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Chapter 371: Fiends

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the entrance of the auction, three human-form monsters suddenly descended from the sky. It seemed like two of them were men and the other was a woman.

The woman was tall and dressed in black armor. Except for the red horn on the back of its head as well as the black tail behind it, there was not much difference between it and a human.

One of the men was as muscular as Tyrant whereas another man was slightly shorter. Nevertheless, it was still above two meters high. Similar to the woman, there were two black horns on the back of its head. It had a pair of red eyes but no tail.

Meanwhile, the monster next to it was a stout monster at the height of about two meters. There was a scaly pattern all over its arms and its brain was covered by a thin layer of blue, crystallized structure.

Apparently, the three of them were fiends from the abyss. Their combat level was on par with the dragonkin.

Soon after three of the monsters appeared, the security guards stationed outside the hall panicked. Just when two of them were about to inform the person in charge of the auction, they saw that the female fiend’s eyes had turned black abruptly. Outside the auction hall, more than 20 of the security guards were instantly shrouded in a black mist that appeared out of nowhere. The layer of black mist resembled a living element that slithered into their bodies through the noses and throats. After a few moments, the people’s faces turned black. About three seconds pa.s.sed before their body turned stiff, falling down onto the ground. They then turned into black powder that scattered around the ground as if they had been carbonized by high temperature.

The three monsters then casually walked across the dark area, heading towards the entrance of the auction house. Soon, they stopped in front of the door. They were blocked by an invisible protective s.h.i.+eld.

Two of the fiends with the horns then looked at the stout fiend standing next to them.


Letting out a howl, the stout fiend’s arms grew a few times larger and instantly slammed on the door of the hall forcefully.


A loud thud was then heard. Unexpectedly, a small crack appeared on the s.h.i.+eld created by the immortal-level.

However, the stout fiend obviously was not satisfied with the effect caused by his single hit. It then struck consecutively as if it would not stop until the protective layer was destroyed.

Its attacks caused the whole s.h.i.+eld as well as the entire auction hall to tremble.

Hundreds of meters away, Yang Yang instructed, “Let’s go!”

It leapt from the building and more than 30 of the Purple Crow members who were hiding nearby followed behind it. They then landed at the entrance of the auction hall.

Lin Jian’s body gradually appeared next to Yang Yang.

“The fat guy’s combat strength is quite good. In order to get rid of the protective s.h.i.+eld set up by the immortal-level, I have to put in some effort too,” Yang Yang complimented as he could see that in just a few seconds, the s.h.i.+eld was about to collapse.

“The Malachian Fiend is one of the low-level fiends. It’s been genetically modified by Professor Jin so that its defense as well as its attack power has become terribly strong. Despite the fact that it’s only on gold flame-level, the monster’s overall abilities are on par with those who are on immortal-level rank-2. Its combat strength is close to those who are on immortal-level rank-3. Of course, it’ll be easy for it to destroy such a protective s.h.i.+eld.”

“What about the other two monsters?” Yang Yang then looked at the monster with a horn at their side.

“Monsters with a single horn are female fiends. They have rather wicked abilities. The male fiend with two horns contains the actual blood of the low-level fiend in its body. Both are low-level fiends. Professor Jin has done the necessary modifications, so although their combat level is only on gold flame-level, their overall abilities are even stronger than that of the Malachian Fiend.”

“It sounds useful. Why not get a few more of them?” Yang Yang asked curiously.

“With the strength of my spirit, controlling three monsters is my limit. I originally thought that with my immortal-level rank-4 combat abilities as well as my unique spiritual talent, it’s not a big problem to control three immortal-level rank-2 fiends. However, I can hardly control an immortal-level rank-1. That’s why I’ve decided to change them to three gold flame-level monsters,” Lin Jian explained helplessly.

“How can that be? With the strength of your spirit, your limit is only three of the gold flame-level monsters?” Yang Yang’s eyes flew wide open as he knew that Lin Jian had extremely strong spiritual talents. In fact, it was a few times higher than his.

“I never expected this to happen too. I have to admit that the new batch of fiends created by Professor Jin is much stronger than the half-completed monsters he worked on previously.” Lin Jian shook his head helplessly.

While the two of them were chatting, the Malachian Fiend in front of them had been attacking the protective s.h.i.+eld.

Just when the protective layer was about to collapse, a loud voice boomed, “Who’s the troublemaker?!”

At almost the same time, a middle-aged man dressed in a black vest and wearing a black hat suddenly appeared above the auction hall in the sky.

The middle-aged man, Fei Yuan, was an immortal and he was the one who was responsible for looking after the auction hall. He was on immortal-level rank-5.

“Are they from the Purple Crow?!” Fei Yuan could recognize the coats that the people were wearing. He then said with disdain, “How dare the people from the Purple Crow try and profit from us?”

“What’s so good about Mystery Organization? Isn’t it an organization relying on the backup forces in Division2 and isn’t the auction just a cover for trafficking businesses and to carry out underground human experiments?” Lin Jian replied with a smirk. His voice instantly spread throughout half of the Haitian City as he did not use a transmitter deliberately.

“You’re spouting nonsense!” Fei Yuan’s face had instantly turned grave and he refuted. He never knew that Lin Jian would say this.

“Nonsense? You’re the children traffickers. You also make use of the adults to carry out genetic experiments. Almost 80% of the royal families know that. The reason why n.o.body has ever mentioned this is because they’re afraid that they’ll offend the backup forces in Divison2. It’s true that the Purple Crow is not a good organization. However, we’re not as hypocritical, at the very least, unlike you. Your organization looks good on the outside but you’re actually doing something horrible. Even the bad people like us are disgusted,” Lin Jian continued revealing the truth.

“Stop spreading unfounded rumors! The Purple Crow deliberately sends people like you, who can speak well, over here to create lies and mislead the public,” Fei Yuan was experienced in crisis management as he quickly refuted, “We’re a legal auction organizer. We’ve never done anything like you’ve said. Evil organizations like you aren’t allowed to criticize us.”

“Tsk tsk tsk… You sure can turn black into white. Mystery has made the right decision to have you guarding the auction hall. You’re such an eloquent speaker. It’s a waste for you to stay at Mystery. Join us. You don’t have to be a two-faced person anymore. You can do whatever evil you like and you don’t have to act as if you’re a good man. Think about it how tiring it is pretending to be a good man everyday,” Lin Jian persuaded.

“I don’t have time for nonsense!” Having uttered his last words, he brandished his golden battle sword, tearing the s.p.a.ce apart and plunging towards the three fiends.

At that moment, Yang Yang suddenly leaped and pounced on Fei Yuan.

“Hehe, you’re a sword player? Me too!”

A black, giant sword then appeared in Yang Yang’s hand out of nowhere. The long sword resembled a black moon and instantly crashed into his opponent’s golden blade…

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