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Chapter 377: Wrong Judgement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was about to cry as he saw the mission that arrived so suddenly.

He was wondering why the people who traveled to this world had helpful Goldfingers while his Goldfinger always fooled him?!

It promised him that it only wanted the of the fiends for research purposes. Now, an unexpected mission had been a.s.signed to him to get the brain of the demiG.o.d.

Lin Huang, who had no means of getting involved in this incident, was being drawn further into the matter.

“Xiao Hei, I feel like killing you…” Lin Huang took a deep breath, calming himself down and said to Xiao Hei.

“The mission card is activated under special circ.u.mstances. Perhaps, you’ve accidentally activated that. Even after killing me, the mission card will still be activated. It’s not controlled by me.”

“Under special circ.u.mstances?” Lin Huang gazed at the figure that had just reached the ground and created a big crater in the ground. The mission was activated at the moment when the human figure descended to the ground. Perhaps, it was the reason why the mission had been activated.

“The guy who fell from the sky might be the immortal-level who fought them in the sky. He is not wearing the Purple Crow coat. He might be one of the guardians of the Mystery Auction,” Lin Huang surmised the man’s ident.i.ty.

He knew from Leng Yuexin that there were two immortal-level guardians at the Mystery Auction. One of them would have been stationed outside the auction hall whereas another would guard the warehouse. However, he was unsure which guardian this guy was.

“It looks like the old man is about to die…” Inside the big cavity, the old skinny man had blood all over him and he only had his underpants on. It seemed like he was about to die. Lin Huang hesitated while staring at the Emperor’s Heart Ring on the old man’s finger, wondering if he should kill the old man and keep his dead body.

While he was hesitating, the Infernal Dragon’s claw that was stepping on the body of the three fiends suddenly moved, climbing into the hole where the old skinny man was at.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Legendary level Skill Card — Heaven’s Wrath.”

Lin Huang was stunned as he heard a notification from Xiao Hei. He then recovered from his thoughts and knew what had happened.

“Eh, the old man is dead because the Infernal Dragon accidentally stepped on him?” Before he could even check the card, Lin Huang immediately summoned Spectre.

Upon receiving Lin Huang’s instruction, Spectre immediately plunged underground and reached the black dragon’s claw. It wrapped the dead body of the old skinny man and dove into the ground. A few moments later, it appeared in VIP room 3 along with the dead body without anybody being aware of that.

Lin Huang then recalled Spectre while glancing at the old skinny man’s dead body which had become deformed. He had a strange expression on his face. “You can’t blame me for your death since I’ve not decided whether to kill you or not. You can only blame yourself for lying in a wrong place… Erm… Anyway, it has nothing to do with me.”

Again, he glanced at the old man’s Emperor’s Heart Ring and found out that it was still completely intact. He then put the corpse into his storage s.p.a.ce.

The three immortal-levels exited the battle as they were defeated by the dragonflame.

One must not underestimate the dragonflame of an immortal-level rank-4 dragonkin. Perhaps, people on immortal-level rank-7 or rank-8 would not want to be tainted by the flames as well.

Despite the fact that dragonflame looked simply like a flame, it was actually a peculiar form of energy with extremely strong invasive abilities. It could release an intensely high temperature and at the same time, it could ignite the enemy’s Life Power. Aside from the magicians, basically, there was no way anyone could avoid this. The dragonflame would continue burning according to one’s will until the soul of the enemy was completely destroyed and they had died.

The three immortal-level humans were on three different sides of the sky. They then looked at the Infernal Dragon fearfully.

Aside from the dragonflame, a mid-level dragonkin’s ability must never be underestimated. Be it its body strength or power, the dragonkin was incomparable to all three immortal-level humans.

The Infernal Dragon’s burning eyes gave a deadly stare at the man hanging in mid-air. He was the man in who was dressed in the Purple Crow black coat. It could clearly sense that the black glow that had struck it was similar to the aura released by the man.

“It seems like things are getting complicated…” Lin Jian frowned, adjusting his He did not switch his gaze to the Infernal Dragon though. He looked around, including at the VIP rooms in the auction hall. “Based on the name list that I have, n.o.body who’s on immortal-level joined the auction…”

Theoretically, only an immortal-level Imperial Censor had the ability to summon an immortal-level rank-4 monster. It was because if there was a huge difference between the combat level of the Imperial Censor and the summoning monster, the monster might unilaterally tear up the contract. Be it holy fire-level or gold flame-level, it was impossible to control an immortal-level rank-4 monster, let alone dragonkin that was such a wild monster.

It was also the reason why Lin Jian predicted that there might be an immortal-level Imperial Censor at the auction. He had b.u.mped into some of the Imperial Censors and he knew very well that the dragonkin was not the biggest problem. It was the Imperial Censor instead.

It was impossible for an immortal-level Imperial Censor to have only one summoning monster. If the Imperial Censor had the ability to summon an immortal-level rank-4 dragonkin, he would, of course, be capable of summoning other immortal-level monsters. Since the unknown Imperial Censor was on immortal-level and capable of taming a dragonkin, his abilities could not be underestimated.

Lin Jian had made a wrong judgment due to his common sense. He would never have thought that the dragonkin with terrifying abilities was actually summoned by a young man that had not even achieved holy fire-level.

Sizing up the surroundings, Lin Jian could not find the Imperial Censor.

“Lin Jian, what should we do now? Should we kill the Imperial Censor?” Yang Yang frowned, looking at Lin Jian. He made the same judgment as well and immediately asked Lin Jian about it.

“Our time is limited. The regulator’s side can’t drag on for too long. It’s not wise to kill the Imperial Censor now. Furthermore, even if we have sufficient time, the both of us might not be able to defeat him. It’s difficult for us to fight the black dragon. Both of us might probably die here if there are a few other monsters.” Lin Jian a.n.a.lyzed the situation, “We must now grab the opportunity to take the old man’s dead body. If it’s possible, kill the man in armor as well. Although the old man in the Chinese costume admits that he stores everything in his Emperor’s Heart Ring, that might not be true. It might be kept by the man in the armor too.”

“What about the black dragon?” Yang Yang asked.

“Just control it. Don’t fight it face to face. We might possibly offend the unknown Imperial Censor if we do so. If more summoning monsters appear, we will be in great trouble.” Lin Jian directly gave up the thought of fighting it.

However, things were not as simple as he thought. The dragon was an arrogant monster. It could not accept any provocation.

The Infernal Dragon that was a mid-level dragonkin was arrogant as well. The attack launched by the man with provoked it!


It let out an angry bellow and the Infernal Dragon suddenly appeared. It opened its mouth widely and its golden dragonflame gushed towards the man with His body was completely covered by the dragonflame…

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