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Chapter 375: Provisional Summoning Card

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Lin Huang could not reject Xiao Hei’s offer.

The fiends were about the same level as dragonkin since they were both one of the strongest types of monsters. A minority of them was even comparable to protoss of the same level.

Furthermore, the combat level of the three monsters was originally on gold flame-level. Upon transforming into monster cards, their combat level would be no weaker. That being said, he would have another gold flame-level monster as a fighter.

Lin Huang was eager to own a complete set of such monster cards.

“Alright, I’ll accept it!” Lin Huang accepted without hesitation. However, as soon as he promised Xiao Hei, he started to feel worried.

“The fiends will be able to get rid of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s Punishment Chain by using their physical strength. Even if the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card is used on Tyrant, only three cards can be overlaid at one time. It’s only possible to upgrade his combat strength from white flame-level to purple flame-level. Perhaps, he can barely defeat one fiend with that, let alone three. I have three one-time skill cards. However, I’ve only seen the process of Zhu Nian unleas.h.i.+ng his skill so far and he’s only a gold flame-level during that time. It’s less likely that I can kill fiends of the same level with one hit…”

“You have two Provisional Summoning Cards. You can summon a monster that is a level higher than the highest level monster card that you currently own.”

“The white flame-level monster card is the highest level card that I own. A monster that’s a level higher than that will be on immortal-level. Am I not restricted by my authority to summon a monster of this level?” Lin Huang remembered the system features. The combat level of a summoning monster used to be restrained by his own level and it could only be a level higher than the user’s combat level.

“That’s for regular summoning. Provisional summoning is rather special as the monsters will be summoned randomly. The summoning monster will only exist for one hour. Therefore, it isn’t restricted by your combat level.”

“Even if an immortal-level monster is randomly summoned, it can hardly kill three of the fiends.” Lin Huang frowned. “How’s the combat strength of the immortal-level actually differentiated?”

“Upon achieving holy fire-level, they can live up to 1,800 years. It’s one of the reasons why humans are known as Transcendents as soon as they achieve holy fire-level. At the immortal level, there’ll be a substantial increase in human lifespan. In order to achieve holy fire-level, one will have to extract Life Soul from the monster body in order to kindle Life Light. There’re a total of nine Life Lights. Humans can live an additional 360 years for each Life Light lit up. Lighting up the first until the ninth Life Light helps one in approaching immortality. This is the reason why it’s known as ‘immortal-level’.”

“Since the monster card of the highest level that you own is white flame-level, the summoning monster will only be immortal-level rank-1 when a Provisional Summoning Card is used. I don’t know what type of monster will be summoned. If it’s a dragonkin or protoss, it can possibly defeat the fiends. However, if it’s just an ordinary monster, it might be even weaker than the fiends…”

“I have five Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards on hand. Can they be used on the provisional summoning monster?” Lin Huang suddenly thought of the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards he had.

“Yes, you can use it. The Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card is applicable to all monsters. Once the Provisional Summoning Card is activated, it’ll turn into a provisional monster card that exists for only one hour. It is effective to use the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card here.”

“I can overlay three cards at most, can’t I?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, you’re right. The rules will not change.”

“It can then be upgraded to immortal-level rank-4. Even if an ordinary monster is randomly summoned, it’s capable of killing the fiends,” Lin Huang eventually came up with a solution to overcome the danger after discussing with Xiao Hei.

The situation at the auction hall was unpleasant. The team of royal members had failed to defeat the Purple Crow. Three of the fiends had taken the lead as well.

The Imperial Imp’s claws had penetrated through the chest of the gold flame-level. Despite not dying, he was severely injured and left the combat team as he could no longer fight.

Only the auctioneer, Kong Hao was fighting the fiend. The people on gold flame-level were fighting the other two fiends. They wanted to help him out. However, the two fiends had trapped them.

Despite Kong Hao’s experience, compared to the fiends, his combat strength was much weaker. When there had been two of them, they could barely fight the fiend. The situation became more dangerous as Kong Hao was fighting it alone.

All of a sudden, the Imperial Imp’s b.l.o.o.d.y eyes glowed, the light devouring Kong Hao and he felt like he was in an ocean of blood.

From the outside, his movement became sluggish. He was caught unprepared and the Imperial Imp’s claws pierced through his chest, pulling out a b.l.o.o.d.y red heart that was still pumping.

A squelching sound was heard. The Imperial Imp’s big, black hands that were transformed into sharp claws tightly grasped the heart. It was then pulverized into minced meat. The fresh blood splattered like ten fountains everywhere up to a distance of 10 meters away.

Right when this happened, everybody’s hearts skipped a beat.

After defeating the second opponent, the Imperial Imp then walked towards one of the gold flame-levels that was fighting the Witch.

Knowing that he had become the fiend’s next target, the gold flame-level immediately quit the battle. He headed towards the dome of the auction hall and dug a big hole. Soon, he fled.

In less than one second after he escaped, a moan of death was heard in the hall. A carca.s.s then fell from the broken vault. He was the person on gold flame-level who had just run away.

A sound was then heard coming from the dome.

“Don’t ever think of escaping. All of you will die here today!” Obviously, it was the voice of the man with who was from the Purple Crow.

“Is it true that they are going to kill us all…?” Lin Huang frowned.

Looking back at the auction hall, the fourth person who was on gold flame-level was killed by the Imperial Imp and the Witch.

He had an extra golden card in his hand. A black virtual shadow appeared on the front of the card. On top of the shadow was a question mark which was gold in color.

It was the Provisional Summoning Card that Lin Huang had never used before.

Without saying a word, Lin Huang directly crushed the monster card. The monster card then turned into a golden glow, forming a new monster card in Lin Huang’s hand. Lin Huang then took a glance at it. The card was purple in color and there was a black giant dragon on the front of the card.

There was a semi-transparent sandgla.s.s on the bottom right corner of the card. It started counting down the one hour he had left to utilize it.

“The Provisional Summoning Card is activated. You have obtained a chief-level provisional card — Infernal Dragon.”

“You’re quite lucky as it is a mid-level dragonkin that has gone through its third evolution.”

“Activate three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards.” As usual, Lin Huang instructed without a moment’s hesitation.

“Consumed Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card x3… The combat strength of Infernal Dragon is upgraded to immortal-level rank-4!”

Three of the golden glows then immersed into the summoning cards. The description of their combat strength on the back of the card was immediately modified.

“I’ll go now.” Lin Huang crushed the monster card in his hand again…

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