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Chapter 379: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dragonkins had extremely high resistance against soul attacks. Some of the dragonkins were even born with soul attacking skills.

The Infernal Dragon was one of them.

The Imprisonment Chain possessed the effect to seal souls, rendering the effect of soul attacks on the chain useless. This was also the reason why Lin Jian was afraid of it. He could not even fight back. If the chain touched his body, it would immediately penetrate through his body and his soul would be locked. When confronted by such chains, he could do nothing but dodge it.

Yang Yang was excellent in physical attack. He could use his relics to avoid the Imprisonment Chain from touching his body. However, to some extent, it would be dangerous to encounter the Imprisonment Chain for a person whose soul was not strong enough.

Not only would the Imprisonment Chain seal one’s soul, it would tighten around the soul as well. Naturally, the soul was an intangible object. Its form could be simply altered. However, when it was sealed by the Imprisonment Chain, it would return to its original form, turning into a human form which had a fixed volume. As the Imprisonment Chain tightened like a noose, the soul would experience tremendous pain. If the soul was not strong enough, it would be crushed.

Lin Jian was not exaggerating when he said that about four to five chains were sufficient to crush Yang Yang’s soul.

The two Purple Crow elite members did not hesitate when they encountered the attacks by the Imprisonment Chain in mid-air.

Yang Yang immediately slashed his sword, knocking all the chains aside. After he was warned by Lin Jian, he dared not touch the chains as well.

He protected Lin Jian and Lin Jian continued maintaining the speed of the rotating transparent film. He could sense that Fei Yuan was pivoting in the layer of film.

The dragonflames and the white mist began to revolve around the transparent film. Fei Yuan could not distinguish the direction at all. He had the strength but he did not know where to apply his strength to.

After several attempts, he could not find the edge of the dragonflames. Sensing that his Life Power was depleting, he knew very well that the probability of dying would increase if he stayed in there longer.

“It seems like there’s only one skill to use since I still have sufficient Life Power! There isn’t a single skill I can use later if my Life Power continues to drain like this.” Fei Yuan eventually decided after a moment of hesitation.

His body suddenly exuded a powerful aura. After a few moments, a large amount of Life Power gushed out of his body, forming a shadow in mid-air.

The shadow looked like a human dressed in black armor and had a height of more than 10 meters. The man in the shadow was grabbing a long sword that was about 10 meters long. It looked like a t.i.tan and the people could feel that something was not right from the aura it exuded. It was impossible that it was human.

As soon as the black armored giant was created, the cyclops eye on its head opened as if a beam of golden light was lit up. At the same time, the black giant blade in its hand began to glow. The black armored giant raised its sword with both of its hands. Just when the dazzling golden light radiated brightly, it slashed its sword.

A huge column of golden light instantly left the blade of the sword, streaking across the sky. It pa.s.sed through the white mist and golden flames and they were all cut into half.


A loud thud was suddenly heard and the golden glow eventually crashed into the layer of thin film.

The transparent film that had been rotating quickly only managed to hold for a short while and soon, it collapsed. The white mist began to disappear as well. Due to the inertia, the dragonflames began to form a huge, golden flaming tornado.

Fei Yuan then followed the direction of the tornado and finally, he could successfully free himself from the dragonflames.

Lin Jian was not surprised to see that Fei Yuan managed to get out of that. He slightly frowned and soon, his pair of eyes returned to normal. The golden flaming tornado that was lingering mid-air then disappeared on its own.

Knowing that not much of his Life Power remained and that he would not be able to attack the souls, Fei Yuan then shouted at the Infernal Dragon, “Mr. Imperial Censor, if you’re willing to kill the two Purple Crow members, you’ll be heavily rewarded by Mystery.”

He noticed that the black dragon was dealing with the people from Purple Crow. Under such circ.u.mstances, he no longer cared who the Imperial Censor that controlled the black dragon was. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Therefore, he suggested fighting them together.

Before the black dragon and the unknown Imperial Censor answered, Lin Jian said, “Mr. Imperial Censor, the Purple Crow has no means of pitting ourselves against you. The reason why we are here is simple. We want to kill two of Mystery’s guardians and bring back their dead bodies.”

“Yes, you can bring back their dead bodies but not their Emperor’s Heart Rings!” The black dragon’s voice rang out. Obviously, this was what Lin Huang had told it to say.

Lin Jian and Yang Yang’s facial expressions changed. It was obvious what Lin Huang was trying to say — leave empty-handed!

“Mr. Imperial Censor, don’t you think that you’re going too far?” Lin Jian’s face turned grave when he shouted.

“Alright, the brain of the demiG.o.d is mine. The rest will be yours,” the black dragon said again, “Perhaps, you can exchange something of the same value for the demiG.o.d brain, then I won’t get involved in this matter.”

“Stop talking nonsense to him. He’s just a useless brat. He needs his summoning monster to speak for him. He shows no sincerity in the negotiation,” Yang Yang scolded.

“Little brat, is that the way that you were taught to speak to your elders?!” Having uttered those words, the black dragon’s giant claws extended and penetrated through s.p.a.ce. It appeared in front of Yang Yang, pointing at his heart.

Yang Yang was terrified. However, he could not dodge it anymore and he had to slash his sword to defend himself against the attack. As soon as the giant claw collided with the black battle sword, Yang Yang’s body shot like an arrow and fell from mid-air.

Without Yang Yang, the black Imprisonment Chain was like tentacles that headed out for Lin Jian.

Lin Jian dared not touch the Imprisonment Chain at all and avoided it clumsily. Fei Yuan then seized the opportunity by using his Combat Soul to attack Lin Jian.

Lin Jian was in straitened circ.u.mstances right after he was attacked by the Imprisonment Chain. He was in great danger as soon as Fei Yuan joined the fight. While he avoided the Imprisonment Chain, the attack by the Combat Soul hit him and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yang Yang was blown away by the hit and he could see that Lin Jian was severely injured. He could no longer care about the possible injuries caused by the black dragon’s attack. He immediately transformed into a flash of light and joined the battle.

“Lin Jian, are you okay?” Yang Yang brandished his sword again to block the Imprisonment Chain’s attack.

“I’m still alive! I’ve contacted the three fiends. I asked them to bring along the dead body of the skinny old man and leave this place. Help me to block the Imprisonment Chain. I’ll launch a skill and kill the man in armor. We’ll then bring along his dead body and leave! We don’t have much time left. Don’t bug the Imperial Censor.” Lin Jian knew that the situation would not be favorable to them if the battle dragged on for too long.

“You have used it once. Are you sure that you can still activate it again?” Yang Yang asked worriedly.

“I barely managed to do it. The man in armor has almost used up his Life Power. I think it’s not difficult to kill him. However, I need your help to escape.” Lin Jian tensed up as he knew that he did not have any other choice.

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