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Chapter 373: The Fiends Have Not Died

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Lin Jian and Hou Xu instantly crashed into each other.

Energy waves were created out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it was suppressed by the both of them as they restrained it to a radius of a few meters around them. The Purple Crow members behind Lin Jian as well as the people in the auction hall behind Hou Xu were not affected.

“Yo, I didn’t know that you’re good in both ranged attack and close combat despite all your refined ways.” Hou Xu raised his eyebrows, looking at Lin Jian who had taken off his His eyes were bloodshot.

“I’m quite surprised though. Your body is kind of…” Lin Jian said with a sly grin on his face.

“Young man, it’s not right to judge a book by its cover,” Hou Xu immediately chided.

“You’re the one who started it first,” Lin Jian answered coldly.

“Alright, stop bulls.h.i.+tting me. It’s not easy to meet an opponent who’s so talented in ranged attack. Let’s find a place to fight!” Hou Xu was excited.

Listening to what Hou Xu said, Lin Jian grinned widely again. “That’s what I was thinking about too.”

Both of them then flew off into the sky.

Soon after they had left, three figures emerged from the sea that was more than 10 kilometers away, heading towards the auction hall. Unbelievably, the three fiends did not die.

Although they were severely injured, having handprints that had yet to be healed on their chests, the aura exuded by the fiends was no weaker than before.

Obviously, Hou Xu had never expected this to happen. Before drawing Lin Jian away, he thought that the fiends would have been killed. Such a disaster was unexpected.

“Young man, you’re evil enough. You knew that they’re still alive? That’s why you accepted my offer and drew me away!” Hou Xu soon realized that he was tricked.

“They were specially created. Their overall abilities are on par with those who are on immortal-level rank-2. They won’t die even if they are attacked at full force by those who are on immortal-level rank-4. You’re also an immortal-level rank-4 but your attacks earlier aren’t powerful enough.” Lin Jian smiled coldly.

“Get out of the way!”

Hou Xu did not want to bug Lin Jian anymore. His wizened hands instantly extended to about the length of a foot. His nails transformed into black-golden claws, tearing the s.p.a.ce around Lin Jian apart with his sharp nails and five black fissures appeared.

He was serious about his role. As one of the guardians of the Mystery Organization, he had to protect everyone in the auction hall. If people found out that those who joined the auction died there, perhaps n.o.body would dare to attend the auction anymore. If the organizer failed to protect their customers, of course, they would have no supporters.

“Why are you being so impatient? The die is cast. Let’s fight for a few minutes since it takes only two to three minutes for the three fiends to kill everyone in the auction hall.” Having uttered these words, Lin Jian’s eyes suddenly turned black. At almost the same time, his body split into two and soon, they were split into four and so on… As soon as he was split into 16 different bodies, he took a step towards Hou Xu.

“It is the ocular skill from blood inheritance… It seems like I’ve underestimated you.” Hou Xu’s face turned solemn.

“There’s no such thing as blood inheritance. It is a pair of eyes transplanted by gene technology. However, I have to admit that I am highly compatible with these eyes. I’m satisfied with a few of the combat skills that have developed.” Lin Jian’s 16 voices chimed at the same time. Even the movement of adjusting his was the same. Not even one bit of difference could be sensed.

“It’s just a small Illusion trick. Do you really think that I’ll be fooled?” Hou Xu laughed coldly.

“It seems like you don’t have a thorough understanding of the ocular skill. I’ll teach you a lesson today. Perhaps, this is the last time in your life to gain some knowledge…” Lin Jian sounded as polite as he used to be. However, his patronizing tone offended Hou Xu.

“It’s simply an unorthodox way. I can get rid of it with just one hit!” Hou Xu scoffed. His skinny body immediately expanded as if it was filled with air all of a sudden.

In just one breath, the wizened old man that was less than 1.7 meters tall had lengthened to almost three meters. He became a muscular man as he ripped off the Chinese costume that he was wearing. Not even a single piece of cloth was left on his body. The loose-fitting pants that looked like bloomers turned into extremely tight shorts, not even reaching his knees. The “old Beijing” canvas shoes that he was wearing had completely turned into powder form as well.

“It seems like s.h.i.+t’s getting real…” Seeing his opponent’s transformation, he was shocked. As soon as he recovered from his thoughts, he mumbled, “Perhaps, it won’t be considered bullying an old man if I killed him.”

The protective s.h.i.+eld at the auction house had completely collapsed.

The three fiends appeared at the entrance again. As soon as the Inferior Imp extended its hand, the door of the auction hall automatically opened as if it was being controlled by someone.

Everything at the auction hall was revealed.

There were the holy fire-level guards standing not far away from the entrance and the bidders holed up in the area near the stage.

Seeing the fiends entering the hall, the group of holy fire-level guards began to charge. A variety of colors flashed as they launched Life Power attacks at the fiends.

At that moment, the Inferior Imp extended its hand. An invisible s.h.i.+eld was formed in front of the fiend like an impenetrable wall. All the attacks were blocked.

Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin who were in the VIP room witnessed this phenomenal scene.

“The monsters are so powerful! They managed to block the attacks by more than 30 of the holy fire-levels.” Lin Huang frowned.

“They are fiends. Their abilities are on par with the dragonkin. From the aura they exude, it seems like they are on gold flame-level. Perhaps their abilities are comparable to those who are on immortal-level rank-1,” Leng Yuexin said with a straight face.

At this moment, the auctioneer, Kong Hao’s voice boomed, “Three of them are gold flame-level fiends. Perhaps their combat abilities are on par with the immortal-level. If we don’t fight them together, we’ll probably die here!”

Many of the holy fire-level bidders knew that Kong Hao was not exaggerating, so they joined the team to fight.

“I’ll help them out as well. Stay here and observe the situation. If something goes wrong, try your best to leave.” Leng Yuexin then stood up.

Lin Huang kept quiet. Without using his cards, he was incapable of engaging in such a battle. Even Tyrant, who had completed its unlocking, was only on white flame-level. He would be food to the fiends. In addition, the situation of the battle was not clear to all yet. Lin Huang decided to observe the situation for a while before deciding whether to use the cards or not.

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