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Chapter 374: Abnormally Modified Creatures

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was watching the battle from VIP room No.3.

If the crowd managed to solve the danger, there was no need for him to use his cards.

All those who were on holy fire-level at the auction hall stood up for themselves as they were convinced by Kong Hao. More than 300 of them joined the team and attacked the three fiends.

Soon, the protective s.h.i.+eld of the Imperial Imp began to shake and cracks even appeared.

“It seems like the large number of people we have now is against their advantage.” Lin Huang was slightly relieved.

Right at that moment, a group of Purple Crow members who wore black coats entered the hall. There were about 30 of them.

Seeing their presence, the people in the hall panicked. As soon as they realized that there were only a small number of them, they calmed down.

“Let’s split in two directions,” one of the Purple Crow members said. He did not care if the people at the auction house could hear him.

Soon, about 30 of the Purple Crow members divided themselves into two groups, entering the hall from the left and the right.

“They’re only on holy fire-level. Form a team of 30 and block their way from the left and the right!” Apparently, it was not the first time for Kong Hao encountering a regiment attack.

The bidders were then led by the auction guards in an orderly manner to form a team of about 30 each and headed towards the Purple Crow.

After being struck about 300 times, fissures were formed all over the Imperial Imp’s protective s.h.i.+eld. In about two to three seconds, the protective layer that was originally indestructible had collapsed.

Seeing the protective s.h.i.+eld destroyed, more than 300 of the holy fire-level bidders were spurred on. Their Life Power attacks became more intense. Aside from the Imperial Imp, the crowd’s attacks buried another two of the fiends as well.

After ten seconds, three of the fiends, who were struck by the Life Power attacks, did not counterattack or dodge. They did not even let out a howl.

“Are they dead?” In the VIP room, Lin Huang fixed his gaze upon the fiends. He vaguely felt that things would not be that simple.

The reaction the fiends was strange. Despite the large number of royal members, only a few of them had achieved gold flame-level. In addition, the attacks by 300 of them were scattered. They would not be able to defeat the gold flame-level fiends in just split seconds.

In fact, as soon as that thought arose in Lin Huang’s mind, the three fiends reacted.

The monsters gradually walked towards the crowd. They were not injured at all and there was a faint black mist coiling off from the surface of their body.

Lin Huang could clearly see that the attacks of the royal members were not rendered useless. Some of their attacks did hurt the three fiends. However, their bodies had instantly recovered on their own, transforming the Life Power into black mist and expelling it out.

“Their self-recovery ability is powerful. It’s somehow similar to Super Regeneration, yet it is even more powerful than that. They’re even capable of expelling the unusual energy from their body…” Lin Huang pondered strangely, “Three of the fiends possess the same abilities. Could it be an innate ability just like the dragonkin’s dragonflame?”

“Based on the results of the observation, three of the monsters are abnormally modified creatures. The modification deviates from their genes and their physique has been strengthened. They might even have been granted with new skills. Logically, such a modification shouldn’t exist… However, three of the monsters have been successfully modified. Indeed, that’s strange.” Xiao Hei’s voice was suddenly heard.

Listening to what Xiao Hei said, Lin Huang uttered, “Abnormally modified creatures? Isn’t the Advance Card a black technology that can abnormally modify creatures too? It can even modify species from one type to another.”

“The Advance Card operates based on the fundamental requirements of genetic evolution. Its operating principle is actually to track the origin of the monster genes, modifying them into the same type and creating a creature that is even stronger. For example, the genes of the dragonkin originate from the Ouroboros Dragon. It is a super strong monster that is beyond the protoss.”

“Ever since I’ve been activated, I’ve scanned through your memory. I found out that the Ouroboros Dragon is the same Ouroboros mentioned by many of the religions and myths on Earth. However, the concept of dragons didn’t exist in the past. Therefore, the people thought that the Ouroboros Dragon is actually a large snake. The Ouroboros Dragon eats its own tail all the time but will never die. It isn’t even affected by time, so it will exist forever. Such a monster possesses the power to create and destroy a world at the same time.

“It is said that the dragon family originates from the Ouroboros Dragon. Due to some unknown reasons, its genes were spread to the world, creating the dragon families.

“Based on the origin of the genes, the dragonkin monster card can be transformed into a state close to the Ouroboros Dragon genes. That’s why I said that my Advance Card fulfills the requirements of genes evolution.”

“Do you mean that Charcoal is a monster that’s capable of destroying the world in future?!” Lin Huang’s eyes flew wide open.

“As long as the evolution continues, theoretically, that’s possible.”

“It sounds so comforting…” Lin Huang’s mouth twitched. “Why are you telling me this? Do you want me to help out?”

“I’ll need you to capture at least one of the of the fiends for me as a sample. Perhaps, that’ll be useful for the research of monster evolution and modification,” Xiao Hei finally requested.

“Do you really want me to kill the gold flame-level fiends? You should know that even using all my cards, I can hardly kill them. Furthermore, there are three of them here. Killing any of them will attract the other two fiends,” Lin Huang said. He did not want to be involved in this matter since the Purple Crow and the Mystery Organization were evil. His plan was to rescue Leng Yuexin if the situation got out of hand.

Looking at the situation, the effect of the regiment attack was rendered useless. Six of them who were on gold flame-level blocked the fiends. If they were allowed to approach the crowd, perhaps n.o.body would have the ability to fight them.

Although the battle was two versus one, the humans held no advantage over them. They were pinned down by the fiends.

Despite the fact that they were all on gold flame-level, they discovered that their attacks had limited effect on the fiends. On the contrary, the attacks launched by the fiends could cause serious injury to the humans. Six of them were forced to dodge the monster attacks pa.s.sively.

When the rest of them knew that they were not capable of fighting the fiends, they then joined the team to take on the Purple Crow.

Even though the new Purple Crow members were all on white flame-level, they were ruthless. In addition to their sufficient preparation, they were hurling all sorts of equipment at the people. Only a few of them died. They had killed many of the royal members instead.

“It’s not going too well…” Lin Huang saw that Leng Yuexin was in one of the teams to kill the Purple Crow members. She was more skilled than the others as she managed to kill three Purple Crow members in a few seconds. However, it was meaningless even if all the Purple Crow members were killed because the fiends were still there.

“If you can help me to get the of the fiends, I’ll make an exception. I’ll give you the complete set of monster cards. You’ll be given one monster card for killing one monster. Killing the three of them, you’ll get three monster cards!” Xiao Hei remained silent for a moment before offering a deal.

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