auction to begin while eating their ice cream…

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