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Chapter 372: Do You Want It? s.n.a.t.c.h It!

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A deafening blast was heard and half of Haitian City began to tremble.

The moment the swords collided with each other, the s.p.a.ce within the region that was a few meters away was distorted. The remaining energy resembled waves, spreading everywhere.

It was the consequence of cras.h.i.+ng into the immortal-level guardian. It was way more threatening than engaging in any of the battles with a holy fire-level.

Lin Jian immediately supported the protective s.h.i.+eld, allowing all the Purple Crow new members behind him to be enveloped by it. If he did not do that, the new members who were only on holy fire-level would not be able to survive the encounter with such a high impact within that short a distance.

However, the effect on three of the fiends was not significant. They did not retreat at all. The Malachian Fiend paused for a moment and soon, it continued attacking the protective s.h.i.+eld of the auction house as if it had nothing to do with the fight.

The layer of s.h.i.+eld that already had cracks all over it became even more unstable right after the energy waves struck it. In addition to the Malachian Fiend’s continuous blows, it seemed like the protective layer might break at any time.

Fei Yuan was worried that they might affect the auction and suggested, “We can’t do our best here. Let’s fight in the sky!”

Yang Yang then glanced at Lin Jian and the rest of them. Soon, he immediately nodded in agreement.

As soon as they were able to reach a consensus, the both of them immediately ascended into the sky and penetrated the cloud layers. A few moments later, growls that sounded like the rumbling of thunder were heard on top of the cloud layers.

At the auction, despite the crowd not being able to see how intense the battle was, the loud roar coming from outside could be clearly heard. So could their conversation in mid-air. All of them knew that they were being attacked by the Purple Crow and that they were all on immortal-level.

Many of them panicked. Even though they had never contacted one another, they had heard about what the scary Purple Crow had done before. Only a small number of them remained calm as they believed in Mystery’s ability to protect them. Meanwhile, a minority of them was confident in their own abilities.

“The Purple Crow is prepared for the fight. There must be more than one of them who’s on immortal-level,” Leng Yuexin said confidently in VIP room 3.

“If they manage to break in, they’ll definitely kill everyone here.” Lin Huang had stayed at the Purple Crow training camp before and he knew the organization well.

“Under normal circ.u.mstances, the regulators and the a.s.sistant of Haitian City will come over really soon. But it seems like the Purple Crow is ready for it. Otherwise, they won’t be so confident to go up against Mystery,” Leng Yuexin guessed, lifting her head and staring at the dome of the auction.

“Do you mean that we won’t have any backup?” Lin Huang frowned.

“At least for now, we won’t have any. It’s difficult to attack an grade foothold. However, if one’s intention is only to slow down the regulators and a.s.sistants, it won’t be too difficult for the Purple Crow.”

“This is not good news…” Lin Huang helplessly realized that the world was so dangerous. Strange things always happened no matter where he went. He simply wanted to attend an auction but he was now caught in an unexpected rare attack by the Purple Crow.

He was now worried that if he happened to into any Purple Crow members that could recognize him, the secret of him faking his own death would be revealed. Mr. Fu had promised him that the Purple Crow would not look for trouble with him and his family anymore. Perhaps, it was only about the matter of him joining the Purple Crow training camp.

If Hong Zhuang found out that he was still alive, she would most likely give him trouble. Lin Huang knew the woman very well and she would not let him go easily especially since the Purple Crow would not restrict the behavior of the elite members. Also, he was the one who had lied to Hong Zhuang, so it would now be considered their personal issue and had nothing to do with the Purple Crow. It was definitely not a good thing if the immortal-level noticed him.

“Why did the Purple Crow choose to attack them this year?” Lin Huang grumbled rhetorically.

“If I’m not mistaken, the Purple Crow must be here for the demiG.o.d brain. There’s no other reason for them to get into a fight.” Leng Yuexin thought that Lin Huang was asking her a question. She pondered for a while and answered, “Many of the powerful organizations have considered the demiG.o.d relics as a valuable treasure. The value of a demiG.o.d material will be deemed even higher. The item is actually quite appealing to the Purple Crow. Therefore, they have instructed the people who are on immortal-level to take it away. I suspect that the people on imperial-level from the Purple Crow are there to control the entire battle…”

A cracking sound was heard and the huge protective s.h.i.+eld eventually collapsed after being repeatedly attacked by the Malachian Fiend.

Before the three fiends could enter the auction hall, an old man with white hair blocked their way. He was skinny and dressed in a Chinese traditional costume with black designs. He was less than 1.7 meters tall, even shorter than the female fiend. He had prominent cheekbones and skinny arms. He looked like he was malnourished. Compared to him, the low-level fiend and the Malachian Fiend resembled two small mountains.

“The three of you shall stop here.” Impressively, the old man was the guard of Mystery’s warehouse, Hou Xu.

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Hou Xu struck a blow in the air. Without even touching them, he had rained three blows on the chest of three of the fiends at almost the same time. In the next moment, the fiends were thrown into the air as though bullets had been fired.

He had well mastered his power. The fiends created a parabolic curve mid-air and fell into the sea that was more than 10 kilometers away.

Clap clap clap…

The sound of applause was heard. The one who clapped his hands was another immortal-level Purple Crow member, Lin Jian.

“You are skilled indeed,” Lin Jian complimented.

“They’re just three gold flame-level monsters. Despite the fact that they’re fiends, their combat strength is relatively weak.” It meant nothing to Hou Xu. Again, he clasped his hands behind his back and studied Lin Jian. He could sense that he was on immortal-level as well. His intuition told him that it would not be easy to deal with him.

“You must be the guard of the warehouse. Only now you show up? Perhaps, you’re done cleaning up the warehouse?” Lin Jian adjusted his, gazing at the Emperor’s Heart Ring on Hou Xu’s left middle finger.

“Whatever you want is all in here. Do you want to take it from me?” Hou Xu then flipped Lin Jian his left middle finger. He smiled while wiggling his finger.

“Is the demiG.o.d in there too?” Lin Jian frowned and asked. The conversation went well and it sounded like two old friends chatting.

“Of course. Do you want it?” Hou Xu wagged his middle finger again.

“That’s great. I can save me some time. I’ve heard that it’s difficult to unlock Mystery’s warehouse. It’ll now be easier because…I only need to kill you…” Before he could even finish his sentence, Lin Jian disappeared abruptly…

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