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Chapter 40: Meeting Bai Yan Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the hotel lobby, many were shocked to see what happened – A young man pointing his gun at a young lady’s head.

People started to talk about what they were seeing, but none of them dared to step up.

It was awkward, soon a young man walked out of the crowd.

“Hey man, it’s rude to treat a girl like that.”

Lin Huang did not look at him.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” The man saw that Lin Huang ignored him and started to get mad.

“This is none of your business.”

Lin Huang stared at the young man, he looked irritated.

He then realized that the man was not a real hero, but he wanted to impress the pretty lady that Lin Huang had his gun pointed at. If it were an ugly lady, he would not pretend to be a hero.

“You’re committing a crime in public, that’s my business.” The young man said as he meant it. The crowd that was watching nodded and agreed with what the young man said.

“Look at you sugar-coating your act just because she’s pretty. If she was ugly, I bet you wouldn’t step up to me.” Lin Huang revealed what the man was really up to.

Busted, the man’s cheeks were flus.h.i.+ng. He denied, “I’m doing this for justice. I would step up no matter who it is!”

“You can stand whenever you want to stand, as long as you’re not bothering me.” Lin Huang ignored him.

“Wow, you sure are arrogant…”

Suddenly, a person walked out of the crowd. He was handsome with distinct features; he wore a red trench coat.

Hearing that voice, Lin Huang turned around and looked at the person.

He was the guy, Bai Yan that he met on top of the Snowy Mountains.

Lin Huang did not have a good impression of him. They locked eyes, he did not want to give up, “What, do you have something to say?”

“You don’t deserve a fight from me.” Bai Yan grinned.

He waved his hand, five meters tall Lion-Headed Troll was summoned.

It looked majestic where the male lion’s head almost touched the hotel hall’s ceiling.

The golden mane on its neck was s.h.i.+ning in the yellow light. It was extraordinary.

It held a giant blade in its right hand; its body was releasing a b.l.o.o.d.y smell.

“Lion Head, toss him out.” Bai Yan instructed while pointing at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was admiring the troll but he responded immediately. He summoned Bai and commanded, “Bai, chop off his hands!”

Bai activated his combat mode and the Blood Power wings grew from his back.

That moment, people realized that the silver-haired man that appeared was a monster. They were impressed as it was not easy to see an Imperial Censor on regular days. Now that there were two of them and they were fighting, it was a rare situation. Some of them even launched the video recording function on their Emperor’s Heart Ring to record the battle and upload to the Heart Network.

Before Bai moved, a female voice was heard coming from the crowd, “What are you guys doing?”

Yi Yeyu came out of the crowd to the center of the battlefield and pushed the Lion-Headed Troll and Bai apart.

“What’s happening here?” Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang.

He kept the GrayEagle17 that he was holding. Just when he wanted to speak, the lady accused him,” Miss head examiner, he bullied me when you were not around. Fortunately, this Imperial Censor came to my aid.”

The lady only brought up Bai Yan, she did not even look at the man that attempted to help her earlier.

“Talk to me, Lin Huang.” Yi Yeyu was doubtful, but she did not believe what the lady said.

“She insisted that she wanted to leave but she didn’t want to listen to me so I had to use my weapon to keep her here. Bai Yan arrived later and wanted to attack me out of nowhere so I’m just defending myself.” Lin Huang explained the situation simply.

“Is that so?” Yi Yeyu looked at the lady in all seriousness. Compared to her, she believed what Lin Huang said more.

The lady saw Yi Yeyu’s expression and she dared not lie anymore.

“There should be a surveillance camera in the hotel. If you don’t believe what I’ve said, you can take a look at the camera.” Lin Huang added.

The lady turned pale, “It’s my fault, I should’ve waited patiently…”

“Bai Yan, you attacked before you figured out what was happening. You are at fault too, apologize!” Yi Yeyu looked at Bai Yan.

“I refuse to. The weak don’t deserve to be respected. I’ll wait until the day he’s stronger than me.” Bai Yan said and glared at Lin Huang, he turned around and left.

Yi Yeyu was unhappy, but she did not flip. She then turned around and said to the lady and a young man that she just brought back, “It’s dangerous outside of this foothold within these few days, both of you listen to Lin Huang, a.s.sist him in managing the rest, don’t let anyone leave this foothold. I will explain the details of the situation when everyone is here.”

The both of them nodded immediately.

“You did great. If you encounter any obstacles again, you have my authorization to use violence. You can beat them up, as long as you don’t kill them!” Yi Yeyu said to Lin Huang and stared at the duo before she left via the green wooden door.

After Yi Yeyu left, the duo remained quiet.

Lin Huang waved to recall Bai and said to the duo, “I’ll bring the both of you to register your rooms. Then you’ll both go to your rooms on your own; I have to stay here to wait for the rest.”

After the three of them completed registration, the lady went to her room while the young man stayed.

“You are Lin Huang, am I right? I didn’t know that you’re an Imperial Censor.” The young man introduced himself, “My name is Shen Qiang, I’m also one of the members who joined the Reserve Hunter a.s.sessment.”

“Hi.” Lin Huang nodded.

“From what I know, it’s rare that the a.s.sessment would be suspended. Since you came back earlier, you should know something. Why was the a.s.sessment suspended out of nowhere?” Shen Qiang asked curiously.”

“I don’t know, all I heard was there was something strange happening to the monsters near the foothold. We would have to wait for the head examiner to explain the details to us.” Lin Huang did not tell the truth.

“Oh, is that so. I see that the head examiner got you to help her, I thought you would have some insider news.”

“No, they’re lacking helpers so since I got back early, here I am.” Lin Huang explained.

“Can I help?” Shen Qian’s offer was not genuine. Instead, he thought the head examiner would give him extra marks for the a.s.sessment if she saw him helping.

“Not at the moment, as long as you don’t leave this foothold, that would be a great help.” Lin Huang felt helpless; he knew that there would be more people who would act like that lady earlier.

“We can’t even go to the grade-1 wild zone at the border?”

“You can’t.” Lin Huang shook his head, “If you have too much time during these next two days, you can shop at the flea market or have fun activities in the foothold.”

“Nothing is restricted as long as I stay in this foothold?” Shen Qiang tried his luck.

“As long as you don’t leave the foothold, no matter what you do, I won’t stop you.” Lin Huang said with absolute confidence.

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