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Chapter 37: First To Complete The a.s.sessment

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Seeing the short-haired man leave, Lin Huang did not stay too long on top of the Snowy Mountains.

Climbing to the top may have been difficult but going down was much easier.

Although Bai’s Blood Power wings could not fly, he most certainly could glide. Now that his Blood Power was at level-2, his wings were five meters long on each side and they would expend to a maximum of 20 meters in combat mode. They were not heavy, both of them were slightly over 100 kilograms put together.

Lin Huang spent some time to fold his tent into a strip of cloth and strapped himself in front of Bai. He then activated Bai’s combat mode, walked towards the cliff and leaned forward, falling off the cliff.

The Blood Power wings on Bai’s spread open.

Lin Huang felt the pull of gravity but within a few moments, they began to glide. As he looked down, all he saw were layers of clouds.

Soon they pa.s.sed through the clouds and Lin Huang could see the Snowy Mountains from beyond the horizon.

The mountains and rivers beneath him seemed so much smaller from the top. Even the foothold was the size of his palm.

“This is what I’m talking about! Woohoo!”

Although he looked ridiculous as a pa.s.senger strapped onto Bai, Lin Huang screamed at the top of his lungs because he was extremely excited. He had always wanted to try extreme sports like parachuting when he was on earth but he never got the opportunity to do so.

He finally got the chance to experience it in this world instead.

As they got closer to the ground, he could feel his adrenaline skyrocket. “Now, I finally understand why people love flying in the air, this feels amazing!”

They did not glide for too long. Within 10 minutes, both of them arrived in the vicinity of foothold No.7D121.

Bai wrapped his wings above them to form an umbrella and they slowed down as they gently landed. Pedestrians were frightened by the Blood Power wings on Bai’s back because they could recognize he was a vampire.

“You can leave now, I’ll report to the Hunter a.s.sociation.” Lin Huang did not want to upset people so he recalled Bai. The cloth that strapped him to Bai was automatically removed. He then picked the piece of cloth up and threw it into the dustbin beside him.

He then activated his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

The ring’s function was restored as promised. Lin Huang opened the map and found the hotel where Yi Yeyu was at and proceeded to walk in the direction of the hotel.

10 minutes later, Lin Huang arrived at the entrance of the hotel and walked to the reception.

The receptionist was a tall and beautiful lady. Seeing Lin Huang walk in, she professionally asked, “Hi sir, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for Miss Yi Yeyu, could you get her for me please?”

“Sure, please give me a minute.” The lady receptionist tried to reach Yi Yeyu’s Emperor’s Heart Ring at once.

She then informed Lin Huang, “You can look for her in Room 308.”

“Alright, thank you.” Lin Huang thought it was strange that she was in Room 308, it was the same room Tyrant destroyed.

He went directly to Room 308 and saw that the door was already opened.

Lin Huang closed the door after himself and noticed the same big hole in the room’s ceiling. He asked, “Why didn’t you change to another room?”

“That’s too much trouble; I’m leaving in a few days anyway.” The hole in the ceiling did not bother Yi Yeyu at all. Instead, she was looking at Lin Huang, “I didn’t expect you to be the first one to complete the a.s.sessment. Although it took you a good seven days with your physique, I’m impressed. I thought you’d take more than a week to climb the Snowy Mountains.”

“I’m the first one who completed the a.s.sessment?” Lin Huang asked in confusion, “Wasn’t there another guy who pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment before I did? He hasn’t reported to you?”

“No, you’re the first one.” Yi Yeyu shook her head.

“That can’t be, that guy got down from the Snowy Mountains before I did. The guy wore a red trench coat, had short hair and was very arrogant. Oh, he’s also an Imperial Censor just like me. The monster he summoned was a bronze-level Crimson Eagle.” Lin Huang described the guy for Yeyu.

“Oh, I know who you are talking about.” Yi Yeyu nodded and explained, “The guy you’re talking about is Bai Yan. He’s special, he does not have to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment but instead, he chose to. He would be a Copper Hunter after he registers with Hunter a.s.sociation.”

“Has Bai Yan arrived at this foothold? Did you see him just now?” Yi Yeyu asked Lin Huang.

“I met him on top of the Snowy Mountains, he rode on the monster he summoned down the Snowy Mountains.”

“Then I have no idea where he is, he didn’t report to me. You’re the first one.” Yi Yeyu shook her head.

“Oh yea, miss head-examiner, do you know what happened to Fatty, the other guy who was with me the other day?” Lin Huang was worried when he asked the question. He was worried that the answer what not what he wanted to hear.

“Oh, Fatty quit.” Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes and told Lin Huang what happened.

“I received a rescue alert on that day and saw him crying on the ground when I followed the signal to his location. I asked him what happened. He said you were eaten by an Undead Worm for saving his life and he begged me to kill the Undead Worm to avenge you. After I brought him back to the foothold, he rode an eagle and left on that day itself.”

Lin Huang was relieved after hearing that Fatty was still alive, “That’s great, I thought he was dead.”

“We have his contact information, if you’d like to contact him, you can have his contact details.” Yi Yeyu was searching for Fatty’s contact details as she spoke.

“Oh his name is Yin Hangyi, I kept calling him Fatty and forgot his real name…” Lin Huang tapped open his detailed information and added his contact number to his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“There’s still one more week until the a.s.sessment ends. You can leave if you’re occupied; just remember to register yourself at the Hunter a.s.sociation at foothold No.7C87. You’ll have to register by this year or else you’ll have to get rea.s.sessed next year. If you don’t have urgent matters to attend to, you can stay in this foothold temporarily. When the a.s.sessment ends, I’ll bring you to foothold No.7C87 to register. Your stay and food will be covered by the Hunter a.s.sociation.”

“I’ll stay.”

He decided to stay because he had told Lin Xin that the a.s.sessment would take half a month and everything at home had been arranged. He also wanted to kill more monsters in the wild zone to acc.u.mulate more Monster Card pieces and Life Light.

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