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Chapter 399: I’ll Wait For You In The Eastern Suburbs

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Zhang Mengmeng had been upset ever since the fortune teller encounter. Fatty did not have the mood to look at the attractions anymore as he was trying to cheer Zhang Mengmeng up again. Lin Huang was watching without saying a word. He had no clue after listening to the ridiculous notion that the fortune teller had said. However, Zhang Mengmeng’s sobbing seemed real, and it did not look like she was acting. Perhaps, what the fortune teller said made her realize something that she was not aware of.

“Lin Huang, I think I’ll bring Mengmeng back to the hotel. Sorry to trouble you to come all the way here.” Fatty looked at Lin Huang with guilt.

“It’s alright. It’s almost noon now. Let’s take the elevator. I’ll bring you guys for lunch and take you back to the hotel.” Lin Huang patted Fatty’s shoulder.

“I’ll bring you guys around again tomorrow when the both of you feel better. You can take a few days’ rest if you want.”


The elevator to descend the mountain was located not far from the Ladder Mountain. There was a three-kilometer long hanging bridge connecting it with the Three Life Mountain. As they crossed the bridge, they took the elevator from Ladder Mountain all the way to the bottom of the mountain. After bidding farewell to Lin Huang, Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng left with a monster car. Lin Huang then summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk and headed to the black market.

In the small, dark room, the plump old man looked at Lin Huang. “You again, do you have a new clue this time?”

Lin Huang took out the black needle and placed it on the table. The old man pushed his higher up on his nose and looked at it. He then put on a pair of white gloves and picked up the thin needle. After some observation, he looked at Lin Huang again.

“Now, I’m curious about how you managed to survive this attack?”

“You know where does this weapon come from?” Lin Huang’s eyes lit up.

“The information about this black needle might not be useful to you, and it’s not cheap.” The old man stared at him.

“Are you sure you want it?”

“How much is it?” Lin Huang asked.

“30,000 Life Crystals!”

“Sure,” Lin Huang replied without thinking twice.

The old man was surprised by Lin Huang’s decision as 30,000 Life Crystals could get a solid grade-5 relic. Given that he had reminded Lin Huang that the piece of information might not be useful for him, Lin Huang still decided to accept the price that he presented. The old man did not say anything while taking out the trading chip. Lin Huang scanned it and transferred the money immediately. Soon, a notification popped up, showing that the transfer was successful, then the old man retrieved the chip from Lin Huang.


The old man put down the black needle, removed his gloves and started working on something on the Heart Network. One to two minutes later, he took out a black information chip and downloaded the information that he gathered. He then pa.s.sed the chip to Lin Huang. Lin Huang scanned and copied the information immediately. Within seconds, all the information that the old man provided was downloaded into Lin Huang’s network storage s.p.a.ce.

Lin Huang frowned as he flipped through the information. Soon, he switched off the pages on his Emperor’s Heart Ring and shook his head.

“Seems like I’m in a great loss for this trade…”

“I did remind you.” The old man smiled after taking off his single-lens gla.s.s.

“I thought there might be something slightly useful… Never mind.” Lin Huang waved his hand and left.

After leaving the black market, he ate something at a small restaurant next to the Martial Hunter College. He contacted Tyrant with his mind to ask him about Lin Xin. After making sure that Lin Xin was safe, he headed straight to the library. In the library cubicle, Lin Huang was browsing for the information that the old man had provided.

The black needle appeared the first time more than 200 years ago. It was a custom-made weapon that was often used by a female named Poison Sting. The was an immortal-level who was popular among the dark organization with her secretive way of killing. However, around 170 years ago, Poison Sting accepted a deal to kill a particular family member. After the person, the family took revenge on her. Half a year later, Poison Sting disappeared and had never appeared for the next 170 years. n.o.body knew if she had been killed or if she was hiding.

Lin Huang frowned after reading all the doc.u.ments. The information provided by the black market was basically about Poison Sting. However, he knew very well that it was impossible that Poison Sting had attacked him. If she was already an immortal-level 200 years ago, she could be above imperial-level now if she was still alive.

“Could it be Poison Sting’s apprentice?” That was the only possibility that Lin Huang could think of.

However, according to the doc.u.ments, Poison Sting had never appeared for more than 170 years. It never mentioned if she had an apprentice, so that was the end of his clue.

Lin Huang was overwhelmed with information as he read more. Before contacting Yang Ling, his mind was clear, and he was sure that Zhang Mengmeng had attacked him although he had no idea why she would do that. However, since Yang Ling’s explanation on Zhang Mengmeng, her odd behavior, and now this information about Poison Sting, Lin Huang felt like he was in a blur. It was impossible for him to find out the truth.

Since he could not gather his thoughts, he shook his head and put his thoughts aside.

“Never mind, I shall continue to read since I’ve already wasted half a day.” Lin Huang started reading as soon as his Emperor’s Heart Ring was connected to the librarian’s tentacle. Hours pa.s.sed, and it was soon six in the evening. Lin Huang left the library, had dinner and headed straight to the training room. After a couple of hours of training, sweat dripped from his body. The Emperor’s Heart Ring that he wore on his left middle finger rang when it was around 10.30 p.m.

It was Fatty who called, and Lin Huang picked up immediately. He was shocked as soon as the video call was connected. Both Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng were in a dim room and locked up with a black chain. Although it was dark, Lin Huang could see that Fatty’s face was beaten up and there was blood flowing from the side of his lips. On the other hand, Zheng Mengmeng had a long, b.l.o.o.d.y wound on her face.

“Fatty! Mengmeng!” Lin Huang shouted to the both of them as he frowned.

“You’re Lin Huang, am I right? You have such a loyal friend here. If I didn’t threaten him with his girlfriend, he wouldn’t let me call you…”

A person in a black robe appeared from the dark. There was a black mask on its face which completely covered everything that could be recognized. Its voice was also modified, so n.o.body could tell its gender.

“What do you want?” Lin Huang could recognize that it was the black robe person who had attacked him last night.

“Would you like to save your friend?” The black robe person smirked.

“I’ll wait for you in the eastern suburbs…”

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