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Chapter 382: Without the DemiG.o.d, the Imperials Would Be Throned!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Before the big hand could be completely seen, Xiao Hei warned Lin Huang who was in the VIP room.

“Warning: The aura of an imperial-level is detected. It’s targeting the Infernal Dragon and yourself, who’s in the VIP room.”

“Recall the Infernal Dragon!” Lin Huang immediately instructed. “Activate the Specific Transformation Card and transform Tyrant to the Spectre!”

The Infernal Dragon’s body that was floating mid-air immediately collapsed. Lin Huang had recalled Tyrant, transforming it into the Spectre, causing it to pa.s.s through the walls and dive underground.

When the big hand was about to attack the Infernal Dragon, the black dragon’s body disappeared and the big hand could capture nothing.

The second invisible, big hand then swept through the VIP rooms from left to right.

Byan Tian was shocked when he saw the Infernal Dragon’s disappearance. Still, he followed his plan and swept past the VIP rooms. 15 VIPs in 12 of the VIP rooms were captured and all of them were dead.

Before he could figure out who the Imperial Censor was, three different beams of lights streaked across the sky, heading towards Byan Tian.

Byan Tian then dumped 15 of them into his Life Palace and he was ready for the attacks launched by the three imperial-level attackers.

“Byan Tian, is the Purple Crow trying to challenge Haitian City?!”

Their voices spread through the entire Haitian City. Three of them then appeared in the sky above the Mystery Action as if they had teleported there in an instant.

The imperial-level hunters were finally here!

Without the demiG.o.d, the imperials would be throned!

It was one of the famous idioms among the people.

The imperial-level was the ultimate level that humans could achieve. A level higher than the imperial-level could only be achievable by G.o.d. Over the past 800 years, only a few of them managed to achieve that level in this world. A demiG.o.d would not easily show up if nothing serious was happening happened. One could say that the imperial-level hunters were actually the best that humans could achieve in this world.

This was also the reason why the organizations would usually try not to offend those who were on imperial-level. If a battle between them were to happen, they would not give up until one party lost the fight.

That was the reason why Byan Tian from Purple Crow did not want to show up in the past few days.

“Please don’t misunderstand me. I have no choice but to help them out. I don’t mean to set myself against Haitian City.” Byan Tian did not want to offend three of them. When he was attacked by three of them, he retreated as he fought back.

It was impossible for him to win the fight if he was attacked by three of the imperial-level. However, it seemed like three of them could not kill him as well. He did not quit immediately as he was trying to give the Purple Crow members sufficient time to leave.

Due to the battle between four of them, it was like there was an explosion in the sky. The people s.h.i.+vered from the remnants of Life Power given off from their battle.

Lin Huang who was in underground saw that the imperial-level Purple Crow member was blocked by three of the imperial-level hunters at Haitian City. He could see that two Purple Crow elite members and the rest of the ordinary members that were in the auction hall were about to leave.

“You want to leave?!” Lin Huang’s eyes flashed with a trace of fury. The Provisional Monster Card that was still counting down appeared again in the Spectre’s hand after it was transformed by Lin Huang. As soon as it crushed the card, the Infernal Dragon was released again.

“Let’s go!” Seeing the Infernal Dragon reappearance, Yang Yang did not hesitate. He grasped Lin Jian’s arm and immediately left. He no longer cared about the ordinary members in the auction hall.

As the black dragon and Imprisonment Chains reappeared. They created a huge net in mid-air and was about to wrap up the both of them.

Seeing the huge net approaching them, Lin Jian frowned.

“Yang Yang let me go. Both of us won’t be able to run away together.”

“No. Although I’m not a good person, I won’t leave my partner alone!” Yang Yang insisted to rescue Lin Jian.

“Don’t be stupid. You’ll be able to escape without me.” Lin Jian knew that he was Yang Yang’s burden.

“Stop bullsh*tting me. Let’s run together or die together!” Still, Yang Yang was unwilling to release his hand.

Seeing the huge net just about 10 meters away from them, Lin Jian had a steely determination in his eyes. He gathered the last bit of Life Power he had with his right hand and slashed down on his left arm. He broke his left arm that Yang Yang was holding onto and blood splattered all over Yang Yang’s body. When Yang Yang was unaware, Lin Jian pushed his back.

Seeing Yang Yang moved forward quickly, Lin Jian mumbled, “My old mate, you have to live a good life!”

The next moment, the huge net transformed from the Imprisonment Chain s wrapped Lin Jian up and he howled in pain.

Yang Yang was stunned, staring at the broken arm. He did not turn back although he heard the sound of Lin Jian moaning in pain. He sped up instead. He turned around to shoot a deathly glare and thought to himself, “I don’t care who you are. I’ll find you out one day and kill you. I’ll help Lin Jian get his revenge on you!!!”

Lin Jian’s howling voice lasted for only a few seconds. He was sealed by more than 20 of the Imprisonment Chains . With the strength of his soul, he struggled for less than 10 seconds and had completely collapsed.

As soon as Lin Jian’s dead body was collected, the black dragon opened its mouth wide and swallowed the dead body. However, the other elite member managed to escape.

After Lin Jian died, a notification from Xiao Hei arrived. “Congratulations, you’ve obtained a Legendary Card — Omniscient Nature (Ocular skill)”

Lin Huang was stunned again as he heard the notification coming from Xiao Hei. The black dragon had killed two of the immortal-level members and he obtained two Legendary Monster Cards. It was a bonus to him.

Unfortunately, another immortal-level Purple Crow member managed to flee.

“F*cking idiot!”

Byan Tian shouted loudly as he saw Lin Jian’s death. He was mad. He pointed at the Infernal Dragon and ignored the onslaught on him by the imperial-level hunters.

As he pointed at Infernal Dragon, it had become his target.

The s.p.a.ce surrounding Infernal Dragon was being sealed. It could only look at the black finger penetrating through its body like a shooting arrow.

It was too sudden. Even before Lin Huang and Xiao Hei could react, a beam of light released by his finger had pierced through the black dragon’s body.

The Infernal Dragon’s body collapsed, transforming into black spots of light. Even both of the dead bodies engulfed byInfernal Dragon fell on the ground.

Lin Huang immediately summoned the Spectre and they then pounced on two of the dead bodies that fell on the ground before diving underground with the dead bodies.

Lin Huang then kept the dead bodies in his storage ring and recalled the Specter after reaching a depth of more than 10,000 meters deep.

Byan Tian’s line of sight was blocked by the black dragon’s collapsing body. Therefore, he did not see that the Spectre had taken the dead bodies and headed underground. However, a few of the Purple Crow members that had not left as well as many of the royalty members saw it.

Leng Yuexin saw that as well. She wondered if Lin Huang was the one who did it and secretly took a glance at the VIP room.

Many of the Purple Crow members had left. Aside from those who had died, only four of the Purple Crow members were caught alive.

Since the battle had ended, Lin Huang then got up to the ground. He looked for a corner where n.o.body could see him and he removed his transformation. He then walked towards Leng Yuexin.

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