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Chapter 394: Lovers Rock

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The morning pa.s.sed by quickly and Lin Huang brought them to the hotel after lunch. As they registered themselves at the front desk, fatty and Zhang Mengmeng did not stay too long in the room. Following Lin Huang’s plan, the headed to a tourist attraction within the foothold. The White Capital was the biggest and oldest footholds in Division7. There were many historical sites that occupied large s.p.a.ces with various beautiful sceneries. It would take more than a month to visit all of them.

Lin Huang planned the trip from near to far so they could first visit the attractions that were closer to the hotel. If they had enough time, they could visit attractions that were further away or change their hotel if they wanted to.

Later, Lin Huang brought them to a giant lake. “This lake is called the Jingyue Lake, it’s one of the most popular attractions in the White Capital. It’s extra beautiful at night. I picked the hotel that’s not far from here so you can see the night view of the lake from your balcony. There are a couple of celebrity monuments by the lake and one of the most popular ones would be the monument of Jingyue’s Home, the ruins of a demiG.o.d’s home…”

“So this is the lake that’s named after the demiG.o.d Jingyue?” Fatty had heard of the demiG.o.d Jingyue before so he had a serious expression plastered on his face as he looked at the lake.

“Yes, the White Capital during that time was much smaller compared to what we see today. This lake was just a nameless lake in the while. The demiG.o.d Jingyue built his own house by the lake and that’s how the lake got its name.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

“I know this one!” Lin Xin interrupted.

“More than 200 years ago, the demiG.o.d Jingyue fell in love with a man so she stayed by the lake. She announced to the world that she would wait by the lake for that one man for 10 years. If the person came within those 10 years, she would be with the man forever and ever without questioning the world. If he didn’t come within those 10 years, she would head to the virtual world and never return… 10 years later, she disappeared. Some said she went to the virtual world while some said she left with the man. However, n.o.body knows what the man was…”

Fatty gave his full attention while listening to the story while Zhang Mengmeng seemed to be distracted. She did not look interested in the story at all.

“Brother, do you think that the demiG.o.d Jingyue got together with the love of her life?” Lin Xin asked Lin Huang.

“I think only she would know the answer.” Lin Huang shook his head and smiled.

“I think she did! What do you think, Mengmeng?” Fatty looked at Zhang Mengmeng, he seemed to be antic.i.p.ating her reply.

“I… don’t know.” Zhang Mengmeng waved her hands.

It was past four in the afternoon after looking at a couple of attractions by the lake.

“Jingyue’s Home is just there, let’s take look and have dinner after that.” Lin Huang looked at the time and decided that Jingyue’s Home would be the last attraction of the day.

All the attractions by the lake were complimentary and one could enter just by scanning their ID as there were no restrictions.

As it was the summer holidays, the attraction was crowded. Jingyue’s Home was in a small area with a small building and a courtyard to match. However, as it was a tourist attraction, the Union Government expanded the area around it to make it more than 30 times larger than it originally was. After queuing up, they entered the attraction. There were many people but it was not too cramped. They spent more than an hour walking around the expanded area and entered Jingyue’s Home as the people left.

Lin Huang noticed that the ruins were perfectly maintained as he walked into the courtyard, he could even feel that the ruins were slightly covered with a unique force. It was possibly left by the demiG.o.d Jingyue or by some other people to prevent the ruins from being destroyed. The courtyard was small, only about 200-odd square meters. There were colorful flowers in the courtyard and the soil was moist with gra.s.s that had obviously been trimmed. The ruins must be maintained all year round.

People followed the cobblestones on the floor and walked to the middle of the courtyard where there was a big rock. Many couples surrounded the rock and placed their palms on it.

“What are they doing?” Fatty was puzzled but soon he noticed that all of them were couples.

“This is a Love Rock. They say if two people who sincerely love each other place their palms on the rock together, their palms would light up.” Lin Xin explained immediately. Young girls were always extra sensitive regarding topics about love.

“Let’s try!” Fatty pulled Zhang Mengmeng along. Zhang Mengmeng hesitated but soon followed anyway. The both of them queued for more than 10 minutes and before long, it was their turn. Lin Huang and Lin Xin watched by the side. As fatty and Zhang Mengmeng placed their palms on the rock, nothing happened after a while.

“Eh? How come it doesn’t light up?” Lin Xin was confused as everyone would have their palms lighting up, at least a little or more but n.o.body experienced what the both of them did where nothing happened.

Lin Huang looked at Zhang Mengmeng in doubt and then looked at fatty, he was upset.

“Why is it like that?”

“Don’t bother, sometimes such things aren’t accurate.” Lin Huang patted fatty’s back.

“It’s late, let’s see the building and have dinner.”

“It doesn’t work all the time?” Fatty looked at Lin Huang in all seriousness.

“Even machines that are top-notch fail sometimes, let alone a rock.” Lin Huang pulled fatty away.

Zhang Mengmeng held her head down without saying anything, she seemed upset too.

“Sister Mengmeng, don’t be sad. Such thing might not be accurate.” Lin Xin consoled her immediately.

“Thank you.” Zhang Mengmeng forced a smile. With Lin Huang leading them, they went into the building. It was made of a unique kind of wood with light natural fragrance. Lin Huang felt refreshed as soon as he stepped into the building.

“This is so neat…” Fatty seemed to lighten up a little and exclaimed.

“Girls are more attentive. A guy wouldn’t be able to come out with something so detailed.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

Lin Xin did not say anything as she had been here more than once. It was Lin Huang’s first time so Lin Xin took the initiative to be the tour guide and explained the things they saw to them as they visited the attraction. As it was almost 6:40 p.m., they had toured the entire attraction. Lin Huang then led the way as they left the attraction and headed to a popular restaurant that he picked for dinner…

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